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Since 1913, Liberty High has been committed to helping students achieve academic excellence in a safe, supportive environment.
Marcus Cole, in his speech, in "The Little Girl"

Liberty High School is a high school featured in 13 Reasons Why. It is located in the town of Crestmont, California. Many of the series' main events occur at this location.

Many of the series' cast attend this school. In the third season, Bryce Walker transferred to Hillcrest High School. Jeff Atkins, Hannah Baker, and Montgomery de la Cruz were former students who died during the events of the series, and Chlöe Rice transferred to another high school as she felt like she couldn't stay at the school after everything that she went through.

The high school is part of the Evergreen County School District. The school's colors are blue and white. The school has athletic teams called Liberty Tigers. They have won multiple sports awards. The school also once published a school newspaper, Lost and Found, run by Ryan Shaver and there is a Student Honor Board.



Principal Gary Bolan

Most of the main events of the series take place at Liberty High School. Gary Bolan is the Principal. Jane Childs is the vice-principal. The school is governed by an honor board and sanctions the Lost and Found student magazine. The school's mascot is Tigers. The sports teams consist of football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and wrestling teams. The school has apparently been around since the early 20th-century, as implied. There are banners enlisting many sports teams from the mid 20th century to the present. The school's colors are while and formerly grey as shown on the jackets and sports uniforms. The tigers are the mascot.


Vice-Principal Jane Childs

The school has been through very turbulent situations with many events that have occurred throughout the course of the series. Starting with drug use, alcohol use, many sexual assaults involving girls after the founding of The Clubhouse, Jeff Atkins's death, Hannah Baker's Death, as well as Tyler Down's attempted school shooting on the school campus. After Hannah Baker's Death, her parents sued the school for the liability of their daughter's death. The lawsuit started sometime before the events of the first season and continued to the trial of Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District, where students along with faculty had testified about the circumstances around Hannah Baker's death and the bullying culture at the school. 

The school has also rivaled with another school called Hillcrest High School. Hillcrest is implied to be a more competitive school. It is also strongly implied that the jocks, or student-athletes in particular, are higher up in the hierarchy system according to and classified by other students. This causes tension between the faculty with other students and some parents as well. Between seasons, characters transfer or move to another school or graduate from the school. 




The front view of the school.

The main entrance of the school has a flagpole at the center of the main walk path. There are bike racks and tables, benches with a carpool lane. The parking lot is right in front of the school and the bus lane is right beside it. There are also rear entryways that connect from the school grounds such as the running track or baseball field. Some entryways lead to carpool lanes and pickup/drop-off lanes when students drop each other off before parking. There is a bike rack that Clay uses when he rides his bike to school. 

Faculty and Staff Offices[]


Miss. Douglas at the reception.

The staff and faculty offices are located across the entrance of the school with the awards. They hold Principal Bolan's office along with the guidance counselor and the vice-principals. There is a reception desk and teacher's lounges too. Miss. Douglas is seen behind the reception desk greeting attendants or offering attendance sheets and appointments with counselor or principal meetings. There is a waiting area where students sit when they have meetings with faculty. The first office on the left of the reception desk where students enter is where the guidance counselor is.  Mrs. Antilly has worked at some point before Kevin Porter had worked as the school's guidance counselor, but was later replaced by Dr. Priya Singh as Mr. Porter was fired for after The lawsuit against the school was over, Principal Bolan was worried about how it would look for the school's reputation.

Parking Lots[]


Zach and Clay arguing at the parking lot.

The Parking Lots are in front of the school along with carpool and bus lanes. Students and faculty park here when they attend school. Occupants are Zach Dempsey, Jessica Davis, Tony Padilla, Kevin Porter, along with Montgomery de la Cruz. Clay Jensen later had owned a car in Season 2 and starting parking it in the school parking lot. Some students had taken the bus. Some students use the carpool and drop-off lanes such as Zach Dempsey and Tony Padilla



Clay using his locker in the Hallway. Hannah's locker is right across from his.

The hallways of Liberty have students' lockers built on the walls, beside each classroom. Along with the lockers, there are current events boards, student charities held on for special occasions, and display cases.  There are stairs that go upstairs to the next level. When a tragedy has occurred, there are posters on the walls on the main hallways to address an issue, such as suicide, grief, and drunk driving posters. Hannah Baker's locker was the first thing seen in the series. It was covered with letters, stickers, and pictures by other students from Liberty. Her locker was right across from Clay's. The hallways are occupied with students between schedule breaks, otherwise, they are empty. Tyler Down had taken photographs for the yearbook in some sections of the school, and other times, he was picked on by other jocks. During the second season, Clay had received polaroids from his locker, while his other friends had gotten threatening messages.



Ms. Bradley's Communications class.

The school has many classes. There is Ms. Bradley's communication class where students had discussed proper communication. Hannah Baker used to attend the class with Clay Jensen, Sheri Holland, Pratters, Justin Foley, Courtney Crimsen, Skye Miller, and Jada before she committed suicide. There are P.E. classes, History classes, Math classes, English classes, Photography classes, and reassessment classes. Many classes have taken the issues of drunk driving, or suicide after a tragedy had occurred. Hannah Baker's poem was read aloud after it was published in the Lost and Found magazine.

School Grounds[]

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Justin and Jessica on stage in the auditorium with the ghost light at the center.

The auditorium was used to host student drama plays and assembly meetings. Hannah Baker used the auditorium when she wanted to be alone.[2] Jessica Davis and Justin Foley had used to make out. There was a ghost light on the center of the stage when it was left unoccupied. Jessica was behaving erratically and tried to throw pennies at the light bulb in order to break it. Jessica and Justin also broke up when her behavior was getting out of control. Justin had left and Jessica broke the light in anger. When Jessica was elected student body president in Season 3, she hosted a speech while some students jeered at her, particularly Montgomery de la Cruz.



Skye and Clay at the library.

The library is connected from the outside as well as inside. The layout consists of bookshelves, computers, and study rooms. People who attend the library use it for reading, student gatherings, tutoring, and study sessions. Clay Jensen, Jeff Atkins Cyrus' outcasts, jocks, sports teams, and many students gather around the library throughout the series. The library holds conference meetings. One meeting involved Mr. Porter and Gary Bolan giving a PTA meeting to address the issues of suicide and its symptoms.[3]. Another meeting was held by the student Honor Board to discuss the consequences of the fight between Alex Standall and Montgomery de la Cruz outside school grounds with Jane Childs and Kevin Porter supervising the meeting[4]

Locker Rooms[]

The locker rooms are where the student change into the proper attire for P.E. or other sports activities. They are divided into boys and girls. The locker rooms have a shower, teacher's offices with a window overlooking the locker area, and toilets. The boys use their locker rooms to plan out sports strategies and motivational speeches.

Photography Room[]


Tyler working in the photography room.

Students enter the photography room for editing or producing photographs. Tyler Down is one of the most notable photographers in the school. He is the photographer for the school's yearbook. The photography room as a white light for darker photo films. There is also a darkroom where Tyler works on creating positive and negative photographs. Other students often come to the darkroom to visit Tyler about photographs that he created. Tyler uses the red light in the darkroom on a few occasions so students are not allowed in. Ryan Shaver had once used the photography room for using pictures to publish in the Lost and Found.


Tape 1, Side B Liberty Tigers Cheerleaders 3

The Gym.

The gymnasium is where students participate in P.E. activities, such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, wrestling teams, and in pep rallies and assembly meetings. Students have to dress out and change into proper uniforms before they can participate in sports and P.E. There are also dances held in the gym during formal events, such as the Spring Fling and the Winter Formal. During Halloween, there was a costume contest held for the student with the best costume for a prize of $200. In Season 3, there was an assembly meeting held by the new student body president Jessica Davis, who had held a public apology assembly meeting with students and staff from Hillcrest. The assembly meeting also addressed sexual assault with survivors in the audience speaking up at the assembly.


Like in many public buildings, the school has boys' and girls' restrooms either with and without stalls. Students use them but the staff does not usually come in unless they have to. There are usually covered with graffiti writing on the walls made by students who attend Liberty, often to spread rumors. Olivia Baker had encountered this when she was upset and started to take pictures as proof that her daughter was bullied and harassed. The walls were later painted so the messages were erased. Principal Gary Bolan and Counselor Porter checked out the bathrooms after Olivia made them aware of the graffiti. Bolan wondered why they didn't see it, Mr. Porter told him that faculty don't use the bathrooms so they weren't made aware of the messages. They both wondered how it would hold up against the lawsuit against the school.

The Clubhouse[]

The Clubhouse is a shed located in a forest on the school's property. The Clubhouse is revealed in Season 2 in "The Missing Page". It was founded by Rick Wlodimierz, the coach for the boys' baseball teams. It started the sexual assault culture at Liberty with partying, drugs, and alcohol. It was a place for jocks to take girls,—usually students, but a stripper did visit once—get them drunk or high and have sex with them, consensual or not. Liberty started to take a turn for the worse as many girls were raped in The Clubhouse.  


  • Morning practice: 7:30-8:15
  • 1st period: 8:30-9:15
  • 2nd period: 9:30-10:15
  • 3rd period: 10:30-11:15
  • 4th period: 11:30-12:15
  • Lunch: 12:15-13:30
  • 5th period: 13:30-14:15
  • 6th period: 14:30-15:15





The school has held student-based sanctions, such as the Lost and Found magazine hosted by Ryan Shaver. It was called into attention into Hannah Baker's Death after it had published Hannah Baker's poem to describe her personal feelings. Ryan Shaver was apparently going to publish a memorial for Hannah Baker, as Tyler took pictures for her memorial. But Mr. Porter forbade him to publish any more articles in the school magazine.

The poems that Hannah had written were called into attention by the lawyers in Hannah's trial to correlate how her personal feelings about suicide were ignored by school faculty. It had revealed that Hannah had published more stories about her time in The Clubhouse which were revealed in Season 2.

Honor Board[]

See also: Honor Board

The school has a Student Honor Board system to conduct a formal hearing in minor cases of violations of the Honor Code and academic integrity policies, such as cheating and minor theft. The honor board holds the power to decide the fate of the school's best interest using a student democracy system to conduct votes.  One example of when the students of the Honor Board were called into the session was a fight between Alex Standall and Montgomery de la Cruz. Members conducting the hearing were president Marcus Cole, recording secretary Courtney Crimsen, Clay Jensen, and two unnamed students. The fight occurred off school grounds so it was out of the school's jurisdiction so the Jane Childs and Kevin Porter decided that the Honor Board would be the best form of the student body to decide the fate of Monty and Alex. 

The administrative advisors to the Honor Board are vice-principal Jane Childs and counselor Kevin Porter. These advisors have a voice but no vote. 

Students are able to participate in being part of the honor board as it adds credibility to their college applications. Courtney became the Student Body President after Marcus, who she calls a "sexist pig who likes strippers", was ousted form the position. She encouraged Jessica to run for next year's president, as she herself would soon graduate.


Current Students[]

Student Years Attended Status Notes
Sheri Holland Graduated Present in Season 1 and 2. Not seen in Season 3
Pratters 2017* Unknown Present in Season 1
Jamie Garrison 2017* Unknown Present in Season 1. Athlete in Liberty Tigers.
Javen Reynolds
Anders Anderson Athlete in Liberty Tigers.
Taylor Unknown Participated in Tyler's sexual assault.
Kenneth Unknown Participated in Tyler's sexual assault.
Robby Corman 2018* Attending Sexual assault survivor who spoke up at the assembly 
Janelle Martin 2018* Attending Sexual assault survivor who spoke up at the assembly
Lina Ochoa 2018* Attending Sexual assault survivor who spoke up at the assembly.
Sarah Stern Attending
Willem Barclay Present in Season 1. 
Troy Samuels
Aroji Pratt One of the mentioned bystanders that Monty has hit , mentioned by Alex
Jin-Sei Yun One of the mentioned bystanders that Monty had hit, according to Alex. 
Chase Parker One of the mentioned bystanders that Monty had hit, according to Alex. 
Nina Jones Unknown Present in Season 2.
Mackenzie Attending Introduced in Season 2.
Toby Fletcher Attending
Jada Seen in the background multiple times, first spoken in Bye.  
Leah Jeff Atkins' former girlfriend. 
Michael Present in Season 2. 
Charlie St. George 2018- Attending First introduced in Season 3
Casey Ford 2018* Attending Introduced in Season 3. Member of Hands Off Our Bodies
Maggie Kim 2018* Attending Sexual assault survivor who spoke up at the assembly.
Tanya Brown 2018* Attending Sexual assault survivor who spoke up at the assembly.
Stephanie Rodriguez 2018* Attending Sexual assault survivor who spoke up at the assembly.
Estela de la Cruz 2018* Attending Introduced in Season 4
Ramon Ordonez
Freshman Girl 2017- Attending A new student who used Hannah's locker after she died, Clay assists her in Season 1.

* Indicates this was the year that the student had attended, either their grade or their start year is unknown.

Former Students[]

Student Years Attended Status Notes
Hannah Baker 2016-2017 Deceased She started in 2016, committed suicide on October 9, 2017.
Jeff Atkins -2017 Deceased Killed in a car crash on September 9, 2017.
Skye Miller 2015-2018 Moved away Transferred out of state.
Kat -2016 Moved away Moved out of state.
Angie Romero Transferred to Catholic school Tony Padilla's mentioned cousin.
Mark Perry Graduated Nina Jones' rapist. Mentioned in Season 2, never seen. 
Erica Charles -2016 Graduated Not seen in person, shown in Polaroid.
Tommy Shuster -2016 Graduated Not seen in person, shown in Polaroid 
Coach Rick GraduatedBaseball Coach A former student at Liberty, now a baseball coach, present in Season 2.
Barry Walker Graduated Bryce Walker's father. A former student at Liberty. 
Bryce Walker -2018 Deceased Transferred to Hillcrest, re-enrollment considered for the Spring semester. Murdered on November 2, 2018.
Chlöe Rice -2018 Transferred Transferred to Sacred Heart.
Montgomery de la Cruz -2018 Deceased Arrested for Tyler Down's rape, killed in prison.
Courtney Crimsen -2018 Graduated Graduated. 
Ryan Shaver -2018 Graduated Present in Seasons 1 and 2. Not featured in Season 3. 
Scott Reed 2015-2018 Graduated Present in Season 2.
Justin Foley 2015-2019 Deceased Present in all seasons, Student athlete
Clay Jensen 2015-2019 Graduated Present in all seasons. Part of the school's Honor Board.
Alex Standall 2016-2019 Graduated Present in all seasons. Former musician in the school band.
Jessica Davis 2016-2019 Graduated Present in all seasons. Founder and member of Hands Off Our Bodies. Student Body President.
Tony Padilla 2015-2019 Graduated Present in all seasons. Plays music at formal school events.
Ani Achola 2018-2019 Graduated Moved to Evergreen in Spring 2018
Tyler Down 2015-2019 Graduated Present in all seasons. School's photographer.
Marcus Cole 2015-2018 Graduated


Member of the Honor Board. Former Student Body President. Present in Season 1 and 2. His student status is not known as he wasn't seen in Season 3.
Zach Dempsey 2015-2019 Graduated Present in all seasons, student-athlete.
Cyrus 2015-2019 Graduated Introduced in Season 2
Eric Cox -2019 Graduated Member of Cyrus' group
Chad Moore -2019 Graduated Member of Cyrus' group
Winston Williams 2019-2019 Graduated Transferred from Hillcrest in January 2019
Luke Holliday -2019 Graduated First introduced in Season 2
Diego Torres -2019 Graduated Introduced in Season 4


Faculty Position Status Notes
Mr. Bolan Principal Active Present in all seasons. 
Coach Patrick Basketball Coach, History Teacher Active Present in Seasons 1 and 2. 
Mrs. Bradley Communications Class Teacher Active Present in Seasons 1 and 2.
Miss. Douglas Receptionist Active Seen giving Clay an attendance sheet.
Jane Childs Vice Principal Active Advisor of the Student Honor Board. 
Coach Loftin Cheerleading Coach Active Seen at the boys' basketball game as head of the girls' cheerleading coach. 
Rick Wlodimierz Baseball Coach Active Present in Season 2, a former student at Liberty and founder of The Clubhouse
Dr. Priya Singh Counselor Active Started working at the end of Season 2.
Mr. Wood Math Teacher Active
Coach Kerba Football Coach Active Introduced in Season 3.
Coach Morris Football Coach Active
Hansen Foundry Dean of Discipline Active Introduced in Season 4.
Mr. Baitz Geometry Active
Mrs Cusick English Active Read Hannah's poem aloud to her class.
Mrs. Reisner Unknown Active

Former Staff[]

Faculty Position Status Notes
Mr. Porter Guidance Counselor Fired Employment terminated after testifying in Hannah's trial.
Mrs. Antilly Counselor Transferred Mr. Porter replaced Mrs. Antilly near the end of Hannah's freshman year. 

School Community[]



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Season 4[]


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