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I built this magazine out of nothing, it's the focal point of my college apps (applications)
— Ryan Shaver to Mr. Porter[src]

Lost and Found is the school magazine at Liberty High School. The magazine is edited by Ryan Shaver.

The Lost and Found magazine played an important role in Hannah Baker's suicide. A personal poem that she had written was released into the magazine to the rest of the school by Ryan without her consent. Students gossiped about it and laughed at it.[1]



Hannah confronting Ryan over the poem being published without her consent in Monet's in "Tape 4, Side B".

Hannah wrote a personal poem after she received tutoring by Ryan. Hannah read the poem aloud to Ryan and he asked if he could publish it in the magazine. Hannah declined the offer as she felt it was too personal for anyone else to listen to. Although Hannah had told him no, Ryan ripped the poem out of her journal and put it in his bag while Hannah was not looking, and then published it in the fourth volume of Lost and Found. Due to almost every student knowing about and reading the magazine, they all read it, gossip about it and laugh at it. Hannah confronted Ryan about it, however, he shows no remorse for it and told her that he did her a favour because her work deserved to be heard. Instead of feeling bad about her feelings towards his actions, he tried to compliment her but missed the point in why she was mad. She then called him an "self-serving egotistical fuckwad", he told her that she would look back one day and know that what he did was right. She then walked out of Monet's, angry.[1]


Clay, in Baker's Drug Store, giving Olivia Baker the magazine so she could read the poem in "Tape 4, Side B".

On the tapes, Hannah explained that due to the publishing of the poem and the amount of gossip and laughing at it going around, Ryan had killed her spirit.[1]

After Clay listened to Ryan's tape, he searched his room to find a copy of the magazine. He brought the magazine to Baker's Drug Store—a store Hannah's parents owned—and gave it to Olivia Baker, who recognized Hannah's handwriting. Clay then walked out while Olivia read the poem.[1]


Mr. Porter, in his office, confronting Ryan Shaver about the poem in "Tape 5, Side A".

After Andrew Baker gave the magazine to the school—to Olivia's disappointment—and told them about the poem, Mr. Porter confronted Ryan about it. Mr. Porter asked him where the poem came from, Ryan lied and told him that someone slipped it into his locker. Ryan asked Mr. Porter why he was asking him about it. He told him that Hannah wrote it and her parents were not happy that it was passed around on campus. Ryan pretended to be shocked and told Mr. Porter that he had no idea it was Hannah's. Since Hannah's parents had a lawsuit up against the school and the magazine was possibly a reason for Hannah's suicide, they suspended Ryan from being able to publish the magazine. He became angry and told Mr. Porter "It sucks to be held accountable, doesn't it?", referring to the fact that Mr. Porter is the last reason for Hannah's suicide and Ryan knew why. Mr. Porter became confused as he was not aware at the time that he was also on the tapes. Ryan walked out of his office without explaining why he said it.[2]



  • In the book, Lost and Found is stylized as 'Lost-N-Found' and it is also called 'Lost-N-Found Gazette' .
  • Also in the book, the name of the magazine comes from the fact that it is comprised of lost items around school such as photographs or letters. Keeping with its theme, Ryan Shaver hides around 50 copies around campus, and according to him, never in the same spot twice.
  • Hannah says that the publication is semiannual, and is generally 5 to 6 pages long.



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