The Lost and Found Gazette (stylized as Lost-N-Found) is the school magazine at Liberty High School. The magazine is edited by Ryan Shaver.

The Lost and Found Gazette plays an important role in the death of Hannah Baker, as a very personal poem that she had written was released into the magazine to the rest of the school by Ryan.


When Hannah writes a very personal poem after receiving tutoring by Ryan, this magazine plays an important role. After Hannah reads this poem aloud to Ryan, he asks if he can publish it in the magazine. Hannah declines the offer as she feels it is too personal for anyone else to listen to.

Despite her wishes however, Ryan steals Hannah's poem and publishes in the Lost and Found Gazette anyway, as he thinks it will help her. Hannah finds this intensely embarrassing as Jessica and Courtney recognize the writing as hers, and they spread the news that she wrote the poem throughout the school quickly. Hannah explains that due to the publishing of the poem, Ryan had killed her spirit.

Whilst Clay is listening to the tapes, he finds his old copy of the poem and gives it to Hannah's Parents at their store in hopes that they will find some happiness from it, leading Hannah's mother to thank him for giving it to them.



  • According to Ryan Shaver, he made the school magazine incredibly popular, stating that it was "nothing" before him.
  • The Gazette is popular enough in the school that, once Ryan has released the poem and Jessica and Courtney have revealed that it's Hannah's, there is no going back for her as she is taunted with the poem and intensely humiliated.