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Winston: "But, Alex, love is love."
Alex: "Who knows what love even is?"
Winston: "It's love. It's on the poster"
―  Alex and Winston about Valentine's Day[src]

Love is Love is a Valentine's day dance held at Liberty High School.


Jessica arrives at the dance with Charlie, but when Diego approaches her she ditches him for Diego, who thinks hanging out will make Justin more jealous. The two go off to the dance floor. Clay is dancing with Ani. The two kiss before Clay receives another call. The voice tells him to kiss her one more time before it’s too late, then he instructs Clay to leave the dance immediately and head to the locker room. Clay complies, despite Ani’s warning. Ani tries to follow him but gets distracted by Alex and Winston kissing.

Meanwhile, Tyler ends up showing up to the dance to help Tony with DJing. However, he leaves soon thereafter after receiving a phone call. Tony follows him outside to see him get in Deputy Standall’s car and they drive off.

Clay arrives in the locker room, he sees the showers stained with what appears to be “blood” and a knife on the ground. The voice tells him it won’t look good to stay in the scene of a crime. Panicking, Clay hastily turns on the showers in an attempt to remove the red stain on the tiles. Instead of water, blood comes running out. Clay panics even more and slides to the ground. He eventually regains the willpower to move. He grabs the knife and runs to the football field and the voice tells him “you found me”. When he gets there, he sees Monty alive but bleeding out. He tries to save him by stopping the bleeding but it doesn’t work and Monty dies. Clay is so distraught and cries out “I’m sorry”. When he turns around he finds Bryce who calls him a monster. The hallucination dissipates and he’s back to reality. Standing in front of him is the football team, the leader reveals himself to be Diego. They tell him that his reaction was way overboard seeing as it’s just a dummy they placed on the field. Clearly there’s something more to it and that’s a reaction of a guilty person. They tell him “we own you” before leaving him there covered in fake blood and tears.

Back in the dance, Justin arrives to see Jessica dancing with Diego. He tries to get her to stop but she brushes him off and tells him she’s lonely. A "blood" stained Clay walks back to the dance groggily with the knife in hand. Everyone stops and stare in shock.[1]




Music Featured[]

These are all the songs played Tony Padilla and Tyler Down at the dance.


Song Artist Album Scene
"Batgirl" Kahikko, Kantola Batgirl Clay, Ani, Charlie and Jessica arrive at the Valentine's dance; Diego tries to convince Jessica to dance with him.
"Can't Stop Your Lovin'" Poolside, Panama Can't Stop Your Loving' Remixes Tyler and Tony talk at the dance; Zach and Alex talk; Alex notices Winston.
"I'll Come Too" James Blake Assume Form Clay and Ani dance and kiss; Clay receives a phone call.
"All Da Way" Allday All Da Way Clay and Ani talk about the mysterious talks he's been receiving.
"Maybe in the Summer" SASSY 009 Maybe in the Summer Justin arrives at the dance and argues with Zach; he confronts Jessica about being with Diego.
"Losing It" Fisher NTA Tyler receives a call and leaves the dance; Tony follows him.
"Maze" Juice WRLD Death Race for Love Clay returns to the dance covered in blood and holding a knife; everyone stops dancing and stares.



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