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Lukas"Luke" Holliday is a recurring character in the second, third, and fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Austin Aaron.

Early Life

Not much is know about Luke's early life.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

Luke was first seen when Cyrus' friends introduced themselves to Tyler Down; Luke told them "Quiet, freaks!". Cyrus and his friends gave him the middle finger in response.[1]

When Justin started fighting Bryce at school, Luke was seen preventing Clay Jensen from joining the fight by standing in the way. However, he started fighting with Cyrus' friends as soon as they joined the fight. Luke, among the other students involved, got detention.[2]

Season 3

Luke is a quarterback on the Liberty Tigers football team. He is usually seen hanging out with other athletes. In a flashback he's shown to be "bullying" another student in the hallway. Clay, who was giving new student Ani Achola a tour, got mad and told him to leave the student alone, but Luke explained that he was his brother.[3]

Luke introduced Alex Standall to steroids when seeing him work out at the gym for the first time, telling Alex that everybody needs help and to not tell Zach Dempsey about it. Luke didn't want to get caught selling to Alex, so he sent him to his dealer. Luke's dealer didn't sell to Alex because he knew Alex's dad was a cop, which led to Alex buying from Bryce Walker.

His steroids were found during a locker search by the police. He admitted he bought them from a dealer called Tim Pozzi during an interview with the police.[4]

At the end of the season, Luke was told by Tim Pozzi about Monty's death, which he told Charlie and eventually led to Ani finding out and using this information to protect Clay and Alex from getting arrested for the Murder of Bryce Walker.[5]

Season 4

In Winter Break Luke appears in the cafeteria during Future Fair alongside Diego, wearing jerseys with Monty's football number and last name on them. The two would attempt to persuade Estela into wearing the same jersey to memorialize Monty. Charlie then stood up against the two for Estela and state she didn't have to wear one. Clay would then snap at the team stating they were honoring a rapist, Diego and Luke then incited Clay by stating Monty was innocent and access Clay of being a criminal. Clay would attack Luke, however, Deigo apprehended Clay and started beating him.

Afterward, Luke and the other football players would begin to secretly harass Clay by threatening him using cellphones with Monty's caller id and claiming that they would expose Clay for he did to Monty.

At Valentine's Day, the football team played a prank on Clay by stagging a fake murder scene in the locker room showers with a knife coated in fake blood to reflect how Monty was murdered. The group placed a dummy in a prisoner uniform covered with fake blood in the middle of the football field and then waited for Clay to arrive. When Clay arrived the grouped witnessed Clay began to freak out by hallucinating the dummy as Monty dying. When Diego approaches Clay, Clay aims the knife at him as the rest of the group step onto the field. Suspicious about Clay's outburst towards the dummy, the group would use this to confirm their suspicions and suspect Clay being involved in Monty's arrest.


Not much is know about Luke's personal life, what is shown is his fierce loyalty to the jocks of Liberty High which often lands him on the opposite side of Clay's group. He defends Bryce during the Hallway fight, he joins the other jocks in memorializing Monty and participates in hazing Clay. Luke does show some form of kindheartedness when he offers his "help" to Alex by supplying him with steroids.

Physical Appearance

Luke is a Caucasian guy with blond hair and blue eyes. He has a tall, muscular build body. He's often seen wearing a Liberty Tigers varsity jacket in almost every episode he appears in.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



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