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  • Hi, there, about the image that was deleted, I'm wondering why the TheSecondPolaroid wasn't also deleted? Since it also shows something pornographic, but I'm also wondering how exactly we can keep the content, as it has something to do with the show, I understand that it is pornographic, but that isn't my fault and it needs to be there as a way of showing what is in the image. I'm aware about the rules, but how am I supposed to edit that page if I can't show the content of the images and the reason why the notes are on the back of the polaroids?

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    • Hi LegitPLLGirl, thanks for reaching out about this.

      Actually, The Second Polaroid image should have been deleted as well, that was a mistake on our part to approve that. Obviously these are not "extreme" examples of nudity but we don't allow naked butts in images on the site, in most cases.

      For re-uploading the Third image and replacing the Second image, some censoring is my suggestion. Just black bars or something equivalent. If you would like to see some examples from other wikis, let me know.

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