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Monet's is a café and coffee house located in Crestmont, California, US, it's the café that most students visit to get coffee, do homework and/or talk. Skye Miller worked there as a waitress until she was hospitalised after a mental breakdown and ended up moving to a different town. Justin Foley worked there as a waiter as of the third season and until he got fired for stealing money.


The café is first featured when Jessica Davis and Hannah Baker decided to go for some coffee and hot chocolate. They later made a new friend, Alex Standall, and the café became the trio's "office".[1]

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Former Customers[]



  • F.M.L. meetings
  • Hannah Baker's memorial
  • Tyler Down's exhibition
  • Several group meetings


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • The scenes at Monet's were filmed at the old City Lights building at 415 Virginia Street in Vallejo, California.[2]



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