Mr. Down is a recurring character in 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Tom Everett Scott.

He is Tyler Down's father and Mrs. Down's husband.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

When Mr. Down first appeared, he told Tyler that they need to get the window of his room fixed and wanted to know who broke it and why so he can report it to the school or the police.[1] He's later seen at Tyler's deposition.[2]

Season 2 Edit

Mr. Down was trying to learn how to play a video game with Tyler, when Tyler asked him why he was calling with the school earlier that day. Mr. Down told him that they consider transferring him to another school and told him that it maybe isn't healthy for him to hang out with Alex as he is recovering from a traumatic. [3]

He and his wife found out that Tyler and his new friend Cyrus had been blackmailing Marcus Cole online. They banned him from spending time with Cyrus and confiscated his electronics and camera's. [4]

Mr. Down and his wife were invited to Gary Bolan's office to talk about Tyler's vandalism. Principal Bolan told them that they are going to refer Tyler to a diversionary program for kids that need a behavioral guidance. They thought it was unfair that Cyrus only gets suspended for a few days.[5]

Season 3 Edit

Mr. Down is seen having dinner with his family and Clay Jensen. He and his wife talked about Bryce's murder with Tyler and Clay. They also thanked Clay for being a friend to Tyler and Mr. Down claimed that the way they look out for each other gives him hope for the future.[6]

Personality Edit

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Physical Appearance Edit

Mr. Down is a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes. He is seen wearing suits, sweaters and button-up shirts.

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