This article is about the book character. You may be looking for the TV series character.


Mr. Porter is a character that appears in Thirteen Reasons Why. Mr. Porter was Hannah's guidance counselor, who she turned to for help in one final effort to save herself. Unfortunately, he ended up telling her to go on and forget about what happened. But this was impossible. When Hannah was thinking about suicide she put it on a paper on thing they should discuss in class, suicide. No one knew it was Hannah who wrote it, but a lot of people were concerned. Eventually Hannah told Mr. Porter about her thoughts. She didn’t say exactly she was considering suicide but she gave him hints that are the most obvious signs possible. Mr. Porter didn’t realize it like he should have and didn’t give Hannah what she wanted to hear that could have prevented her death. He will be the last one to receive the tapes, and according to Hannah, he can take them "straight to hell".

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