You a faggot?
— Mr. de la Cruz to Monty before he spat on him and then Monty went back to his prison cell, in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

Mr. de la Cruz is a recurring character in Netflix's series, 13 Reasons Why. Mr. de la Cruz is never seen or mentioned throughout the first season, he is mentioned in the second season and appeared only in the third season. He's portrayed by Marcus DeAnda.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Little is fully known about Mr. de la Cruz, apart from the few interactions he has with his son, Montgomery de la Cruz. From what is known told through his son's school friends: he has a very abusive relationship with his son. Not only physically abusing him, but also forcing his homophobic beliefs onto his son.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

In "The Box of Polaroids", he is mentioned for the first time. Monty tells Scott his father came after him with a hammer, so he will spend a few days away from home. This shows that he is physically abusive toward his son. In the next episode, "Bye", he is mentioned again. Monty is shown to have a cast on his arm, and Bryce points it out, believing it is from his father beating him, which Monty does not deny. Further confirming that Monty's father is abusive.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

In "Nobody's Clean", he appears for the first time. He is heard in Monty's house after Clay and Ani follow Monty home, blaming Monty for something. He comes outside and then passes out after seeing them, presumably drunk. Monty comes outside and calls him out for not being so tough, before pulling out a nightstick. Before Monty does anything he sees Clay and Ani. They ask if the blood on the nightstick is Bryce's, and Monty tells them it is both his and his father's, before calling them out for suspecting him of killing Bryce. This once again shows Mr. de la Cruz is abusive toward his son, and that they have a poor relationship.

In "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You", Mr. de la Cruz is seen asking Monty where he was the night Bryce was killed. Monty tells him he was at Charlie's, claiming they got drunk and fell asleep together. He then walks off muttering to himself, showing he is homophobic. Later, when Jessica confronts Monty and asks why he is so cruel, he claims he had a bad childhood, indirectly mentioning his father.

In "And Then the Hurricane Hit", his silhouette is seen in his doorway as Monty is arrested for raping Tyler.

In "Let the Dead Bury the Dead", he visits his son in prison. Monty only sits when he tells him to. When he asks Monty about sexually assaulting a boy, Monty claims he was "messing with" the boy. His father asks why he would do this, questioning if Monty is gay. When Monty asks "what if I was, dad? What if I was?" his father changes the subject, instead telling him that things will happen to him in prison. When Monty asks him to elaborate, he states Monty will be assaulted, at least, for being a rapist. Monty responds that at least he'll be beaten by someone other than his father. Mr. de la Cruz, disgusted, rises to leave, and asks again if his son is gay. When Monty admits that he is, his father spits in his face and leaves, leaving Monty emotional.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Early on when he is mentioned at the end of the second season, it is revealed that he is abusive. Later on, in the third season, he gives off an aggressive personality and is shown to be homophobic when he confronts Monty over having been at Charlie St. George's house the night that Bryce Walker was murdered. He speaks aggressively, and when Monty tells him a bunch of guys fell asleep together, he walks off muttering "bunch of guys" before speaking Spanish to himself. When he visits Monty in prison, he uses a homophobic slur while asking Monty if he is gay and when Monty confirms that he might be, he spits in his face and leaves. He appears to be more upset about Monty's possible homosexuality than about Monty having raped a boy.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is of either Hispanic or Latin descent with a Spanish accent, it isn't clarified in the series. He has curly black hair, which started to turn gray with age.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Montgomery de La Cruz[edit | edit source]

Montgomery de la Cruz is Mr. de la Cruz's son.

Mr. de la Cruz visiting Monty in jail in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

At the end of the second season, it was hinted by Monty and Bryce that Monty's father was abusive. In The Box of Polaroids, Monty mentions his dad "Came after me with a hammer", bruising the left side of his face. later in Bye, Monty is seen with a cast over his left arm to which Bryce points at it as he once told Monty "Clearly your father didn't beat you hard enough.".

In the third season, his abusive relationship with his son is physically shown when Clay and Ani follow Monty to his house. He is outside of his house searching for Monty when he spots them. He collapses on the ground in a drunken rage before Monty comes out of the house with a nightstick covered in blood. Monty reveals to Ani and Clay that the blood on the stick is both of theirs. Later on, when he questions Monty about where he was the weekend of Homecoming, Monty lies and states that he was with Charlie. After hearing about Monty's arrest he expresses anger at what his son did. His homophobia is visibly and verbally revealed as he wondered what Monty was doing with another boy. He uses a homophobic slur while asking him if he is gay and Monty confirms that he might be. He then spits in his face and leaves.

Monty seems to have accepted that his life will not get better after high school. In The World Closing In he admits to Dr. Singh, halfheartedly, that his plans for after he graduates high school are to "go full time with my dad." Mr. de la Cruz broke his son long before his death.

Estela de la Cruz[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Mr. de la Cruz: "Your mother, she hasn't stopped crying since they picked you up."
Monty: "Sorry."
Mr. de la Cruz: "I bust my ass for this family, and this is what you do?"
―  Mr. de la Cruz confronting Monty in jail[src]
Mr. de la Cruz: "You're going to prison. You know what they do to guys like you in there?"
Monty: "What do they do? Describe it."
Mr. de la Cruz: "You're gonna get beat to shit. At the minimum. They will beat you down."
Monty: "Yeah, well at least none of them will be my dad."
Mr. de la Cruz: "You a faggot?"
Monty: "Sure."
―  Mr. de la Cruz telling Monty what will happen to him in prison[src]

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