Pamela Bradley, more commonly known as Mrs. Bradley, is the Communications class teacher at Liberty High School. After her student Hannah Baker's death, she used her class to help raise awareness about suicide prevention. She is a recurring character and is portrayed by Keiko Agena.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

She was first introduced as the Peer Communications teacher, and she is talking to her class about suicide prevention. She first talks about the number of ways to get help for themselves or a friend, and the information is all over the school. For example, on the Liberty High homepage, outside her classroom door, and the main office. When her student, Pratters, asked when will they be done with the unit, she responds by saying that they are never done with the subject. She discusses looking for the signs that someone might need help, for example, withdrawal from friends and family and change in appearance.[1]

In a flashback, Mrs. Bradley was taking notes out of the anonymous class discussion bag. One of the notes is from Hannah, about not feeling anything at all to not feel bad. The class starts a discussion about how the person who wrote that was in pain. Mrs. Bradley mentions resources this person could use.

Back in present time, Mrs. Bradley gave the students a questionnaire about personal strength and weaknesses. Clay asked her how important it is to her to have helped Hannah Baker, and she replied it's extremely important. Clay brought up Hannah's note and revealed who wrote it.[2]

When she walked into the counselor's office, it was revealed that her first name was Pam. She mentioned that at the end of last year, she read outloud Hannah's note and thought it would be some signs that they missed.[3]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Bradley had been called to testify for the Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District trail. She prepared herself on Sunday at school by listening to the tapes. She told Kevin Porter that they followed protocol and did everything they could for Hannah.

In court, Mrs. Bradley got shown the note Hannah wrote. She claimed she didn't notify the parents about it so students don't have to fear for punishment for what they share in class. She talked about how she offered numerous resources for students to get help.[4]

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