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Navy Pier is a pier in Evergreen that is best known as the place where Bryce Walker's Murder took place.


Before the Homecoming Football Game, Jessica was approached by Bryce who wanted Jessica to meet him at the pier later that night. Bryce had something to give Jessica. He told her to bring someone if that would make her feel safer.[1]

Bryce went to the pier to wait for Jessica, but was followed by Zach. Zach, who was angry that Bryce ruined his future in football, beat Bryce and left him behind.[2] Alex and Jessica then found Bryce on the pier, unable to walk from Zach’s beating. After receiving a tape from Bryce, Bryce begged them to help him. Alex decided to help Bryce up, but after Bryce started threatening Zach, Alex pushed him into the water. Bryce drowned.[3]

After Bryce is reported missing, Zach went to the pier and called Bryce. He left a voicemail asking Bryce where he is.[4]

Tyler went to the pier because he wanted to shoot himself, but saw a body floating. He called the police, who pulled Bryce's body out of the water.[5]

Months later, Clay went out jogging and ended up on the Navy Pier.[6]



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  • The scenes at the Navy Pier were filmed at the Mare Island Pierin Vallejo, California.[7] 

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