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Men and their rage, and their insecurities, their fears, and all the things they do to keep those hidden away. Alex was right: Nobody's Clean.
— Ani narrating

Nobody's Clean is the fifth episode of the third season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the thirty-first episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Alex Standall and Montgomery De La Cruz as the main suspect in Bryce Walker's murder.


The police search the school after finding steroids in Bryce's car. Alex remembers how Bryce supported him after Jessica had dumped him.


The police identify the liquid in the vials next to Bryce's body as steroids. They suspect him of selling steroids and start to search the lockers at Liberty High School to see if they can find people who bought from him. They think this might have something to do with his murder.

Someone on the football team, Luke, gets caught with steroids-but he says he didn't buy them from Bryce. Alex becomes worried when the police start looking, as he bought steroids from Bryce. He searches through his locker and inconspicuously trashes the steroids kit before the police find it. Unfortunately for him, Justin watches him do it, finds the kit and reports to Clay and Ani.

In a flashback, we see why Alex started to take steroids. He had some insecurity after his breakup with Jessica, after she revealed that she wasn't really attracted to him. Alex goes to Bryce for steroids and Bryce gives him the "friends and family" discount. They slowly build a pseudo friendship, and Bryce introduces Alex to cocaine and hookers.

Clay and Ani start to investigate Alex. They look through his phone and Clay ends up having an awkward conversation with Melody, a sex worker. They also see that Alex went from paying Bryce $100 to $200 and they assume it was Bryce blackmailing Alex.

In another flashback, Bryce encourages Alex to come and help him mess up his Dad's house as revenge for leaving his Mom and kicking Bryce out. They unfortunately mess with the wrong house. Bryce threatens the family’s kid, who accidentally walks into the mess they made. After telling him "Speak, and you die.", the kid pees his pants and starts crying. After seeing Bryce's bad side again, he remembers he’s not a good person and ends their pseudo friendship. Bryce tells Alex that the discount will stop and he’ll go back to charging him $200 but Alex doesn’t care. Later on, Alex reveals everything to Clay and Ani to assert his innocence.

Monty, another suspect, also has a big secret. Monty is seen clearing out his locker before the police search. Suspicious that he's hiding something related to steroids, Ani and Clay go to his car to look. They don't find steroids but instead see that he has an ID for a Hillcrest student in his car, in an envelope labelled "HE WON’T TALK." The ID card belongs to a student from Hillcrest named Winston Williams. Clay does his research but finds that the person on the ID Card and the person with the name aren’t the same person.

Winston meets up with Clay and Ani to explain the ID situation with Monty. The fake ID belongs to a guy named "Brian Chu" who took the SAT for Winston. Bryce used the information to blackmail Winston into not talking about Monty assaulting Winston, Winston reveals he really made the deal for Monty. Clay and Ani ask Winston how he knew Monty.

Winston reveals why, in a flashback, Bryce takes Monty to a party. Monty and Winston lock eyes immediately. Later on, Monty looks for the bathroom and instead finds Winston laying on the floor of a bedroom. Winston sees Monty, locks the door, and kisses him. Monty responds by clenching his fist as if he was about to punch Winston in the face, before grabbing Winston's face and kissing him. Monty pushes Winston's head down to his crotch, he unzips his own pants and Winston smiles happily up at Monty. Monty grabs hold of Winstons head and Winston begins to give Monty oral sex. Monty visibly reacts to the pleasurable sensation of receiving oral from Winston but starts to try and block it due to his internalised homophobia.

Later on, Winston sees Monty leaving and tells him it was nice to meet him and asks if they can hang out sometime. Monty's mood changes—due to the fact that he hasn’t revealed or accepted his own sexuality and they’re around other students now—Monty responds by calling Winston homophobic slurs and beating him up. Bryce tries to save Monty by offering Winston $2,000 and then $3,000 more to make Winston forget that it ever happened. Bryce apologises for Monty's behaviour and Winston negotiates for $5,000 more with the $2,000 instead which Bryce accepts because he doesn't want Monty in trouble. Neither Monty or Winston ever tells Bryce about their sexual encounter before Bryce's death.

Meanwhile, Justin gives Tyler's gun back to the dealer Tyler bought it from. Nora tells her father that Bryce is dead, to which he freaks out. He asks Ani to help him look for his cane. She looks in the carriage house and finds a red car, which happens to belong to Tony.



Opening intro shows a bottle of steroids in an evidence bag as the fifth piece of evidence

  • Object: A bottle of steroids.
  • Explanation: After Bryce's death, in school, cops did a search through lockers and Alex threw away a red plan medical case in a school trash can before they could find it. Justin witnessed this and dug it out of the trash can and brought his finding to Clay and Ani. It was packed with two bottles of 200 miligrams of Testosterone Cypionate—an androgen and anabolic steroid medication mainly used to treat low testosterone levels in men—along with alcohol wipes and two syringes. Justin told them that Bryce was dealing Testosterone Cypionate before his death, which made Alex suspicious, but not of killing him. They confronted Alex about the steroids and he admitted to buying them but not from Bryce, from Luke Holliday. They later sneakily took Alex's phone and found out that Alex lied about buying from Luke, he did in fact buy them from Bryce. The fact that Alex had lied and had bought steroids from Bryce made Alex suspicious of possibly killing Bryce.



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  • As of this episode, Alex has finished his challenge to try all the drinks in Monet's (started after forming F.M.L. while Hannah was alive).
  • This marks the first apperance of Winston Williams.


Men and their rage, and their insecurities, their fears, and all the things they do to keep those hidden away. Alex was right: Nobody's Clean.
— Ani narrating

Kids my age, they say the future is fluid. Those old ideas of what it is to be a man or a woman are going away. I believe it's true. I hope it is. But we're not there yet.
— Ani

Why you want to be with one person and not someone else, you can't always explain it. It's like you learn to listen to your body. Who you're attracted to. Who makes you feel safe.
— Jessica about why she went back to Justin

Alex. Baby, we're all scarred for life. Check your fucking head.
— Bryce to Alex after scaring a kid

Alex: "Did you find any, like, clues or whatever?"
Deputy Standall: " Well, I mean, you know, we try to fit together everything we can, but you don't know what the clues are until you know the crime."
―  Alex and his father talking about the crime scene
Ani: "I think you're very handsome. I think you're adorable."
Alex: "Yeah. Well, you're the one girl in this county that would go for a skinny, sad kid. And you went for Clay, so I'm gonna let that go because you're under stress."
―  Ani and Alex
Casey: "People should be pissed off! This doesn't end 'cause they put a fucking rapist in the ground."
Jessica: "My rapist! My rapist, okay? And I say we can't do this. We can't be this!"
Casey: "'Cause you want to protect your rapist, -and that's messed up."
Jessica: "No, because there's human decency!"
Casey: "I think I understand. You're still a victim. Well, you'll know where to find the survivors on Sunday."
―  Casey and Jessica about protesting at Bryce's funeral
Alex: "You're a horrible person."
Bryce: "[laughs] Yeah, pretty much."
Alex: "That kid is scarred for life because of us. "
Bryce: "Alex. Baby, we're all scarred for life. Check your fucking head."
Alex: "I don't ever wanna see you again."
―  Alex becomes mad at Bryce after they broke into the wrong house and Bryce scared a child after taking it too far.



Song Artist Album Scene
Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"A Forest" The Cure Seventeen Seconds Alex sits in his Dad's police car while the murder scene is being investigated; Tyler takes pictures of himself; Zach receives Alex's text; Jessica looks at a bloody tape; Tony and Nora receive a call.
"Getting Over You" Robin Loxley, Huxley Ware Indie Chill Alex and Jessica talk at Monet's.
"Tell Them Where To Go" Cable Ties Tell Them Where to Go / Choking to Choose Alex starts using steroids.
"Favorite Drug" Daydream Daisy 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Bryce and Monty arrive at the party.
"So Much" Kill The Giant NTA Monty and Winston meet.
"&Run" Sir Sly Don't You Worry, Honey Alex arrives at the party.
"Someday Soon" Brocklesby Crooke, Kairos Kilt Shoegaze Clay and Ani talk with Alex at Monet's.
"No Love Lost" LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening Bryce and Alex break into a house.
"Funeral" Phoebe Bridgers Stranger In The Alps Clay and Justin talk; Ani walks around in the Chatham house.
"Something I Learned Today" Hüsker Dü Zen Arcade Ani discovers Tony's car; end credits.

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