Noelle Davis is a recurring character on the second season and a minor character in the first season and fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Andrea Roth.

She is Jessica Davis's mother and Greg Davis's wife.

Early Life Edit

In "Bye", it is revealed that she had some sort of inappropriate sexual encounter with her second cousin. It is unknown when.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Noelle first appeared when Jessica was having dinner with her family. She was seen telling Jessica to lay away her phone when at the dinner table and joked that she cooks by putting stuff in a crockpot and then forgets about it.[1]

Season 2 Edit

In "Two Girls Kissing", Noelle talked with Jessica about how she is going to dress for her testimony the next day. Noelle asked her if she wants to sleep in her own bed, but Jessica refused.

Noelle and Greg were angry at Jessica for not telling them that she was getting threatened, which she revealed in her testimony.[2] They went to Mr. Porter with Jessica to show the threats their daughter received.[3]

Noelle and Greg supported Jessica during the sentencing of Bryce Walker. Noelle was in the montage of women who tell about their experiences with sexual harassment, where she revealed that her second cousin did something to her.[4]

Season 4 Edit

In the fourth season, Noelle moved to Seattle for her new job along with her sons. Her husband Greg and daughter Jessica stayed in Evergreen until Jessica graduated.[5]

Noelle and her husband Greg were among the attendees of Justin Foley's Funeral. They also attended Jessica's graduation with their sons Elijah and Cooper.[6]

Personality Edit

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