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Nora Walker is a recurring character in the second season, a main character in the third season and a minor character in the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Brenda Strong.

Nora is the Mother of Bryce Walker, the Daughter of Harrison Chatham and the ex-Wife of Barry Walker.

Early Life[]

Growing up, Nora was physically abused by her father. She mentioned that she married another cruel man, referring to Barry Walker, to escape him. She has had at least three step-mothers. She never pictured herself as a mother and had a difficult pregnancy. After Bryce's birth, she became depressed and when she got out of it, she felt like Bryce didn't need her anymore. She tried to give Bryce as much as possible because that's the way she was raised herself.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

She is first seen when Kevin Porter came to the Walkers house and asked if he could talk with her about her son's interactions with girls at school. She first told Mr. Porter that her husband isn't home, but then let him in.[1]

Through the season she was very sceptic of Bryce. She wasn't sure if their son is that good of a person and whether he's a rapist. She kept asking her husband if he doesn't think the stories are true. However Barry was convinced that Bryce isn't a rapist and he accused Nora of not knowing her son.[2]

Nora later confronted Bryce, asking him what happened with Hannah and Chlöe because she didn't believe what Bryce told in court was the whole story. At first Bryce told her he just had sex with them, but Nora kept asking questions. Bryce then described what happened with Hannah in a disrespectful way. This caused Nora to slap her son in the face and to tell him that he brought shame on the family.[3]

Season 3[]

In the third season, Nora's son Bryce had been missing since the Homecoming Football Game. When Clay got interviewed about this, Nora entered the interrogation room and asked Clay if he has any idea what could’ve happened to Bryce. In a conversation with Sheriff Diaz, she made it clear that she was sure Clay had something to do with Bryce’s disappearance.

In a flashback, it’s revealed that Nora divorced Barry Walker and she and Bryce now live with Nora’s sick father, Harrison Chatham.[4]

In another flashback, Nora is seen telling Chlöe Rice that both her father and ex-husband are cruel men. She told that Bryce is worse than both of them, warning Chloe.[5]

After Bryce's body is found, Nora is taken to a interrogation room by Sheriff Diaz. Diaz asked if Bryce was depressed, but Nora knew for sure he didn't kill himself. As she left the room, she mentioned the names of several students that had a connection to Bryce and said that they should be investigated.[6]

Nora went to her father's bedroom and was asked about Bryce. Nora lied, saying Bryce is with friends. She later told him the truth and said his funeral is tomorrow. Harrison started freaking out and blamed Nora for Bryce’s dead.[7]

Flashbacks revealed that Nora didn’t have a positive relationship with Bryce. Nora would see Bryce as a terrible person and didn’t trust him. However, their relationship eventually improved: Bryce stood up for her to her father and ex-husband, they had a paint fight and Nora taught Bryce yoga where he broke down and she comforted him. After Nora hired Kevin Porter to give Bryce therapy, Bryce wrote a hateful letter about himself from his mother’s perspective. After reading the letter, Nora shared that the pregnancy was hard and she had a postpartum depression, which caused her to emotionally neglect Bryce.

At Bryce’s Funeral, Nora gave a speech where she told the attendees that Bryce wanted to be good. He was growing and getting better.[8]

Nora asked Ani Achola about the footage of Clay pointing a gun at Bryce. She wondered if Ani knew Clay did this and if she's seen similar behaviour of him before. Ani denied everything, claiming she doesn't know Clay well. Nora pointed out that it must be hard to see someone you care about be capable of violent things.[9]

Nora was visited by Olivia Baker at the Chatham House. Nora apologized for what Bryce had done to Hannah and Olivia told Nora about Bryce trying to apologize for what he did to her. Olivia mentioned that she does believe that Bryce wanted to change. She then claimed that learning who killed Bryce won’t make Nora feel much better and that she isn’t sure if justice will be served.[10]

Deputy Standall went to Nora’s yoga studio to ask her questions about Clay. Nora confirmed to him that Clay didn’t buy steroids from Bryce and they never hung out. When asked who Bryce did hang out with, Nora told him that hung out with Monty and for a while Alex Standall.[11]

When Clay came to the Chatham house to see Ani, Nora opened the door. She mentioned that she just came from the sheriff's station and Clay must be relieved, as the Bryce's murder case was closed and it was said that Monty killed Bryce. Clay apologized to Nora for her loss.

When Nora's father seemed like he was about to die, Amara Josephine Achola asked Nora if they should call the doctor. Nora said not to, as it's Thanksgiving. Nora then stayed with her father. He told Nora that he tried to give her the best life he could and passed away.[12]

Season 4[]

In the fourth season, Nora met up with Ani. Ani and her mom moved out because of the passing of Nora's father. It's revealed that they kept in touch and Nora sent Amara flowers when she broke her leg at her new job. Ani thanked Nora for her kindness. Nora said that she and her mother had always been kind to her and asked Ani how she was doing. Ani started to break down because she felt like she's failed in being the person she needs to be. Nora reassured her that she's still a teenager and it's okay to still be figuring things out. She offered Ani Bryce's college fund, but Ani refused. They talked about how Ani had been there for Bryce, so now Nora wanted to do the same for her and she deserves to have the future she wants.[13]


During Season 1, Nora appeared to be an uninvolved mother. Nora is shown to be more involved in her son's life by Season 2, worrying over Bryce's possible arrest. She appears to initially believe Bryce's story of him not raping Hannah, however, she displays restlessness and disgust over Bryce's behavior when she finds out the true nature of her son. As a result, she slaps him, telling him how be brought shame to their family.

Unlike her husband, she does not attempt to forsake his son but takes him in after Barry practically disowns Bryce. She, however, changes from a permissive (or basically neglecting) parent to a more involved one, attempting to educate and teach Bryce in order to try to change Bryce's behavior towards woman, or life, in general. After her son's death, she is completely devastated especially during the funeral speech where she reminisces about the fun, short, times she and Bryce had in addition to the time Bryce defended her when Nora's father was verbally abusing her.

Even after knowing that her husband cheated on her, she decides not to use it against him. She assigns a nurse for and tries to rebuild her relationship with her father. she even tells her father that she knows he tried to be a good father.

She is shown to be a morally strong and independent woman despite being surrounded by toxic masculine figures her whole life.

As such, for most of the last season, Nora is fully dedicated to finding Bryce's true murderer, noting that she remembers Clay's group members quite well; their names been ingrained in her memory, insinuating that one of them killed her son and she will find who did it.

Physical Appearance[]

Nora is a tall middle-aged woman with long brown hair roughly reaching the shoulders. She is light-skinned and has pale green eyes. In most episodes, she is seen to be wearing formal attire.


Bryce Walker[]

For most of the series, Nora is an uninvolved and neglecting mother to him. Nora says to Bryce and Mr. Porter that she developed Postpartum Depression after his birth, which was why she neglected him as a child; but when she recovered and tried to reach out, Bryce pushed her away. It is shown in the second season that Bryce is a bit surprised when he notices Nora is up in the morning, because most of the time she doesn't care. Nora is shown to be more involved in her son's life by Season 2, worrying over Bryce's possible arrest. She appears to initially believe Bryce's story of him not raping Hannah, however, she displays disgust over Bryce's behavior when she finds out the true nature of her son, and in one case, slaps him.

In the third season, she takes him in after her divorce with Barry. She is shown to be cold with him and protective of Ani (as she knows her son is a rapist) at first, but she and Bryce become closer. He tells her that Barry cheated on her, and defends her to her dad. She calls Mr. Porter to counsel him. He also has yoga sessions with her. Bryce is shown to care about his mother even when she is not talking to him or is mad with him. After Bryce's death, she is devastated and determined to find who the killer is. She doesn't excuse any of her son's actions, but still loves him.

Barry Walker[]

Barry is Nora's ex-husband. His marriage to her is implied to be more out of power and not out of love. Nora mentions that Barry uses silence to control her. In the second season,  Barry keeps defending Bryce while Nora doesn't fully believe him about his sexual assaults on other girls. In the third season, they get a divorce, and Nora moves in to the Chatham house with Bryce. One day, she sees Bryce and Barry fighting and asks Barry to stop. Barry says that Bryce broke into Barry's house and accuses Nora of not having proper control over Bryce. Bryce reveals Barry cheated on her and has a daughter named Kaitlyn. Nora doesn't use this information in the divorce case. After Bryce's death, Barry acts neglectfully, which infuriates Nora, but she says she doesn't expect anything better from him. However, they are seen holding hands and weeping during Bryce's funeral.

Harrison Chatham[]

Harrison was Nora's father, Barry's father-in-law and Bryce's maternal grandfather.He was an uninvolved and abusive father to Nora. Nora told Bryce that he was too focused on his personal life to care about her. When Harrison becomes ill, Nora and Bryce move to Chatham house, and Nora assigns Amara Josephine Achola as his nurse.

After the revelation that Barry cheated on him, Harrison verbally abuses her until Bryce orders him to stop or he'll throw him out. Before Harrison's death, Nora tells him that she knows he tried to be a good father.

Amara Josephine Achola[]

Ani Achola[]

Being the daughter of her ailing father's nurse and caretaker, Nora treated her with kindness and respect, as she was the daughter she could never have. Some months after her only child died via drowning, she let Ani reach out to her and confronted her in her self-doubts.

Chlöe Rice[]

Nora had accepted Chloe as Bryce's girlfriend during the second season. Nora starts to show more concern for Chloe when she notices bruises on her arm. Chloe believes that it's from cheer practice but Nora starts to believe that it's Bryce.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


Can you honestly say you recognize the person on that tape? Have you ever said anything even remotely resembling the filth that came out of his mouth?
— Nora to Barry about Bryce's confession in The Little Girl

You've brought shame on this family. You're a stranger in this house.
— Nora to Bryce after he admits to raping Hannah in Bryce and Chloe


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