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Eleven reasons, she came up just short. But she left so many out, you know that, don't you? No matter how many reasons there might be 'why?' there are always more 'why not?'
— to Clay Jensen, after she finds Hannah's Reasons Why Not List and shows him, in "Bye"

Olivia Baker is a main character in the first and second season and a minor character in the third season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Kate Walsh.

Olivia is the grieving mother of the late Hannah Baker, ex-wife of Andrew Baker and former co-owner of Baker's Drug Store. In the second season, she files a case against Liberty High School to get justice for her daughter's death.

Early Life

There has been a history of mental illness in the women on her side of the family.[1] When Olivia was 12 years old, she was raped by an 18-year-old guy.[2] Hannah mentioned that her parents started dating in high school and that Olivia was popular in at her school.[3]

Her husband, Andrew, cheated on her with Valerie for a month before he confessed to his affair. The affair is something that Hannah knew about (through an accident) before Andrew told Olivia.[4]

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In the wake of Hannahs death, she and Andrew arrived at Liberty High to pick up the rest of their daughter's belongings, in hope of finding something to help them win the lawsuit against the school.[5]

After searching through her daughter's things, Olivia found some incriminating evidence that could solidify their lawsuit: the "hot list" Alex Standall made. However, Andrew wasn't sure how this would strengthen their case. Olivia didn't care, as long as she found evidence linking to her daughter's suicide.[6]

Olivia arrived once again at Liberty High and went to the principal to ask if he noticed anything different about Hannah's behavior at school in the days leading to her death. Since she filed a lawsuit against the school, the principal couldn't lawfully talk to her. Olivia enters the girl's bathroom to find graffiti about Hannah. Not only about Hannah, but the entire wall of the bathroom was covered with insulting comments about other girls. She concluded that Hannah was being bullied and that was a strong enough evidence.[7]

She caught Clay Jensen as the culprit for toilet papering her house, but it turned out that he was just trying to help. When she learned that he was an old friend and co-worker to Hannah, she invited him into the house. Olivia tried to pressure him into helping them find out why Hannah killed herself. When the Baker's Drug Store was losing customers, Olivia was sure it's because of Hannah and that people were scared of them.[8]

While out to dinner, they talked to a woman about Hannah as if she was still alive. She told the mother that Hannah was 17, was going to start applying for colleges soon. Later, Olivia then explained to Andrew that it is nice to sometimes not be the mother of the dead girl. He suggested moving, but Olivia didn't think it would help.[9]

Olivia found the list with all the names of the people on the tapes, although she didn't know what the list meant. She asked Tony about what they meant and he denied he knew what it was, to which Olivia knew he was lying, but wasn't sure why.[10] Tony later then gives Olivia a copy of the tapes on a USB for the Bakers to listen to, stating that he thought he was doing right by Hannah by keeping her secrets, but he came to believe that Olivia and Andrew needed to hear them.[11]

Season 2

In the second season, it's revealed that Olivia didn't sign the NDA that was needed in order to settle the case against the school, as she wanted the school to be held accountable for Hannah's suicide. She was supported by Jackie, a woman whose daughter also committed suicide after being bullied and who is now fighting for other parents who lost their child due to bullying. Olivia invited her to stay over at her house.[12]

Olivia kept the blood-stained dress she wore when she found Hannah and couldn't bring herself to wash. There's a miscommunication between her and Jackie, as Olivia mentioned that she should probably move on and Jackie thought she meant that she should wash the dress. Olivia got upset and yelled at Jackie that she wasn't allowed to wash it and it was the only thing of Hannah she had left. Jackie mentioned to Olivia that she should go, but Olivia calmed down and told her to stay.[13]

Andy met up with Olivia at the drug store; it's revealed that they're separated. Andy told Olivia that he doesn't want to lose more than they have in the trial against the school. Olivia strongly disagreed and accused Andy of not wanting to fight for their daughter.

Olivia and Tony were restocking the store when Olivia asked him about who the girl on Hannah's ninth tape is, wondering if it's Jessica. Tony didn't tell her, but did say that whether or not it's her, it can't relate to the trial because the trial is about holding the school accountable for how they treated Hannah and not about what what happened to the girl.[14]

The day of Ryan Shaver's testimony, Andy returned to court in support of Olivia. Andy tried to hold her hand, but she refused to let him besides Jackie telling her that it'll look good in front of the press.[15]

After Clay Jensen's testimony, Olivia and Andy visited Hannah’s grave together. When comforting each other, they ended up kissing. Afterwards, they had lunch together where Andy told Oliva that he wants to finalize their divorce. Olivia accused him of wanting to marry his new girlfriend, but Andy told her that he wants a chance to close a door he can “never walk through again.”[16]

Olivia was asked to testify; Sonya Struhl asked if Hannah knew about Andy's affair, which Olivia denied. A flashback showed Olivia crying in the store and Hannah bringing her her favorite flowers. Sonya then asked Olivia why she never took Hannah to see a therapist, despite Olivia's family having a history of mental illness. Olivia stated that Hannah always appeared optimistic and happy.

Jessica visited Olivia after getting called to see if there was anything she could do. Jessica, Jackie and Olivia took a look at Hannah's poems. Olivia realized that one of the poems is about Andy's affair. Olivia encouraged Jessica to let out her pain and comforted her when she started to cry.[17]

Olivia hired Alex to work in the pharmacy. Right after hiring him, she saw a woman and her daughter pass by. Olivia chased after them to their hotel room, where she begged them to not testify.[18]

The daughter testified about her experience with Hannah at her previous school, revealing that Hannah had bullied her. When Olivia arrived home, she found out that Jackie had left after hearing that Hannah was a bully.

At night, Olivia got a phone call from the police; the drug store had been vandalized. There was graffiti on the windows telling her that Hannah's dead and to move.[19]

The jury revealed that Liberty High School was found not guilty and the Bakers lost the case. Olivia defended Hannah to the reporters outside the courthouse, saying that Hannah wasn't the perfect victim but what happened isn't her fault; everyone let her down.[20]

Olivia and Andrew met up with a priest to plan Hannah's funeral, besides not being religious. At the funeral, Olivia gave a speech, where she encouraged the attendees to dream. After the funeral, Olivia showed Clay Hannah's “reasons why not” list, which she found on a computer at the drug store. She asked Clay if Hannah called him "helmet", which Clay confirmed. Olivia then reminded Clay that there are always more reasons to live than to die, besides only being able to list eleven reasons. She also revealed that she's moving to New York because it was Hannah's dream to go to New York.[21]

Season 3

Olivia returned to Evergreen during the investigation of Bryce Walker's Murder and got interrogated by Sheriff Diaz. While getting interrogated, she criticized the sheriff for putting more effort in the investigation of a rapist's murder than in any of his victims.

A flashback shows that Jessica and Oliva met up when Olivia was in town about a month earlier. Olivia explained that she's back in town because her house is being sold. They talked a bit about Hannah. She also met up with Tony and revealed that the Walkers are responsible for the deportation of his family.

After Bryce listened to the tapes, he wanted to apologize to Olivia. Tony broached the topic with Olivia, but she said that she doesn't ever want to talk to Bryce and doesn’t know what she would do if he came close to her.

Bryce showed up at Olivia's hotel lobby to apologize, but Olivia refused to forgive him. She wished him a lifetime of learning what sorry means before the elevator doors closed.

Right before the Homecoming Football Game, Olivia got drunk, went to Hannah's grave and called Clay. She left him a voicemail that said she was upset that Bryce had his “homecoming” when Hannah never did. Olivia declared she wants him dead and she would shoot him if she could.

Back in present time, Olivia visited Nora Walker at the Chatham House. They talked about Hannah and Olivia told Nora about Bryce trying to apologize for what he did to her. She mentioned that she does believe that Bryce wanted to change. She then claimed that learning who killed Bryce won’t make Nora feel much better and that she isn’t sure if justice will be served.[22]


Olivia seemed to be happier and outgoing just like her daughter before her death; however, she was stressed about her family's store when she and her husband had begin losing customers to their rival store Walplex and struggling financially. She seemed to be unaware that Hannah was having problems at Liberty. After her daughter's suicide, she becomes reclusive and frantic. Olivia becomes desperate to know why her daughter committed suicide since she and her husband never got a note. She feels guilt for not being there to support her daughter. As she explored Liberty after Hannah's death, she became more aware of the situation that her daughter was in and the bullying culture. As soon as Tony gives her and Andy a flash drive of the tapes, she feels closure and confident that she will win the lawsuit against the school.

Physical Appearance

Olivia has brown hair and light blue eyes. In Season 1, her hair goes past her shoulders in waves. In Season 2, her hair has been straightened and cut, being above the shoulders.


Hannah Baker


Olivia with Hannah in a flashback in "The First Polaroid"

Olivia was close to Hannah before her suicide. She wanted what was best for Hannah. While Olivia was preoccupied with her store, she was unaware that Hannah was having problems and expressed grief over not being able to notice the signs that her daughter was suicidal. Olivia becomes desperate to know why Hannah took her life as she goes through her room and her belongings for evidence. After she receives the tapes that Hannah recorded before she died, she felt closure.

Andrew Baker


Olivia with Andy in "Tape 1, Side A"

Andy was Olivia's husband. He had known Olivia since high school. They were happily married up until the point of Hannah's death and his affair with Valerie. Before Hannah's death, he and his wife was facing financial troubles with the store and along with his wife, was unaware of Hannah's problems at school. Andrew feels guilt for Hannah's death but reluctant to go to trial since they lack the evidence they need to win the lawsuit against the school. After receiving the tapes, Andy feels closure along with his wife. During Hannah's trial, they grow apart and head for divorce. Andy does not participate throughout most of the trial and moves in with Valarie. He lies to his wife about living with her; however, Andy comes to support Olivia and has dinner with her. After Hannah's funeral, Andy marries Valarie with her daughter so he can be reminded of being a father.

Clay Jensen


Clay visits Hannah's home after her suicide in "Tape 2, Side B"

Olivia didn't know Clay before Hannah's death. He comes by to visit Olivia after seeing other children TP'ing the Baker House during Halloween. Olivia notices Clay at Liberty and at Monet's and becomes curious of who he is. During his visit to Hannah's house, Olivia gets to know Clay. He becomes reluctant to give Olivia the tapes and becomes hesitant when asked about how much he knew Hannah afraid that Olivia would blame him for Hannah's death. She wonders how much information he could get from Clay, but leaves before she gets a chance. Clay helps Olivia piece together Hannah's journey throughout school to help her learn why Hannah committed suicide. During Hannah's trial, Clay slowly reveals his relationship to Hannah and confesses his love for her. Olivia admires Clay's loyalty to Hannah and the one person she could trust. Olivia becomes more open to Clay and even gives him Hannah's "Reasons why not" when Clay is mentioned twice on the list. As soon as Olivia leaves for New York, she wishes she got a chance to know him when Hannah was alive.

Tony Padilla


Tony helps Olivia find out why Hannah committed suicide in "Tape 2, Side A"

Tony helps support Olivia and Andy while they are finding evidence for their lawsuit and finding reasons why Hannah committed suicide. After Olivia finds a piece of paper which shows all the names that Hannah named on her tapes, she becomes skeptical of Tony and convinced that he is hiding something. Tony keeps the tapes safe as he wanted to keep Hannah's secrets for her. Tony later gives audio files of the tapes to Hannah's parents knowing that they needed to know Hannah's secrets. He spends more time with Olivia during Hannah's trial to support her.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Olivia: "All these people were Hannah’s friends?"
Courtney: "Mm-hmm. She had so many friends and we all miss her so much."
Olivia: "Anyone who knew Hannah would know that she hated roses. She thought they were a cliché."
―  Olivia when seeing Hannah's school memorial[src]
Andy… how did we not know? How did I not know? She was right here. And she was in pain, she was reaching out, and we just kept pretending everything was okay.
— Olivia about not knowing what Hannah was feeling.[src]

You don’t win a chess match by giving away your strategy.
— Olivia[src]

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. And they seem to find out about the one thing you wish they wouldn’t.
— Olivia[src]

Keeping it in, that is not brave. Feeling the pain, facing it, that takes courage.
— Olivia to Jessica[src]

My daughter wasn't the perfect victim. There's no such thing. Hannah was a beautiful young woman. Full of life, and dreams, and passions, and fears, and failings like any other teenage girl. And we let her down. And people wanna point to the parents, but we didn't allow her to be bullied, and we didn't send her away when she came and asked for help, and we didn't send her back to class with her rapist. Boys bullied her and adults allowed it. You know, I don't know a single woman who hasn't faced sexual assault, abuse, or worse. Not one. Many survive. My daughter didn't, and that's not her fault.
— Olivia to the reporters outside the courthouse.[src]

She dreamed of going to New York to become a writer. I'm not sure when that dream began to feel impossible to her. Hannah was my dream. And now I get to dream for Hannah as well as for myself. And so do all of you. So, please, dream your dreams. And dream them for Hannah, and don't let anyone take them away from you. Don't ever let them go.
— Olivia at Hannah's service[src]

Olivia: "I wasn't sure if I should share this with you, but after hearing what you said, I think... I think it's all right. I found it on one of the old computers when I was cleaning up the store. Hannah wrote it."
Clay: ""Reasons why not.""
Olivia: "You're on there. At least once, possibly twice. Did... did she call you "Helmet"?"
Clay: "Yeah, she did."
Olivia: "Eleven reasons. She came up just short. But she left so many out. You know that, don't you? No matter how many reasons there might be "why," there are always more "why not.""
―  Olivia showing Clay Hannah's reasons-why-not list.[src]

I wish you a lifetime of learning what sorry means.
— Olivia to Bryce after he tries to apologize.[src]

Clay: "You never asked if I killed Bryce."
Olivia: "You never asked me."
―  Clay and Olivia before Olivia's elevator closes.[src]


  • In "Bye", Olivia tells Clay that she's moving to New York because it was always Hannah's dream.


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