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The Padilla Residence was home to Tony Padilla, his older brothers Marco, Fernando, and Raul, younger sister Graciella and parents Arturo and Rosa Padilla before they were deported. The house was vacant soon after, resulting with Tony living with Caleb.


Tony's family immigrated from Mexico to the United States. Tony and his sister Graciella were born in the United States in 1999, while the rest of his family were born in Mexico. Tony lived with his older brothers Fernando, Raul, and Marco with their parents Arturo and Rosa. They all lived in the same house until their deportation. It is implied that Tony's parents' immigration was not legal and had no green card to live in California as they were deported back to Mexico later in the series. 

Arturo and Tony were working on fixing Tony's Mustang in the garage while Clay came along to ask for an cassette player. Clay helped them fix the car and found Tony's walkman in the center console with Tony's other mixtapes. Clay took it and put it in his jacket pocket. Tony said that the school sent out more emails to parents about Hannah's death. Arturo asked what it was about and tells Tony that if he ever did that to him and his wife, he'll kill him. Tony responds "There's no irony in that comment." Tony asks Clay for his keys back, with Clay thinking that Tony was talking to his walkman. Clay rode home after Tony returned his keys.[1]

Barry Walker was looking for payback and revenge for his son, Bryce, and called ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on Tony's family. As she and Tony were born in the US they were left behind. Tony sent his only and young sister to live with their uncle and aunt in Arizona, because he couldn't take care of her on his own.[2]

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Clay: " I have to go to Tony's."
Lainie: " Hold on, Tony's? Now? "
Clay: "He needs one of the tapes. We're working together."
―  Clay telling his mom that they're working together on a school project.[src]
Clay: "I should probably get out of here."
Tony: "Sure you don't want to stay for dinner?"
Clay: "No, thanks. My mom's making pork chops. If I'm not home soon, she'll probably freak out and call the cops or something."
―  Clay leaving Tony's house



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