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Ross Fleming Butler (b. May 17, 1990) is an American actor. He portrays Zach Dempsey in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.


Butler was born in Singapore to an American British father and a Chinese-Malaysian mother. He was raised by his mother in McLean, Virginia. Butler attended Langley High School[1] graduating in 2008 before enrolling at Ohio State University as a chemical engineering major, but left after one year. He moved to Los Angeles soon after and began to take acting classes at the age of 21.

He is known for the Disney Channel series K.C. Undercover and films Teen Beach 2 and Perfect High.


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  • He is a skilled guitarist and pianist and a big video game player.
  • He portrayed Reggie Mantle (who was also a popular athlete) in the first season of Riverdale. He had to drop out of that role (which was subsequently recast) after the first season, due to the scheduling difficulties of filming both series. Riverdale is filmed in Vancouver and 13 Reasons Why in California.




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