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Scott Reed is a recurring character in the second and fourth seasons of 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Brandon Butler.

Scott attended Liberty High School and was a baseball player in the varsity team, Liberty Tigers. He was Bryce Walker's friend.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Throughout the second season, Scott is seen hanging out and spending time with Bryce and the other baseball jocks.

Being a jock, Scott is thought of as a bully, as shown when Tyler Down singled him out in court along with Bryce and Montgomery de la Cruz when talking about the nature of bullying at Liberty High School. However, Scott is more considerate than his fellow teammates, as shown when he apologized for bumping into Clay Jensen and helped pick up his books. He thinks his association with Bryce is what leads others to automatically assume he’s a bully or rapist.

In "The First Polaroid", Scott seems to be waiting for Clay to find the first polaroid; this leaves speculation throughout the rest of the series that he is the one who is giving Clay the polaroids. This, however, is later shown to be false as Zach Dempsey is shown to be the one providing the polaroids. When the baseball team gets a lesson about affirmative consent, he doesn't take it seriously and jokes about rape.

Later in "Bryce and Chloe", Scott joins the fight initiated by Justin Foley and the baseball team. He is shown restraining a struggling Clay. In detention, when asked by Clay why he didn’t hit him, Scott answers he didn’t want to hurt him and denies any involvement in Clay’s beating in the boys’ locker room. He then goes on to explain that his love for sports does not make him “a fucking rapist.”

In "The Box of Polaroids", Scott meets up with Montgomery in a graffitied area, complaining about the controversy surrounding the baseball team and people’s assumptions that he is a rapist. Suggesting that they stop protecting Bryce, it’s revealed that Clay, Tony Padilla, Justin, Alex Standall and Zach, had informed him about Monty. After learning Monty was threatening and blackmailing those testifying in Hannah Baker’s case as a measure to keep Bryce's image clean he forced Monty to give up the Polaroids from the Clubhouse.

Season 4[]

In "Winter Break", Clay has a nightmare after getting into a fight with the football team, during which, he walks through Liberty High and appears in the Walker Baseball field. There he's surprised when he sees Scott, who happily greets him. Clay denies Scott being real by stating Scott graduated. Scott looked concerningly at Clay and walked him down some stairs to get some water. As the two walk down the steps, Scott disappears and Clay is transported to the H.O. Clubroom.

Scott makes one last appearance in "Graduation", where he is present at Justin's funeral and visits the graduation ceremony with Chlöe.


Scott can be a cruel and careless person at times; When it is mentioned that a girl should give consent when having sex, Scott jokingly says "Does a scream count?"[1]. He made a gun sign at Alex, who just got back to school for the first time since trying to shoot himself, and later made fun of him on his birthday. Scott also took part in taking Sheri to the Clubhouse, making her smoke and making her uncomfortable when she wanted to leave[2].

Other than that, Scott isn't as bad of a person as he seemed to be in the first place. When he bumps into Clay, he apologizes and helps Clay pick up his books[3]. He doesn't want Clay to get hurt during a school fight, and isn't a rapist; he just likes playing baseball[4]. He decides that it's time to stop protecting Bryce, and helps the others with trying to get the Polaroids from Monty back[5].

Physical Appearance[]

Scott has dirty blonde hair and blue-ish eyes. He is always seen wearing a Liberty Tigers jersey jacket outside of the sports fields. He is likely physically fit due to his background in athletics.


I play baseball. That doesn't make me a fucking rapist.
— Scott to Clay after Clay accuses him of protecting Bryce.[src]

I'm not a rapist, Monty... And I'm sick of people assuming I am. Look, we've been taking care of Bryce for too long, man. Come on, enough's enough.
— Scott admitting to Monty he's done being affiliated with Bryce.[src]


Season 2[]

Season 4[]


  • In flashbacks he is shown to be a student at Liberty High before Hannah dies and during the timeline of the first season, although he is only introduced in the second season to us.
  • Brandon Butler (who plays Scott Reed) could not be present in the third season of 13 Reasons Why because he was acting at another Netflix show called Trinkets.
  • Scott and Luke are the only jocks who were introduced in season 2 that returned for season 4.
  • Scott's position on the football team was wide receiver, he wore #80.
  • As the actor for Scott could not show up for season 3, it is implied that his replacement is Charlie St. George, likely meaning that they would play similar roles in the story.


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