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This page features all minor characters that made an appearance during the third season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. It spotlights characters that essentially received minor roles but were relevant enough in the story to which a page was needed to document their involvement. The characters below are listed in order of episode appearance for your convenience. Please use the Minor Character infobox when adding a new addition to the page. Please click here for the minor characters that are in the first season. Please click here for the minor characters that are in the second season.

Graciella Padilla[]

Graciella Padilla is the only daughter of Arturo and Rosa Padilla. Most of Graciella's family were deported back to Mexico. Barry Walker was looking for payback and revenge for his son, Bryce, and called ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on Tony's family. As she and Tony were born in the US they were left behind. Tony sent her to live with their uncle and aunt in Arizona, because he couldn't take care of her on his own.[1]

Rosa Padilla[]

Rosa Padilla is Tony's mother. She, her husband, Arturo, Fernando, Marco and Raul were deported from the US after Barry Walker called ICE on Tony's family, leaving her youngest son, Tony, and only daughter, Graciella, alone in Crestmont, California.

Fernando Padilla[]

Fernando Padilla is the eldest son of Arturo and Rosa Padilla, older brother of Marco, Raul, Graciella and Tony Padilla. He and a large portion of his family were by the end of the summer of 2018 deported back to Mexico.

Marco Padilla[]

Marco Padilla is the second son of Arturo and Rosa Padilla and the brother of Fernando, Raul, Tony and Graciella. Most of his family, along with him, were deported to Mexico.

Raul Padilla[]

Raul Padilla is the third son of Arturo and Rosa Padilla. He was, along with his parents, Fernando, and Marco Padilla, deported to Mexico.

Dean Holbrook[]

Dean Holbrook is a student from  Hillcrest, and Bryce's bully in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar". He is first shown talking to Bryce about football and girls, and continues to bring up how Bryce raped girls, and Dean tells him to leave. Later, Dean is shown walking downstairs with Bryce and another boy, when the boy, Carter, shoves Bryce down the stairs. The two laugh as they walk past. Finally, Dean is shown groping Jessica's breasts (revealing that his disdain for Bryce was only due to his transgressions being publicly exposed, showing his duplicitous true colors), which causes Justin to yell in anger, and lead the fight against Hillcrest.[2] Dean was later seen in "And Then the Hurricane Hit" at the assmebly after the fight while Jessica gave her speech.[3]

Robby Corman[]

Robby Corman is a student at Liberty High School who is a male sexual assault survivor and the second male student to speak up at the assembly after Tyler Down and before Justin Foley when Jessica had addressed sexual assuault survivors to speak up during her public apology for the protest at the Homecoming game. At the end of the assembly Robby asked Tyler if he could be part of the Hands Off Our Bodies group for sexual assult survivors. Casey Ford overheard and told him "Yes, everybody's welcome at HO."

He was seen in Let The Dead Bury The Dead, he unveiled the photo exhibit that Tyler took of everybody who had helped him recover from his assault at Monet. He was then seen chatting with Tyler at the very end.

In the fourth season, he appeared during the school shooter drill. He hid in the locker rooms with the football team and was terrified; Diego Torres tried to calm him down.

Melody Scott[]

Melody Scott is a sex worker Alex Standall used to visit after being introduced to her by Bryce Walker, who was also one of her clients. After they found out Alex transferred money to her, Clay and Ani Achola made an appointment to ask about Alex, where she revealed that he had visited her multiple times and Bryce knew about it. When Alex broke down crying during an appointment, Melody comforted him.[4]

Tim Pozzi[]

Tim Pozzi is a steroid dealer who was questioned by the police about the steroids that were found in Justin and Clay's room. He was in the county lockup for a short amount of time, at the same time Monty got killed. He told Luke Holliday, who he sells steroids to, about it after he got released.

Caitlin Walker[]

Caitlin Walker is the twelve-year-old illegitimate child of Barry Walker and his mistress. She was born when Bryce, her elder paternal half-brother, was just six years old. For twelve long years, she has been listed in the divorce papers Mr. Walker filed against his wife Nora, listing his illegitimate daughter as a dependent for the Walker inheritance and a replacement for Bryce in Barry's eyes.

She never made any appearances, but is mentioned in flashbacks and by Ani and Clay in the present of "You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves".