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Clay: "I'm not breakable."
Jessica: "Dude, we're all breakable, and you're the worst."
―  Jessica and Clay

Senior Camping Trip is the fourth episode and of the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why and the forty-third episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 5, 2020.


Clay is forced to confront his anxiety on the senior camping trip as a suspicious email threatens to turn the friends against each other.


In the present, Charlie gives a speech at the funeral about his friends and getting this latest devastation. Then it flashes back a couple months.

At the Dean's office, Sheriff Diaz looks at the footage of Clay at the football field during the Love is Love dance. He believes the prank on Clay may have some sort of connection to Monty.

After being suspended for 2 weeks, the school board vote on whether Clay and Diego can go to the senior camping trip. Jessica thinks Clay shouldn't attend but is outvoted by the rest of the board members. As Clay walks down the Liberty High hallways, he feels isolated, like everyone is talking about him.

At therapy, Clay confides in Dr. Ellman about feeling scrutinized by his friends. The therapist suggests speaking to a chaperone about the football team in case they try to do something worse to him on the senior trip. Clay refuses to, saying it would be the dumbest thing to do. He says that adults overestimate how helpful they can be, but they are good at listening. Dr. Ellman then advises that he face his anxiety instead of running from it.

Jessica, Ani, Tony, Zach, Alex, Clay, and Justin receive a suspicious email saying they'll reveal the truth at senior camping trip if the group doesn't come clean and confess on their own. The sender of the email is Clay, but he denies it was him so his account must've been hacked. Justin then suggests they stay at home instead, but that plan soon changes once Mrs. Jensen announces she's joining the camping trip and bought them some tools for the trip.

When they arrive at Burnham Woods, Clay confronts Diego about hacking his email account. After he approaches Alex about Winston and finally tells him that Winston was close to Monty and he can alibi him for the night of Bryce's murder. So, he warns him to stay away from Winston. Meanwhile, Tony thinks Tyler hacked into Clay's account. When he asks about what he was doing with Deputy Standall during the dance, Tyler replies that he needed someone to talk to so he called him. Tony doesn't believe him.

At the camp share, Mrs. Jensen asks the students who they like the most and why. Diego answers first, he says he trusts his guys to have his back and that he misses Monty. He taught him pride and how to trust people and also got him to start playing football.

The next day, the seniors go out on a treasure hunt in pairs, with no phones but clue sheets to guide them. Clay and Justin go out hunting together, but the mood turns sour as they argue about the email. Clay walks ahead complaining about Justin not being the same person since he came back from rehab but when he hears no reply from Justin, he turns around to find him gone. Clay panics and goes looking for Justin.

Meanwhile, Alex and Jessica have partnered up. They hear Clay shout Justin's name, but Jessica says that she's keeping tabs on Diego and told him not to touch Clay. When she finds a clue, she reaches down to retrieve the prize but pulls her hand back to find maggots. Alex throws up and runs away. Back at camp, Mrs. Jensen finds the actual clue sheets in the dumpster which suggests the football team switched them out to mess with everyone.

Clay is still out looking for Justin when he gets captured, bound by ropes, and thrown into a hole by the football team. He goes unconscious and enters a dream state. In the dream, he speaks to Monty and asks why the football team is after him, Monty says they love him and he always had their back. Clay is confused, how could he be that way for them but then do what he did to Tyler? Monty explains that he acted out of rage and fear. Then he asks Clay if he's ever experienced that anger taking over.

Tyler encounters Alex sitting on a bench, they both apparently ditched the treasure hunt. Tyler asks Alex what happened between him and Winston, and Alex tells him the truth. Winston was only hanging out with them to fish for information about Bryce's murder. Tyler sighs dejectedly and Alex walks off. He then joins Zach on a boat out in the lake. Complaining about both of their predicaments, the two drink. Then, Alex falls overboard and falls unconscious into the lake. Zach goes in and pulls him out onto the shore.

In the woods, Winston finds Tyler taking pictures. Tyler asks him why he didn't tell him he knew Monty, to which Winston replies he couldn't knowing what Monty did to him. Tyler walks off, dissatisfied with his reply.

Beecher is now missing and so is Clay. When the football team returned to retrieve Clay from the hole they found him gone. Diego admits to Justin that it may have started out with the football team's prank on Clay and the clue sheets, but now there is something else happening. Beecher stumbles into the cabin, bound by ropes and mouth taped. This confirms what Diego said. In the woods, Jessica is tormented by a hallucination of Bryce. Bugs start crawling out of his face.

At camp, Alex tells his dad he almost drowned and felt like he was being pulled down. He feels guilty about letting Bryce drown after that horrible experience and wants to confess to the police about it, but not involving the rest. His dad quickly shuts that down and tells him they all backed him up because he deserves a chance to live. He then comforts him before a scream is heard through the camp.

Night has fallen and Diego, Luke, Justin, Jessica and Charlie discuss who's behind the mess and where Clay is. Then they hear rattling noise outside the cabin. Zach later arrives and the football team rushes out the door, but the rest remain as Zach has something important to discuss with them. It's about Winston and how he can alibi Monty. They then discuss who could've sent the email, but they all have different theories. Justin thinks anyone of them could have done it, but that doesn't mean they should fall apart because of that.

Clay wakes up in the hole and sees he now has his phone with him. Across from him, the same V and arrow sign from the graffiti is carved onto the rock. He gets ready to climb out of the hole and makes his way back to camp. He blows the horn and declares his win and drops all the treasure bags. He then accuses people of throwing him down the hole.

At the campfire, Mrs. Jensen asks how the trip changed them. Winston says he got to know people more than he did before. Clay says nothing's changed, he and his friends are bonded for life. Alex then says he hates camping making everyone laugh.

Later, Winston visits Clay in his tent and tells him they've all been acting irrationally; Alex broke up with him with no explanation, Tyler ends his friendship after he finds out about his relationship with Monty and they talk when they don't usually at the campfire. So, which of his friends is Bryce's killer?



Guest Starring[]


  • Austin Aaron as Luke Holliday
  • Christian Brochard as Beecher
  • Juliana Destefano as Bree
  • Caleb Pilkenton as Senior on Camping Trip
  • Michael Sadler as Football Player


Charlie: "Justin, what the actual fuck?!"
Justin: "Shit! Sorry, I thought you were a football player."
Charlie: "I am a football player! And so are you!"
―  Charlie and Justin after Justin tackled Charlie
Clay: "I'm not breakable."
Jessica: "Dude, we're all breakable, and you're the worst."
―  Jessica and Clay
Alex: "He says he was hacked."
Jessica: "But we can't really believe that. We have to do something, take control of this."
Alex: "That's maybe exactly whoever wrote the email wants- for us to do something that makes us look crazy or guilty."
Jessica: "Someone wants a confession. They sure as hell are not getting it from me, so we have to make sure they don't get it from anyone else."
―  Alex and Jessica talking about the suspicious email
I always trust my boys to have my back. And I...I trusted Monty. He was the one that got me to play. Freshman year, I, um, remember telling him, 'Dominicans don't play football.' But he wouldn't take that. He taught me pride, he taught me what it was to trust someone, and I miss him.
— Diego in campfire

You say I'm not right in the head. You aren't even the same person anymore. You come back from rehab and you break up with Jessica and you narc on me multiple times, maybe this is your next thing. Maybe, you're the one who wants the confession. Huh?
— Clay to Justin

Monty: "It's the football team dude. That's why you're in the hole."
Clay: "I don't get it. Why are they coming after me?"
Monty: "For me."
Clay: "You were that important to them? I mean, no offence, but..."
Monty: "Yeah. They loved me, man. I had their back, anytime, no matter what. I was there, whatever they needed."
Clay: "How can you be that way for them, but then do what you did to Tyler?"
Monty: "I get angry. Got angry. And I lost myself. I did things out of, like...rage and fear that weren't really what was in my heart. Does that ever happen to you? Anger taking over, do you ever have that?"
―  Clay and his hallucination of Monty
How has this weekend changed me? How has this weekend changed us? It hasn't. 'Cause I know that my friends and I...we'll be friends for life. There'll always be a bond between us that we can never break even if we wanted to.
— Clay in campfire

Yeah. Anxiety, panic, it's not about what you know is coming. It's about what you don't.
— Clay narrating

Deputy Standall: "I don't wanna put anymore pressure on, all right? But every single one of us, we want the best for you. Your friends, they lined up because you deserve your life, and you do not want to throw that away."
Alex: "But, dad, that's not right."
Deputy Standall: "The older I get, the less I think I know what's right all the time or that it's even ours to judge. I know one thing: your friends put it all on the line for you, and they're good, smart kids, and I think they did the right thing."
Alex: "But how do I deserve that? Dad, how do I live up to that?"
Deputy Standall: "Look at me. Believe this: I love you. OK? And I always will, and you don't have to do a damn thing to earn that, but be exactly who you are and live the best life you can. OK? Buddy it's ok. I swear we're gonna get through this together. I promise"
―  Alex and his dad Deputy Standall
It's hard to know what's real and what's, like, paranoia.
— Clay narrating


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