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Yeah, we cared about prom, who knew? I think we could feel that it was, like, not an ending and not a beginning. A moment suspended in time where we weren't one thing or the other, when nothing was lost. We were just there. Free. Alive.
— Clay about Senior Prom[src]

Senior Prom is Liberty High School's prom for the class of 2019.



After The Student Riot, the senior prom is cancelled by the school because parents issued a gang injunction against the students. However, Jessica is determined to make prom happen. The Group comes up with a plan to regain the parents' trust; everyone is going to tell their parents the truth about something they haven't been honest about. Charlie comes out to his dad, Clay talks about the thing he did while dissociating, Justin tells the Jensens that he relapsed and stole things.

Jessica talks to Principal Bolan about her plan. Firstly, she addresses how exessive the police's response was and that even social media agree with that. Even the racial discrimination was evident and parents like her dad and Ms. Achola are prepared to ask why people of color were singled out disproportionately during the questioning. She will take responsibility for the riot, and get the suspension and charges for instigating instead of everyone else getting charged. Mrs. Jensen is asking for the gang injunction to be lifted and the Booster Club has agreed to chaperone prom, they just need the principal to sanction the dance and drop the investigation. She reminds him of his promise at the start of school year that he wanted to help keep students safe and give them a good high school experience. They need prom to be part of that experience. Bolan asks if the prom and graduation will go uninterrupted and Jessica agrees.

The Dance[]

The group meet up at prom and have a good time. Zach hired an escort and the two leave to do cocaine in the bathroom. Later, Alex and Charlie find him in the bathroom standing over the escort who's barely conscious. They send the escort home and get Zach back out on the dancefloor.

Diego approaches Jessica saying he doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. He misses her, and came along tonight. He thinks they have something and even if she doesn't want to tell him her secret he says he'll protect her. Though Jessica's not having it. He eventually gets the hint and goes back to his table.

Zach joins Alex and Jessica at their table and comments on how they look like they're in a funeral by the way they're just sitting there. Jessica says she put a lot on the line for prom and she's going to have a good time. Alex expresses guilt, he feels like Bryce should be here and that he didn't deserve to die. Jessica points out that he'd be drunk and choosing his next victim. Alex agrees he didn't deserve to die but they deserve to live.

Winston tells Ani that he knows Jessica did it and he has enough evidence to prove it. What he wants to know is why she covered for them. Ani says she came to the town and got to know all of them, they were messed up and human and loved her group of friends straight away. There may come a time for him where he has to make a decision, but all she can tell him is that she did it out of love.

Winston then sees a hallucination of Monty and he approaches him. The two dance as Winston tries to find some closure with Monty telling him to move on and live. After the dance and a bittersweet kiss they hug and Monty leaves through the door.

This year's prom king and queen are in fact both kings, Alex and Charlie. The crowd cheer for them to kiss, then the two dance. While they dance, Charlie asks if he's still sad, Alex says part of him will always be sad but the other part is the happiest he's ever been before. They profess their love for each other. As the mood shifts to a more uplifting beat, everyone joins the dancefloor and starts dancing. Clay sits and takes in the scene in front of him with gratification and narrates about everyone is free and alive.

Justin arrives at prom after all, dressed in a white suit. Everyone stops and Jessica sees him from across the dancefloor. Ani nudges her to go to him. Diego watches on as Justin and Jessica profess their love for each other. Jessica tells him to hold her and never let go. The two hug and then dance, the crowd cheering on.

Ani sits with Clay. He admits that he's never felt the kind of love between Justin and Jessica. The two then agree that they were ready for a relationship. Ani states that Clay has an unrealistic ideal that no girl can live up to and they agree to remain as friends. Ani goes off to dance, then Clay follows soon thereafter with his mother.

Dean Foundry approaches the two kings and congratulates them, saying it never would've happened during his times. He then reveals that he's gay and introduces his partner Josh.

The dancefloor is bustling with activity and everyone is having a great time, until Justin suddenly collapses and everyone stares in horror.



Music Featured[]

These are all the songs played at the dance.


Song Artist Album Scene
"Banana Ripple" Junior Boys It's All True Clay, Charlie and Alex arrive at prom.
"Lick in Heaven" Jessy Lanza All the Time Diego tries to win Jessica back.
"Over Here" Mk.Gee Pronounced Mcgee Clay watches everyone dance; Tony and Caleb sit and talk with him.
"Just Hold On" Wolfgang Black TBA Winston and Ani talk about covering for Bryce's murder.
"The Good Side" Troye Sivan Bloom Winston dances with Monty; Justin tries on his suit.
"Would You?" Richard Swift Ground Trouble Jaw Charlie and Alex dance after being crowned as prom kings.
"Carry On (feat. Killer Mike)" Tkay Maidza Tkay Everyone starts dancing.
"Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)" Daniel Caesar Freudian Justin arrives at prom and dances with Jessica; Ani and Clay talk.
"Give Yourself a Try" The 1975 A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships Clay and Lainie talk; Clay asks Lainie if she wants to dance.
"True Feeling" Galantis The Aviary Everyone happily dances; Justin starts feeling unwell.



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