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Sheriff Diaz is a recurring character in the third and fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. He's the sheriff of Evergeen County, who investigates the case of Bryce's murder. He's portrayed by Benito Martinez.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 3[]

Sheriff Diaz is first seen when Ani Achola noticed him talking to Nora Walker. Sheriff Diaz asked her if Bryce was happy at home, but Nora got offended and told him that something must’ve happened at homecoming and to ask Clay or Tony about this. Sheriff Diaz pointed out that multiple people had a problem with Bryce, but Nora insisted that Clay Jensen had something to do with it.

He later went to see Tony and asked if he shouldn't be in school. He asked about his past run-ins with Bryce, to which Tony told him that they were friendly but not friends. Sheriff Diaz asked if Bryce didn't meet his standards. Tony told him he hadn't seen Bryce and months and asked why he'd talk to him about it. The sheriff told him that it's because he's a convicted felon and hadn't been attending school lately. He then asked if he was at the homecoming game and if someone could confirm he didn't join the fight. Before leaving, Sheriff Diaz told Tony he wished he'd go to school because every kid should graduate.[1]

When Clay arrived at the Chatham House after Bryce’s body was found, Sheriff Diaz came up to him. Clay asked if everything was okay and that he was there to pick up Ani. The sheriff asked if there was anything Clay could tell them and that he’s sure they’ll be talking again real soon.[2]

The police found steroids in Bryce’s car, which let them to search through the bags and lockers of the football team. Deputy Collins found steroids in Luke Holliday’s bag and called Sheriff Diaz over. Sheriff Diaz told Luke to come with him, who got interviewed by another cop. Sheriff Diaz questioned Zach if he knew Bryce was dealing steroids and about what kind of kids use steroids.[3]

At the Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Standall showed Diaz footage of Clay pointing a gun at Bryce. He then told Deputy Standall to pick Clay up. Both Clay and Justin were brought in, Clay got interviewed by Sheriff Diaz. He showed Clay the footage and pointed out that Clay said he was just there to talk with Bryce. Sheriff Diaz wanted to know if Clay had the intention to kill Bryce to get justice for Hannah Baker. He asked where Clay got the gun from and if he had brought it when he threatened Bryce shortly before homecoming. Moving on to further evidence, Sheriff Diaz told Clay that his fingerprints were found on Bryce’s car. He asked Clay abut Ani and if he felt the need to protect her from Bryce after he couldn’t save Hannah. They started discussing the relationship between Ani and Bryce; Clay had been told by Ani that she tried staying away from him, but Sheriff Diaz disproved this. The sheriff told Clay that Ani’s fingerprints were found in Bryce’s car and showed him Ani’s underwear with Bryce’s semen, which were found in Bryce’s room. He said that he believed Ani and Bryce had been intimate and Clay found out, which led him to kill Bryce. Lainie Jensen busted into the room and confronted the sheriff about taking Clay and Justin without notifying her. This frustrated Sheriff Diaz and he tried to defend himself, before Lainie took Clay with her.

Sheriff Diaz interviewed Ani about the underwear they found; which Ani denied were hers. He asked Ani if Bryce ever did something to her without consent, which Ani also denied. The sheriff continued to ask about her relationship with Clay. Ani told him she’s school friends with Clay and wasn’t friends with Bryce. She denied sleeping with Bryce, to which Sheriff Diaz asked if that meant it wouldn’t be a problem to test if the blood in the underwear was from her.[4]

Mr. Porter had proposed to question the students about Clay and Sheriff Diaz agreed to it. Principal Bolan didn’t feel comfortable with his ex-employee doing the interviews, but agreed when Sheriff Diaz told him that otherwise they would take the students with them instead of doing it at the school. Sheriff Diaz explained to the students that they’d be asking about Clay and watched Mr. Porter do the interviews.[5]

Sheriff Diaz interviewed Olivia Baker. He told her it was kind to come back to town and he’d ask her a few questions. He reminded her that they had talked the day after Bryce’s body was found and they found out that she had lied about the reason she was in town. He asked her about who she had seen and confronted her about calling Clay the night Bryce was murdered. Olivia had excused for both of the accusations, saying she stayed in town to sell furniture and Clay didn’t answer her call. Olivia started confronting Sheriff Diaz about putting more effort in the murder investigation of a rapist than for any of his victims. She told him that because of this, she didn’t trust them. Sheriff Diaz told her that they’re only interested in the truth and a boy was murdered. As Olivia wanted to leave, the sheriff asked where she was on the night of Bryce’s death.

Sheriff Diaz arrived at the Jensen Residence with a warrant to search the property. He took Clay’s phone and Clay asked them why he needed it. Sheriff Diaz told him “I think you know”. [6]

Sheriff Diaz came to Liberty High to ask Justin about the steroids that were found in the Outhouse. Justin denied using steroids, which made the sheriff conclude that they were Clay’s instead. Justin denied this too and told him Clay might’ve been holding them for a friend.[7]

After an assembly at Liberty High, Sheriff Diaz arrested Clay in front of the other students. He took him to an interview room and told him to wait for his lawyer before they’d start talking. Clay accused him of deciding it was him just because Mrs. Walker said so, but Sheriff Diaz told him it was more than that and asked what he had argued about with Bryce and if he went to the homecoming game to confront him. Clay denied this, saying he was there for Justin. When Clay’s lawyer had arrived, Sheriff Diaz asked about the death threat he had sent Bryce. He accused Clay of wanting to meet up with Bryce and get his hands on him. When Clay denied this, the sheriff asked why he then would delete the text.

When Zach confessed that he had beaten and by doing this murdered Bryce, Deputy Standall asked Sheriff Diaz to come and listen to the confession. The sheriff asked Zach for confirmation that he left Bryce while still alive on the pier and he was there to confess murder. When Zach confirmed this, Deputy Standall revealed that he didn’t kill him because Bryce had died by drowning.[8]

Season 4[]

Sheriff Diaz often checks up on Clay throughout the season, causing Clay to think the sheriff has it out for him. After being devastated by Justin Foley's terminal diagnosis, a distraught Clay bursts into the police station and tries to commit suicide by cop. Diaz talks him down and as later revealed by Clay to his therapist, spent a great deal of time just talking with the young man afterwards. Clay realizes that Diaz's actions that he had taken to be hostile in the past were done out of a genuine care and concern for him, including not arresting Clay for his stunt. Clay's therapist suggests that Diaz's previous arrest of Clay was simply him doing his job and nothing personal.

After Justin's funeral, Diaz visits Deputy Standall at work and talks about the importance of family and how for the sheriff himself, family, God and country are the most important things for him in that order. The sheriff then tells Deputy Standall that the Bryce Walker case is closed for good, his previous speech about family suggesting that he may have figured out the truth that his deputy was protecting his son who was the true killer. As Diaz leaves, Deputy Standall thanks him.


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Physical Appearance[]

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He is a Hispanic male cop.


Season 3[]

Season 4[]



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