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Even when you try to do the right thing, it can get you into trouble.
Tony Padilla

Smile, Bitches is the tenth episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the twenty-third episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Tony Padilla's testimony. He serves as the main narrator of this story.


Tony opens up about his past. Sheri devises a plan to get into the clubhouse. Mr. Porter tries to help Justin. Zach and Bryce butt heads.



In a flashback, Tony and Hannah are getting their nails painted. Tony reveals that he has a crush on Ryan. Hannah tells him that he needs to ask Ryan out.

Tony talks to Caleb about how the school wants him to testify and that he could fuck everything up for the Bakers. Clay asks Justin what he's been doing for the past 48 hours. Justin tells him that he saw his Mom and that she gave him cash. He tries to offer it to Clay as rent but Clay tells him to keep it. Clay asks why he stayed and Justin says it's because Clay needed him. Back at the Jensen home, Clay apologizes to Hannah for telling her to get out. They reminisce about the times they spent together. Clay tries to kiss her but realizes that she's not real.

Jessica gets dropped off at school by her Dad. He spots Justin so he gets out of the car to go talk to him. Jessica stops him and tells him that Justin wasn't the one who raped her.

Sarah testifies and tells the court that Hannah bullied her at her old school. Clay and Justin reveal to Sheri their plan to get into the Clubhouse: bolt cutters. Sheri tells them that they have to do it without tipping them off that they were there. Jessica and Nina get invited to hang out with Nina's friends again. Tony goes to school before testifying and talks to Ryan. Ryan tries to reassure him but Tony tells him not to talk about it. In a flashback, Tony asks Ryan out on a date with Hannah's encouragement.

Mr. Porter shows up to work the day after his testimony. The principal tells him that he hadn't expected him to come to work today. He tells Mr. Porter that he can't have any contact with any students. Sheri gets herself invited to the Clubhouse where she learns the combo to the lock on the door. She tries to escape after that but gets pressured to go inside.

Tony tells the courtroom that Hannah made the tapes so that they would understand what she was going through. The lawyer asks if Hannah ever blamed the school in the tapes. Tony denies this.

Sheri is in the Clubhouse with the boys and Bryce takes a picture of them to add to his collection. Sheri tells Clay and Justin the combination but tells them that she can't go back there.

Jessica asks Nina if something happened between her and her boyfriend, as she's getting close with another guy. Nina says that Garrett started asking questions about things she doesn't want to talk about. Jessica tells her that maybe she hasn't dealt with her issues and Nina tells her that she was just trying to help Jessica but maybe that was a mistake. Mr. Porter pulls Justin into his office. He tells Justin that he can graduate with his class if he gets his shit together. He asks Justin if he's seen his Mom and asks him what his plan is long term. Justin tells him that he's used to being on his own. Mr. Porter tells him that he isn't going to be at this job much longer and that he needs to let people help him. Alex opens his locker at school to find a single bullet waiting for him. Tony remembers beating up Lucas because he called Ryan and him faggots. Bryce gives a rousing speech about family before the baseball game.

During the game, Clay and Justin go into the Clubhouse to look for the box of Polaroids. Zach gets upset when Bryce won't do a change-up pitch but he's upset about more than that. Zach tells Coach Rick and Bryce that he's done and walks off the field. He heads to the Clubhouse where he finds Justin and Clay. Zach shows them where the Polaroids are and reveals to Clay that he was the one who gave him the previous three Polaroids. Clay asks why he didn't just come to him and Zach says it's because he's a coward. Olivia goes home to find that Jackie has left because of the revelation that Hannah was also a bully. Tyler goes to a show with Cyrus and gets hit in the face. He walks out of the crowd and runs into Mackenzie who tries to talk to him about their date. He says some things that he doesn't mean but Cyrus overhears and tells Tyler to leave.

Tony reveals to Olivia the secret that Hannah kept for him. That she hid him when he was running from the cops. That's why Hannah trusted him with the tapes. Mr. and Mrs. Down talk to Tyler about him blackmailing Marcus and how it's unlike him. They confiscate all of his electronics, including his cameras. Tony goes to see Sarah, the girl who testified and tells her about Hannah and how she was a good person after Ridgeview High. He tells her that she doesn't have to forgive Hannah but to know that she was sorry about what she did. Mrs. Baker gets a call in the middle of the night telling her that her store has been broken into and vandalized. Clay, Justin, and Sheri go through the box of Polaroids. Clay finds a Polaroid of Hannah and hides it from them. They also find a Polaroid of Nina and one of Bryce raping Chloe.



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  • Zach reveals to Clay that he is the one who has been sending him the Polaroids. He explains his motive for this by admiting that he's a coward but Clay is not.




Song Artist Album Scene
Just for Us Francis and the Lights Just for Us Flashback: Tony and Hannah get their nails done.
Of Lacking Spectacle Gus Dapperton 13 Reasons Why Season 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Clay and Justin talk to Sheri at Monet's.
My My My! Troye Sivan Bloom Flashback: Hannah convinces Tony to ask Ryan out.
Impenetrable Urge Vats Green Glass Room Tyler finds Cyrus in the crowd at a punk rock concert.
Cerebro Vomitado Los Huaycos Ataque Bestial Tyler gets shoved around the mosh pit.
Wild in the Streets Los Huaycos Tyler gets shoved around the mosh pit.
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) Buzzcocks Love Bites End credits

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
All of Us Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 2 - Original Series Score) Olivia gets a call about the ransacked store.


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