Sonya Struhl is a recurring character who appears in the second season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Allison Miller.

She replaced Lainie Jensen as litigator for the school in the Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District.

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Through the season, Sonya defended the school during the Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District trial. She revealed and made testifiers reveal a lot of information about Hannah and the testifiers themselves, like Mr. Baker's affair and Zach and Hannah's relationship. She was able to convince the jury that the school was not responsible for Hannah's death.

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Sonya is shown to be a very intelligent and ambitious woman; she was able to paint Hannah Baker in a bad light during most testimonies in the trial against the school. She doesn't seem to care about the feelings of the people involved. When Mr. Porter said it's messed up to make somebody come out in court she mentioned just doing her job and when Mrs. Jensen told her the testifiers are still kids, she replied that they're witnesses.

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