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The Standall Residence is home to Alex Standall, older brother Peter Standall, and Carolyn Standall and Bill Standall. They moved to the house Summer 2016.


Alex's family were new to town as Alex implied when he first met Hannah Baker and Jessica Davis. Alex's house is shown from the kitchen and his bedroom, and seen from the porch a couple of times. Alex' bedroom has many posters of musician bands and instruments he plays as he is in the school band. Bill Standall's office is seen with many firearms and some certificates in the background he is in the police force. Alex's older brother Peter goes away for college, so he is only seen once with Alex and their father in the same room. Their mother, Carolyn is introduced in Season 2

Alex shot himself in the head in the bathroom near the end of Season 1, he recovers from trying to fight his lost memories. Tyler Down visits Alex from time to time helping him with his recovery. Tyler also brings over candy as his mother has restricted him to eat a healthy diet. The bathroom where Alex had shot himself is shown with some replacement tiles as Tyler notices, then Alex remarks by saying that's were the bullet had hit.[1] 

Alex is seen playing a guitar in his bedroom and shown playing a video game called Desert Duty or doing his homework. In Season 2, Alex is recovering from his memory loss so he is shown trying to listen to Hannah's tapes to remember important information. Alex is seen crying because of how distraught he his over not being able to help Jessica. During Hannah's trial, Alex opens an envelope from Monty with a gun range target, saying "Better luck next time" in his bedroom. He also gets a gun with a message "How do you live with yourself?" with a bullet in his locker. 

Bill Standall tells Alex to keep his door open wide enough so that he can watch over him, as he is more cautious over Alex than he was ever before he shot himself. Along with Tyler, Zach Dempsey visits Alex to help him regain the strength that he lost after his brain injury. When it is Alex's birthday, Carolyn brings him ballons and then they go out to celebrate his birthday. Which ends in Alex showing his frustration over not being able to do anything as a result of his gunshot wound.[2]

When Bill comes in to check on Alex, he apologizes to him about his outburst at the birthday party. Then he asks his father to get a game that he often played with Monty, Zach, Bryce, and Justin at Bryce's house called Desert Duty, to help him recover some memories. 



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