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I waited for you, Marcus. And I just had to sit there, wondering. Imagining. Playing over all the different scenarios in my mind. And all the while thinking that they all knew everyone in the whole place that I'd been stood up on Valentine's Day. I decided to give you one more chance; Stupid Hannah.
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Tape 3, Side B is the sixth episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the sixth episode overall in the series.

The subject of this tape is Marcus Cole.


Hannah's date on Valentines Day doesn't go as planned. Alex gets into a big fight at school and has to face the honor board.[1]



After Sheri matches Marcus and Hannah up for a match-making charity event, Dollar Valentine, they go to Rosie's Diner. Rather, Hannah goes. Marcus shows up an hour late and with the football team in tow. Hannah is angry, and is even more upset when Marcus, without her consent, starts to feel her up and ignores her when she asks him to stop. He bails with his team when she forces him off by pushing him and says that he thought she'd be an easy lay. Hannah is left alone, embarrassed. Zach Dempsey is the only one who hesitates and stays with her.

Present day[]

Alex and Montgomery get into a fight after Alex almost gets run over. Students circle round recording it on their phones. Mr. Porter breaks up the fight. Justin threatens to beat up Clay if he doesn't keep his mouth shut but Clay does not care. The vice principal, Jane Childs, decides not to do anything about the fight since it happened off-campus, Mr. Porter tries to suggest a solution. The decision is left to the Honor Board, made up of Marcus, Sheri Holland, Courtney and Clay among others, Mr. Porter and the vice principal supervise.

Clay and Sheri meet at Monet's after school. Clay sees Tony and decides to study somewhere else, Sheri suggests his house. They make out during their study session, but Clay has something on his mind and she knows, she becomes emotional and says that she thought that if he didn't listen to her tape, she could get him to like her and understand she isn't the person on the tape. To her surprise he reveals that he didn't know she was on them and Clay demands she leaves after believing that she wanted him to keep quiet and hand over the tapes, like the others.



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Maybe there aren't any good kids.
— Clay Jensen

Marcus, welcome to your tape. What was it? Did you want to see if the rumors were true? Or did you just want to start some new ones of your own?
— Hannah Baker

Olivia: "Maybe we should be blaming ourselves. I mean, if we weren't so preoccupied with the fucking store..."
Andy: "The store's how we survive."
Olivia: "No, no, no. The store was to get you out of that company that was killing you to get us out of that shitty suburban wasteland."
―  Olivia and Andy Baker talking about Hannah's death
Fun fact. I did some research on tombstones the other day. Or, more specifically, on epitaphs on tombstones. The best one I could find was by this writer, called Henry Charles Bukowski, Jr. On his tombstone, he has engraved the picture of a boxer, and beneath the boxer, two simple words: 'Don't try'. I wonder what will be on mine.
— Hannah Baker on the tapes


  • The tape is about Marcus Cole.
  • Clay and Sheri share a kiss in this episode.
  • Alex gets severely beaten up by Montgomery de la Cruz.
  • Sheri reveals she is on the tapes, unknown to Clay yet.
  • The Honor Board is revealed in this episode.



Song Artist Album Scene
Intro Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On (13RY Edit)" by Eskmo.
It All Feels Right Paracosm Washed Out Alex and Montgomery fight[2]
The Great Longing Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing Lost Under Heaven Clay tells his Mom she can't help.  Zach comes back to Hannah in the diner to sit with her.  Hannah's Dad brings flowers for her Mom.[2]
In A Black Out I Had a Dream That You Were Mine Hamilton Leithauser Credits; Tony at Hannah's tombstone; Montage of Hannah and Clay resting in their bed.[2]
Frozen Pines Strange Trails Lord Huron
Ghost Love I Must Be Dreaming Of You Wishkaah Clay gets close with Sheri while talking about a school book in his room[2]


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