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I've got a question for you Justin, not the one you think, not yet. What's the best part of high school? The great friends you make? The romance? No. We both know the best part of high school... is summer break. It's the great reset button. And after everything that happened to me sophomore year, I couldn't wait to start fresh, to tear the rest of the pages from my journal and forget it all. Except I didn't get very far.
— {{{SaidBy}}}, in "[[{{{Episode}}}]]"

Tape 5, Side A is the ninth episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the ninth episode of the series overall.

The subjects of this tape are both Justin Foley and Hannah herself.


Hannah witnesses a traumatic event at a summertime party. Clay tries to reason with Justin, and Marcus warns him that the worst is yet to come.[1]



Hannah cuts her hair into a curly bob during summer break in order to get a fresh start before junior year. Clay invites Hannah to Jessica's end of the year party. She goes, even though she doesn't want to, and is surprised at how friendly everyone is towards her. She begins to feel like she actually has a fresh start.

Hannah is in Jessica's bedroom, she hides next to Jessica's bed in the corner, when Jessica and Justin show up. They start to fool around but Jessica is drunk and needs to sleep. Disappointed, Justin leaves. Hannah gets up and goes for the door, Justin runs into Bryce as he is outside the door, Hannah hears him and goes to hide in the closet. Bryce forces his way into the room after telling Justin, "What's yours is mine". Bryce then proceeds to rape a helpless Jessica. All the while Hannah is hiding in the closet, frozen, as it happens, she goes from watching to covering her mouth crying while her head is turned away. Justin had entered the room prior to stop Bryce, but Bryce pushed him out of the room and locked the door. Jessica wakes up in the middle of the assault slightly out of it and begs for Bryce to stop. It is not known if Jessica passes out more than once but after Bryce is gone, Hannah exits the closet and covers a sleeping Jessica with a blanket, before throwing up. Hannah cries and tells Jessica she is sorry, Hannah then leaves the party, before noticing Justin, who looks visibly upset.

Present day[]

Clay confronts Justin on why they won't turn in Bryce. They have Hannah's tapes as evidence to what happened that night. Justin stays firm on his position; he doesn't want to cause Jessica pain and Bryce is someone who has always been there for him. He just wants to forget what happened and hope that it goes away and wants Clay to do the same. Clay leaves after asking and finding out where his bike is.

Jessica continues to spiral. She begins drinking consistently throughout the day and even on school grounds. When Clay confronts her about what happened at the party, Jessica explains what happened, Clay asks her if Justin told her that or if she remembers, she says sternly that she remembers. However, later, she begins to have flashbacks from that night that show that she remembers it was Bryce who raped her.

Marcus buys weed and plants it in Clay's bag so that he will get suspended before he says anything about the tapes. His mother picks him up from school and Clay asks to be taken to the police station to sign up for the required drug program. While there, he finally tells his mother that he was friends with Hannah and it hurts that she isn't alive anymore.



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Fuck you, fuck all of you!
— Clay to Tony and the people on the tapes

What happens if the tapes get out Clay? I say we try and get some justice for Jessica. What then? It's his word against a dead girl's, open season on Hannah Baker all over again.
— Tony to Clay

Are you serious?! She talks about drowning! She talks about drowning with stones tied to her feet! She talks about being lost for good!
— Andrew Baker to Mr. Porter after finding out about Hannah's poem.

I did know Hannah Baker. We worked together all the time at The Crestmont, we had classes together. She was my friend, and I miss her, really fucking bad.
— Clay revealing to Lainie that he lied about knowing Hannah


  • Andrew Baker finds out about Hannah's poem and confronts Mr. Porter about the school not doing anything.
  • Justin finds out Jessica has been drinking Vodka since she brought some in a flask to school.
  • In the books, Hannah says on the tapes that she didn't put Bryce as a reason because "...the tapes need to be passed on. And if I sent them to him, they would stop. Think about it. He raped a girl and would leave town in a second if he knew... well... if he knew that we knew."



Song Artist Album Scene
Intro Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On (13RY Edit)" by Eskmo.
Bye Bye Bye Disconnect from Desire School of Seven Bells flashback: Sophomore official summer break finally starts.
Under the Spell Midnight Room Springtime Carnivore flashback: Hannah wonders if she should go to Jessica's party; Clay dresses up.
My Life in Rewind Eagulls Ullages present day: Clay and Tony at the garage; repeats at credits.
Ends of the Earth In Our Heads Hot Chip flashback: Hannah approaches Jessica's party in the rain; Hannah and Jessica talk/argue about Justin.
Full Court Press (ft. Velvet Negroni) Tickle Torture Full Court Press (ft. Velvet Negroni) – Single flashback: Hannah and Clay are sitting and talking on the couch during the party while Jessica and Justin are kissing.
Cannonball Hidden Charms Cannonball – Single flashback: Clay brings Hannah a beer during the party.
Seem to be Scared Lance Desardi flashback: Justin tries to wake up Jessica in bedroom but she is passed out drunk (played downstairs, heard in the background)
It Says Soft Limbs flashback: Hannah walks down the stairs after hiding

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
You Are the One APM Music flashback: Justin and Jessica come into her room kissing.
Pirates Battle APM Music flashback: Clay scrapes gum off seats in the Crestmont while talking to Hannah.
He Can Do Something Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series Score) flashback: Clay has flashbacks and hallucinations of Hannah.
Justin Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series Score) present day: Justin comes through Jessica's window at night, they hug while she cries.


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