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Sometimes things just happen to you. They just happen. You can't help it. But it's what you do next that counts. Not what happens but what you decide to do about it.
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Tape 5, Side B is the tenth episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why.

The subject of this tape is Sheri Holland.


A distraught Hannah gets a ride home from the party. Jessica's behavior grows increasingly erratic, and Clay learns the truth behind the tragedy.



Clay says bye to Jeff at Jessica's party, refusing a ride home from Jeff who assures Clay he had two beers two hours ago and is now drinking coca-cola. Jeff asks Sheri to move her car because she is blocking him in. Sheri obliges and on the way sees Hannah, who is visibly upset after witnessing Bryce rape Jessica. Hannah accepts a ride home from Sheri after proving she is sober. On their way home, Sheri hits a stop sign while looking for phone charger for Hannah. Hannah wants to call 9-1-1 but Sheri says no because of the trouble she will be in, Hannah becomes persistent so Sheri leaves her on the side of the road. Hannah walks to a nearby liquor store and calls 9-1-1 using an employee's phone. The police say they have already gotten a call about an accident.

Clay was the first responder on the scene after hearing the crash on his way home. He finds Jeff, his friend, crashed into another car due to no stop sign. He tries to get Jeff out of the car so he can give him CPR, but can't reach him properly. Clay called the police and gave information about what happened. Later Jeff is announced dead.

Alex and Clay discuss feelings about Jeff's death after he died.

Hannah tries to tell Clay the truth about Jeff and the stop sign, but Clay becomes angry thinking she is making it about her. Hannah then believes Clay wants nothing to do with her. Hannah then sees Sheri who turns around, she runs after her. While they are talking Mr. Porter asks if they're okay, they both lie. Sheri then asks Hannah to keep her mouth shut about it. Feeling lonely, sad and depressed Hannah goes into The Crestmont theater and sits down while she cries.

Present day[]

Clay goes back to the car crash site where Jeff died and flashbacks, in detail, to him telling the police officer what he saw and Mr. Cantrell being taken away.

After Jessica and Justin spend the night with each other, Justin starts to leave, he gives Jessica a toy, he won, they named 'Little Justin' for comfort, as he leaves Justin spots a empty bottle of Vodka under her bed but says nothing.

Clay goes to the liquor store Hannah visited and asks the employee she saw if he remembers what the call she made was about.

Olivia and Andrew discuss the meeting they're about to have about the settlement.

Zach, Alex, Courtney, Marcus and Ryan sit down and have a debate on what to do with Clay and the tapes. Alex and Ryan are the only ones to admit the tapes tell the truth about what they did and label Bryce a rapist, the rest are in denial.

Justin and Jessica kiss on the stage of the movie theater. Jessica, drunk, becomes angry because Justin doesn't want to have sex, she knocks out the theater's ghost light in anger after she starts throwing food at Justin. Jessica laughs it off but Justin becomes angry and walks away from the situation.

Tyler confront Sheri about what Clay wants to do and what he has said to her. Montgomery interrupts them thinking Tyler is bothering her. He shoves him up against the lockers but Alex comes by and tells Monty to leave Tyler alone. Monty starts on Alex asking if he wants to fight, Alex tells him he just got suspended. Monty tells Alex "fuck you" Alex replies "No thanks Monty, you're not man enough", Monty walks away.

Jessica and Bryce talk in his car. They go back to her house and she shows him her Dad's gun range. She picks out a gun, which worries Bryce. Jessica assures him it's not loaded, but when she checks, they both find out it is. Jessica shows Bryce how to handle a gun, and they become a lot closer than they were before.

Lainie, Dennis, Olivia and Andrew discuss the settlement that the school has put on the table. Olivia refuses to accept it. In the girls bathroom Olivia asks Lainie what she would do in this position with Clay being dead, Lainie admits she'd do anything to get the truth about what would have happened, whether she liked it or not, and wouldn't settle for any amount of money.

Clay gets a text from Sheri to meet her somewhere, he rides to the place and realises it's the house he visited on the night of the crash. Mrs. Cantrell says that Sheri said a 'Clay' would be coming. Clay sees Sheri come down the stairs helping Mr. Cantrell. Sheri says that this is how she is paying for her mistake, although she won't admit that she may have caused Jeff's death.

Clay confronts Sheri and begs her to tell Jeff's parents that he wasn't drunk driving. Sheri refuses "what's done is done.". Clay asks Sheri to come with him to Jeff's parents house and explain what happened to him. When he gets there, she doesn't show up, so he tells them. His parents thank him and he leaves.

Clay and Tony are sitting at the playground. Clay begins to listen to the next tape, which Tony finally reveals is about him. He becomes terrified and asks Tony, "Did I kill Hannah Baker?". After Tony dodges the question with his answers, he finally looks at him and says, "Yes."



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I just needed to be alone, this was starting to be more than I could live with.
— Hannah on the tapes about Jeff's death

Clay: "You have to tell them now. Like, today."
Sheri: "Why now? Why today?"
Clay: "Because every day hurts."
Sheri: "How do you know? "
Clay: "Every day they live not knowing the truth. They need this, Sheri."
Sheri: "They do, or you do?"
Clay: "They're hurting."
Sheri: "How do you know that? Did you go see them?"
Clay: "That's not the point. You can't keep this secret anymore."
Sheri: "It's my secret, not yours."
―  Clay and Sheri
Alex: "Hey, you okay?"
Clay: "Hey, Alex, I'm fine."
Alex: "Can't believe this fucking school. They're already putting up drunk driving posters."
Clay: "Whatever"
Alex: "Whatever?"
Clay: "He was driving drunk. It was stupid."
Alex: "Yeah but, I mean, aren't you sad?"
Clay: "I'm more pissed off."
Alex: "You know I think you can be both, I mean, like, right now maybe it's easier being mad at him than being sad. I mean that's cool. But I also think that maybe someday you might feel worse if all you were today was mad. You know what I mean?"
Clay: "No."
―  Clay and Alex after Jeff's death and the school putting up posters.
Lainie: "The district is self-insured. Every dollar here comes out of the classroom."
Dennis: "You and I both know that's bullshit. Tell them to fire a few administrators. Starting with Gary Bolan."
Lainie: "I don't think that's within the scope of the agreement."
Dennis: "Let's start with the NDA."
Lainie: "Standard."
Dennis: "It's a non-starter."
Lainie: "I don't know how far we get without it."
―  Lainie and Dennis during their battle over the school, Hannah and her parents.
Olivia: "You wanna keep this quiet. You want Hannah's story hidden away."
Lainie: "The district will continue its anti-bullying efforts and will commit to a suicide prevention program to be in place by the beginning of the following school year."
Andrew: "Why... Why wasn't it in place already?"
Lainie: "There was a policy in place. There will be a better one."
Olivia [scoffs]: "Well, that's nice."
Lainie: "We all want to ensure that this doesn't happen to another child, period. The financial means of the district will affect its ability to assure that."
Dennis: "Well, that's cold thinking."
Lainie: "We all want a solution that's fair to everyone, Dennis."
―  Lainie, Dennis, Andrew and Olivia regard the lawsuit Andrew and Olivia brought over Liberty High School.
Olivia: "I know your son."
Lainie: "Sorry?"
Olivia: "Clay, he visited the house, and the store. He's the one who gave us the magazine."
Lainie: "I see. We probably shouldn't be speaking without your-"
Olivia: "He was close with Hannah. Did you know that?"
Lainie: "He, um... He told me that, yes."
Olivia: "He seems like a good kid."
Lainie: "He's a very good kid, yeah."
Olivia: "Tell me, how much is his life worth to you?"
Lainie: "Mrs. Baker, we shouldn't be having this conversation."
―  Olivia asks Lainie what she would do, Lainie admits she'd be on the same path Olivia is on.
Olivia: "Don't you think it's exactly the conversation we should be having?"
Lainie: "My son is worth everything to me, as I'm sure Hannah is to you. And if I lost him... felt that someone had taken him from me, then I would persue any remedy possible."
Olivia: "Yes."
Lainie: "But I don't know that any amount of money would suffice."
Olivia: "Would you settle for, say, $200,000?"
Lainie: "I think I would only settle for the truth, whether I liked it or not."
―  Olivia asks Lainie what she would do, Lainie admits she'd be on the same path Olivia is on (carried on).



Song Artist Album Scene
Intro Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On (13RY Edit)" by Eskmo.
24 Bitter Rivals Sleigh Bells present day: Clay goes back to the car crash site.
It Says Soft Limbs Small Village Rumors flashback: Hannah goes down the stairs at Jessica's party.
Elegy to the Void Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars present day: Alex talks to Clay about the accident out on the bleachers.
Atmosphere (Joy Division cover) Codeine Substance present day: Clay asks Tony for answers late at night in the park.
The Stand The Alarm Declaration present day: Clay asks Tony if he killed Hannah Baker; End
The Campaign Packy The Transition flashback: played in the background at the party while Sheri approaches Hannah to drive her home.

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
Clay Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series Score) flashback: Hannah plays the first few notes on the keyboard before Sheri approaches to drive her home.


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