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I've told you about two of the worst decisions I ever made, and the damage left behind, and the people who got hurt. There's one more story to tell, one more bad decision and this one is all on me. No, it wasn't the decision to go to the party, cause how could I have known? But it was the same night, that same awful night. Remember that story I was saving for later? Well, this is it. And it's all about you, Clay.
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Tape 6, Side A is the eleventh episode of the series, 13 Reasons Why.

The subject of this tape is Clay Jensen.


Hannah and Clay grow closer; Clay spends a heartbreaking night listening to his tape with Tony; tensions explode at Bryce's house.



At Jessica's party, Clay and Jeff are seen talking as Jeff urges Clay to stay and talk to Hannah. Clay strikes up a conversation with Hannah and it becomes obvious that they have feelings for each other. They eventually go to Jessica's room to talk in a quiet place and eventually start making out. They begin to go further and Clay asks Hannah if she is okay with this to which she says yes. However, Hannah begins to remember all of the boys who have treated her poorly and freaks out at Clay because of it. Clay thinks that it is something he did wrong, but every time he asks Hannah what was wrong, she yells at him to get out. Hannah's voiceover reveals that she wanted Clay to stay, but at the same time never wanted to see him again. Shortly after Clay leaves, Jessica and Justin come in making out.

Present day[]

Clay struggles to listen to his tape and stays with Tony to get through it. He eventually needs to stop and Tony takes him to Monet's to get food and allow him to get in "a better headspace". While they are there, Skye does a tarot reading for Clay, upsetting him even more.

When he finishes the tape, Clay is distraught because he thinks that he could've saved Hannah. He believe that if he stayed he would've saved not only Hannah, but Jessica and Jeff too. Tony tells Clay that he was doing what Hannah had asked of him to and that Hannah was the one who ultimately made the choice to take her life.

Jessica continues to hang out with Bryce. She knows that something bad happened to her at her party but tries to make things okay by trying to forget. She slowly spirals out of control, especially after she shows Bryce her father's gun collection. Justin is upset when he goes over to Bryce's house and sees Jessica and Bryce flirting. Jessica repeatedly, angrily, asks Justin why he cares that she is hanging out with Bryce. Justin refuses but Alex edges him to finally tell the truth, forced by Jessica and Alex, he snaps and tells Jessica the truth: "he fucking raped you!". She reacts, realising Justin had been lying the whole time, and slaps Justin before telling him she hates him and leaves. Bryce looks at Justin and asks, "What did you do?". Jessica is in her bed, she had been crying and when Bryce texts her asking if she's okay. She sees it and starts to cry hard sobbing.



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I bet you wish you hadn't invited me.
— Hannah on Clay's tape to Clay.

She's not telling the truth about the way things happened.
— Clay after listening to the first part of his tape

She's telling her truth.
— Tony to Clay after he listens to the first part of his tape.

Hannah: "The thing is, I think I'm gonna have to quit working at The Crestmont."
Clay: "Why?"
Hannah: "My parents need me to work at the store. Which kind of sucks because I like working at the Crestmont."
Clay: "I do too."
Hannah: "What I mean is, I like working with you."
Clay: "Well if you work at your parents store, you won't smell like burned popcorn."
―  Clay and Hannah after going upstairs to talk.



Song Artist Album Scene
Intro Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On (13RY Edit)" by Eskmo.
A 1000 Times I Had a Dream That You Were Mine Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam alternative flashback: Hannah and Clay in the bedroom. And what could have been their future together.
Talking With Strangers Strange Darling Miya Folick present day: Clay talks to his mother about the lawsuit; Jessica cries in her bed.
Red Song Suuns Bambi / Red Song – Single flashback: flashbacks of Jessica's party.

present day: Clay and Tony talk at night in the playground.

Ends of the Earth Hot Chip In Our Heads flashback: first part of Jessica's party.
Full Court Press (ft. Velvet Negroni) Tickle Torture Full Court Press (ft. Velvet Negroni) – Single flashback: At Jessica's party, Clay and Hannah talk about super powers and then decide to go upstairs to talk.
Walk Thru Timothy Goalen & Luke Branch Indie Rock (Various Artists) flashback: Clay and Hannah walk upstairs.
See You in the Spring Covenhoven The Wild and Free present day: Tony and Clay talk in Monet's.
Elephants Extreme Music present day: Skye reads Clay's fortune.
All Stars Swag 5 Alarm Music present day: Justin and Alex go to Bryce's house to get Jessica.

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
Clay Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series Score) present day: Clay listens to the end of his tape alone in Tony's car with Tony outside waiting for him to finish.


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