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Hannah VO: I've told you about two of the worst decisions I ever made, and the damage left behind...
[Cut scenes of the accident.]
Hannah VO: ... And the people who got hurt.
[Cut scenes of Jessica's rape.]
Hannah VO: There is one more story to tell... One more bad decision...
[Cut scenes of Hannah and Clay making out.]
Hannah VO: ... And this one's all on me.
[Cut scenes of Hannah outside Jess' house and at the party.]
Hannah VO: No, it wasn't the decision to go the party. Because how could I have known? But it was the same night. That same awful night. Remember that story I was saving for later? Well, this is it. And it's all about you... Clay.


[Clay wanders around the playground. He goes and sits on the bench.]
Clay: How in the hell am I supposed to listen to this?
Tony: I think the asshole answer is you put the headphones on, the cassette tape in, and you press play.
Clay: That is the asshole answer, isn't it?
Tony: Yeah, but it's true.
Clay: I can't... be here. I can't listen here.
[He stares at Tony and then the road]
Clay: I need you to drive.
Tony: Where do you want to go?
Clay: Just... anywhere. Somewhere else.
[Tony holds up his keys.]


[Clay is unlocking his bicycle. Hannah walks up to him.]
Hannah VO: Clay, I know you're asking yourself why you're on these tapes. What could you possibly have done? What else could have happened on the night of Jessica's party?
Clay: Well, good luck with your fresh start.
Hannah: Good luck to you, party animal. [Clay chuckles.] I'm digging this role reversal, by the way.
Clay: Oh, yeah?
Hannah: You got this rebel with a cause thing going on.
Clay: Well, that's me.
Hannah: Jeff's a good influence on you.
Clay: You think?
Hannah: I mean, he got you to go to a party.
Clay: Well, you've done that before.
Hannah: I guess I have.
Clay: But not this time.
Hannah VO: Part of me was saying, "Ask me again."
Clay: Well, um, happy homeworking.
Hannah: Yeah, thanks.
Clay: Now, if you'll excuse me, ma'am, this rebel is going to tear out into the night on his sweet ride.
[Hannah nods and smiles. Clay cycles off, he screams 'Onward!']
Hannah VO: But part of me was saying, "Don't go." Not even for Clay. I should have listened to that part of me.


[Clay is in his room, getting ready.]
Hannah VO: See, I never told you, Clay, but I've always admired you. You are who you are, and you don't care.
[Clay is in the bathroom, he sprays perfume on himself.]

Hannah VO: And I always cared what other people thought of me, as much as I acted like I didn't. Is that a boy/girl thing, or a Clay/Hannah thing?
[Clay walks down the steps.]
Lainie: Well, don't you look nice. Off to the party?
Clay: Uh, is that still okay?
Lainie: No, of course. It just started drizzling out, you sure you don't want me to give you a ride?
Clay: Of the few things in life I am sure of, that is one of them.
Lainie: Can I get you your rain poncho?
Clay: I'm gonna let you guess the answer.
Lainie: It's getting colder.
Clay: I've got my hoodie. Bye, Mom.
Lainie: Be safe. Call me if you need a ride! Don't do any hard drugs! Or any drugs.


Hannah VO: I bet you also wish you'd never gone to Jessica's. Right, Clay?

[Jessica opens the door.]
Jesica: Clay!
Clay: Is the party over?
Jesica: The party hasn't started. No one's going to be here for another hour.
Clay: Oh. But I thought I heard it started at seven?
Jesica: Yeah. And, A, it's 6:55, and, B, seven really means nine.
Clay: Oh, right. I'll come back.
Jessica: No, no, stay. You can help. Do you know how to tap a keg? Every guy's like, let's get a keg, and when it's time to tap it-
Zach: I told you it was the wrong kind of tap.
Montgomery: I got this! Everybody settle!
Clay: I don't really know how to-.
Jesica: Relax. You can do snacks..
Clay: Got it. Is there any special order that you want? Mixed? All in separate bowls? Certain things mixed?.
Jessica: Make a choice, Clay. Be bold.

[Later, the party is in full swing.]
Jeff: Dude. You came.
Clay: What's up, Jeff? I've actually been here for awhile..
Jeff: You've come a long way, Clay. I think our work together you've made some real progress.
Clay: Right. Thanks..
Hannah VO: I bet you wish you hadn't invited me.
Jeff: She coming?
Clay: What? Who do you mean?
Jeff: Okay, man.
Alex: Hey, Clay.
Clay: Oh. Hey, Alex, what's up?
Alex: It's a party, so I'm pretending to have fun.
Clay: Yeah.
Alex: No, I'm actually here as part of my ongoing plan. Gonna hang around Jessica enough that she gets annoyed and falls back in love with me.
Clay: I feel there's a logic flaw in that plan.
Alex: It's love, it's not logic.
All: Hannah! Hannah!
Alex: Cool, Hannah came. Now we can annoy Jessica together.
Clay: Uh, I have to leave.
Jeff: Hey, hey, hey. Slow down, man, where you going?
Clay: I just, I gotta get up really early.
Jeff: Dude, Hannah's here.
Clay: She is? That's cool. Hope she has a nice time.
Jeff: You need to go in there and talk to her.
Clay: She's talking to someone else. She's busy.
Jeff: That's your cue, man. That's your cue to cut in. Take a swing.
Clay: A swing?
Jeff: You've got a fat slider in your sweet spot. You've got to swing the bat through the strike zone and knock it out.
Clay: See, I'm aware those are baseball terms. If I'm interpreting correctly, given my batting average, I would wind up with a strikeout and not a home run. Very good use of an extended metaphor.
Jeff: Oh, fuck me, Jensen! Get the hell in there, man! Now, okay? Now or I'm gonna kick your ass.
Clay: You'd never kick my ass.
Jeff: Don't tempt me.
Clay: How am I tempting you?
Jeff: Go talk to her, man. You're the reason she came.
Clay: I don't know that.
Jeff: I think you do. Go on.
Clay: Okay. Going in. Going in.
Hannah VO: I'd talked to you a million times before, but tonight was different, and I didn't know what to say to you. But when you finally came up to me you knew just how to break the ice.

[Clay goes inside and sees Hannah on the couch.]
Clay: Hey.
Hannah : Hey.
Clay: You're there on the couch.
Hannah : So I am.
Clay: I mean, you you came after all.
Hannah : I was feeling rebellious.
Clay: Ah. So you finished your homework.
Hannah : That would sort of be antithetical to the whole-
Clay: Right, right. Yeah. [He laughs.] Uh, do you Do you want a drink?
Hannah : I believe you promised me a drink, in fact. And a ride on your bike.
Clay: I did, didn't I? Which is a pretty big deal. I don't let just anybody ride my bike.
Hannah : Well, I look forward to it.
Clay: Yeah, me too. I actually didn't ride my bike here, so we can't do that.
So, but I'll go get the drinks.
Hannah: Yeah, I think I'm gonna come with you if it's cool.
Clay: Cool.
Hannah VO: I was so nervous that night, but you made it seem so...


Clay: Easy? Is she kidding me? I was shitting myself.

Tony: Oh, okay.

Clay: But she's not telling the truth about the way things happened.

Tony: She's telling her truth.

Clay: Why do you always act like you know?

Tony: Because I do. From the tapes, I know her truth.

Clay: So why do you have to be here, knowing?

Tony: 'Cause I don't know what your truth is. And I don't know what's gonna happen when you find out hers.

[Clay sighs. His phone begins to ring and he answers it.]

Clay: Hey, mom.

Lainie: Hi, Clay, it's mom.

Clay: Yeah, I just said that.

Lainie: So you did. Yeah. Uh, so how was day one of your suspension? Did you manage to be productive?

Clay: Yeah, no, definitely. I did some research.

Lainie: Good, good. Listen, you and your dad are on your own for dinner. Something came up here.

Clay: Something... with Hannah's case?

Lainie: I'll tell you later if I can. Um, there's leftover chicken in the fridge and roast beef for sandwiches.

Assistant: Lainie. Gary Bolan returning your call.

Lainie: Listen. I have to go. Be in touch with your dad, okay?

Clay: Sure.

Lainie: Bye.

Clay: Bye.

[He hangs up and Lainie picks up the phone.]


Lainie: Gary? Hi. Listen, the Bakers considered our offer to settle.


Gary: And they've turned it down. They want to move forward with the trial.

Mr Porter: What, um... What happened? Was it the money? Not enough?

Gary: No. Lainie Jensen thinks it's this lawyer they've got. He's hungry. Thinks they could win.

Mr Porter: Based off of...? I mean, what do they have?

Gary: Hell if I know. Have we found a smoking gun?

Mr Porter: School magazine. The graffiti.

Gary: Yes. Lainie's concerned that we painted over it, says