Tony: Hey, what the fuck happened to your face?
Clay: I'll show you.
Tony: This couldn't wait until after school?
Clay: Copy this tape. I'll get it from you after homeroom.
Tony: I already have copies.
Clay: No. Remember how side 'B' was blank?
Tony: Yeah.
[shows Tony the B side of Tape 7]
Clay: It's not blank anymore.
[Clay plays the tape for Tony]
Tony: He fucking confessed.
Clay and Tony on the last side of the seventh tape, in "Tape 7, Side A"

Tape 7, Side B is the last side of the seventh tape added by Clay Jensen after Hannah Baker's Death. The tape is a recording of Bryce Walker's confession that he raped Hannah Baker It becomes evidence for the police and Clay hands it over to Mr. Porter.

History Edit

In "Tape 6, Side B" After hearing his own tape, Clay visits Bryce's house under the premise of him buying weed from him. Once Bryce lets Clay inside his home, he visualises Bryce raping Hannah and accuses Bryce of raping her. Clay then hits him which makes Bryce retaliate and violently beat Clay unconscious. After waking up, Clay asks for a confession of Bryce's crime. Bryce does confess unknowingly to the rape and Clay leaves as he gets further enough down the road, he becomes elated, screaming and cheering outside on his bike.

In the next episode, "Tape 7, Side A", Tony Padilla visits Clay at his home. Clay brings him upstairs, Tony asks what happened to his face and plays the tape to Tony to explain and on it is the full confession from Bryce that Clay had recorded without Bryce's knowledge. Clay then gives the tape to Tony for him to copy so he can "complete the set" and explains that they could bring down Bryce. Tony and Clay have a conversation about how they can bring him down if they've been sitting on evidence for weeks. The tape is then returned and placed in the original box that is then given to Liberty High School counselor Mr. Porter and explained by Clay Jensen, who is the person who comes before him. Completing the instructions given by Hannah. Towards the end we see Mr. Porter playing his tape, it's not known whether he has played everyone elses and got to his tape, or started with his tape, as Clay told him which one was his.

Trivia Edit

  • Clay writes the number "14" on this side using the same nail polish that Hannah used, bought from Baker's Drug Store.
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