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The Cemetery is a graveyard where Hannah Baker, and presumably, Jeff Atkins and Bryce Walker, are buried, as they are also deceased. 


The Cemetery is where Hannah Baker is buried after her suicide. While Clay Jensen was at school, he asked Courtney Crimsen to take him there when he wanted to leave school, Courtney drove him there but, at the time, she did not realize his intention was to confront her in front of Hannah's grave, she also wasn't aware of where Hannah is buried. Clay took Courtney there after listening to her tape[1] to make her apologize for what she did to Hannah while standing in front of Hannah's grave. Tony Padilla followed him shortly after.


People Buried[]


Courtney: "There's no headstone."
Clay: "They take a couple months to make. So, when someone dies suddenly..."
Courtney: "It's beautiful here."
Clay: ""It's beautiful here"?"
Courtney: "I don't know, Clay. What do you want me to say? I'm not sure why you brought me here."
―  Courtney and Clay at Hannah's grave[src]


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  • Clay says that the gravestones take a couple of months to make, there was no gravestone present on Hannah's burial site. The gravestone was later seen a few months later after Olivia Baker and her ex-husband (now), Andrew Baker came to visit her grave. 
  • As Bryce Walker and Jeff Atkins are currently deceased in the series, it is presumed that they are also buried in this graveyard. However, their grave sites are not seen.
  • The scenes at the Cemetery were filmed at the Fernwood Cemetery in Mill Valley, California.[2] 

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