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Nothing that's worth anything comes without pain.
Ryan Shaver

The Chalk Machine is the fifth episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the eighteenth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Ryan Shaver's testimony. He serves as the narrator of this story.


Tyler and Cyrus embrace their outsider status. Alex fights to recover his lost memories. Ryan and Mrs. Baker look to Hannah's poems for clues.


The episode begins with Tyler and Cyrus making custom t-shirts with the word "assholes" written across the front in an attempt to make people leave them alone.

Mr. Porter leaves his house to find the back windscreen of his car smashed with a brick labeled "Know Your Place".

Bryce invites Chlöe, his girlfriend, to dinner at his house with his parents. He also questions her about Jessica; how she is doing at cheer practice and whether she's said anything noteworthy.

Clay is still looking after Justin who is getting over his heroin addiction. His dad nearly catches Justin in the shower whilst Clay is getting Justin breakfast.

Olivia Baker arrives at court and finds that Andrew Baker is waiting for her to sit through Ryan's hearing.

Tony shows up at Clay's house to babysit for Justin, contrary to him saying he didn't want to get involved.

In court, the prosecution asks Ryan how the school tried to find and help the author of the poem published in the school paper. Ryan states the school didn't try to reach out and help.

Mr. Porter asks Tyler about the photos he took of Justin and a drunk Jessica dancing together that were ultimately printed and pinned up on a whiteboard by someone, with the words "Who Would Believe A Drunk Slut?". Mr. Porter tries to blame Tyler for setting it up, but Tyler denies it and becomes angry that he gets blamed for everything and no one does anything about his bullies.

Clay and Alex talk briefly about the tapes but Clay notices the janitor chalking the white lines on the football pitch with a chalk machine.

Back in court, the defense lawyer questions Ryan about working with Hannah on her poetry. They ask him to read the poem Hannah had written. Ryan knows this is about Justin, but doesn't tell the court this when asked.

At school, Tyler, Cyrus, and friends plot to embarrass Ryan.

At Clay's house, Justin and Tony are playing cards. Justin requests to go outside, but Tony declines since he is on probation and being seen with Justin would give him his third strike, landing him in prison.

Justin explains he lost most of his money due to buying pills, then switched to heroin because it was cheaper. Tony, feeling sorry for him, agrees to take him outside.

Alex and Jessica discuss their kiss from the day they skipped school and agree not to talk about it. Alex tells her that he listened to the tapes and asks if Jessica is okay, now knowing what Bryce did to her.

Clay realizes the two Polaroids were taken at school on account of seeing the chalk machine used to mark the lines on the football pitch in one of the photos, stipulating that the fact they were taken at school would help Hannah's case.

Back in court, Ryan has read three poems that Hannah had written, and admits they were all about Justin. The defense lawyer, Sonya, questions why Hannah would write loving poems about Justin after what he did to her.

There is a flashback to Justin meeting Hannah in the coffee shop and Justin explaining he's sorry about what happened. Ryan shows up and Justin leaves.

In court, the defense team argues Ryan only published the poem because it would cause the biggest shock and get the most attention. Ryan disagrees and explains he published it because it was a good poem written with emotion. He explains she was unhappy and hurting and wrote about the boys she had relations with because she was lonely and because of what they did to her. The prosecution asks why Hannah kept in contact with Justin, with Ryan explaining she was "desperately alone".

Justin and Tony are walking around town. Justin starts to question if Clay was being honest with him about Jessica wanting to see him. Tony worries that Justin has been spotted by someone from school.

Clay searches the school for the room but fails to find it. He questions "Hannah" why she would fall for guys like Justin. She argues you can't choose who you fall for.

Montgomery and Bryce talk about seeing Justin with Tony, speculating he was going to testify.

Chlöe tells Jessica she is meeting Bryce's parents and wants to help find her a boyfriend. Jessica snaps and tells she doesn't want one, quitting the cheerleading team in the process.

Ryan goes to Hannah's Mom's house and says he's sorry for letting her down. She asks him questions about Hannah's journals, specifically about "the clubhouse" and "the intruder", but Ryan doesn't know about them. He explains he stole the first poem because he felt the world needed to see her talent.

Ryan goes back to his car and receives a message on his Grindr account (gay dating app) from a profile asking if he's looking for a friend. Ryan replies that he is.

Mr. Porter asks Jessica about Justin and if she quit cheerleading because he's back in town. He asks her if she knows where he is but doesn't say. She tells him Justin hasn't met his Dad so wouldn't be at his house.

At Bryce's house, his Dad asks him about Chlöe, whilst his Mom questions Chlöe about their relationship. She notices bruises and her arm, but Chlöe tells her that they are from cheerleading.

Zach asks Alex about Justin. Alex tells him he kissed Jessica and worries he didn't feel aroused after it, and that he hasn't felt aroused since before he shot himself.

Ryan goes to a bar to meet the guy he has been messaging on Grindr. Tyler and Cyrus are there laughing since they set up the profile and know no-one is coming.

However, Tony shows up with Caleb, the guy who was tutoring him in boxing and whom he is now dating. Ryan declines the invitation to join them.

Jessica finally goes to a therapy group and meets the girl who has been following her around at school, realizing she was also assaulted.

Tyler's mom questions Tyler about his new attitude. She explains the neighbor told her he saw him and Cyrus shooting guns. Tyler lies and says it was just a BB gun.

Alex goes on a nude webcam site in an attempt to try and feel aroused. He gives his name as Zach to the model and describes his appearance similar to that of Zach's. However, he is unable to get an erection and gets frustrated. The model, realizing he is underage and too young for the site, disconnects him.

Sheri tells Clay that Justin has been spotted walking around town. Justin confronts Clay about lying to him by telling him Jessica had said she wanted to see him. Clay tries to convince Justin to stay by telling him Jessica kept the postcard he sent her after he left.

Jessica, returning home after therapy, returns to her bed that night after continually sleeping on her parent's bedroom floor.

Mr. Porter visits Justin's mom's house. Her boyfriend shows up and demands he leaves. They get into a fight which ultimately ends with Mr. Porter getting arrested.

Clay wakes up in the middle of the night and finds that Justin has left.




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My brothers and I, we beat this guy up. He ended up pressing charges a few weeks later. That was my second strike now I'm on probation. If I get seen with you. We get busted. That means number three. That means I do time.
— Tony Padilla to Justin about why they can't go outside.

Chlöe: Hey Jess. Great work today.

Jessica: Thanks.
Chlöe: Sorry we had to end early. I have to go home and change for dinner with Bryce's parents. I have no idea what I'm going to wear.
Jessica: Yeah, you know I'm pretty sure you could wear anything Chlöe and they'd still love you.
Chlöe: Hey, Jess. We'll find you a man, okay? You just have to let me help you. I mean it, I kind of pride myself on my matchmak-
Jessica: Look, Chlöe, I don't want a fucking boyfriend! Okay? The last thing I need in my life right now is some fucking guy. And you - the fact that you keep offering like that means you're just as fucking clueless as I thought.

— Chlöe and Jessica talk while out on the football field.

For the longest time nothing was the same. How long I slept, what I ate, what I wore. I mean my clothes didn't feel like me anymore. Just bright colors made me feel like a fraud and my black clothes didn't seem dark enough. And just nothing seemed to fit. Literally, everything felt like a lie. And nothing I did seemed to help. No drink, no drug. Well, I didn't actually try every drug but, let me tell you, weed just just had me crying and all in my feelings. You know the one thing that seemed to help was all of you. And I'm thankful today that just coming here and talking to you has been the thing that has brought me back to who I am. A loud, pushy, pain in the ass. But you know you love me. And I love you. Thank you.
— Nina Jones talking about her experience in group therapy.



Song Artist Album Scene
Damaged Goods Gang of Four Return the Gift At the start, Ryan is heard beginning his testimony; Tyler and Cyrus make t-shirts; Ryan is in his car.
Maniac John Maus Songs Tyler and Cyrus walk through the school hallway in their t-shirts; Tyler is called into Mr. Porter's office.
My Mistake MRCH Reactions Flashback: Hannah and Ryan are sitting in Hannah's room reading over her poems.
Eventually George Simms & Simon Astall Eventually - Single Flashback: Justin meets Hannah at Monet's to talk about the incident with the picture.
Your Promise Extreme Music Tony and Justin walk down the street while Tony worries about being seen.
Tinseltown Swimming in Blood Destroyer ken (Deluxe Version) Flashback: Ryan and Hannah discuss her poems in her room again; Ryan steals Hannah's poem.
Will You Be By Me Wallpaper Airplanes Stuck in Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Ryan is sitting at Monet's waiting for his "date", Tony sees him and introduces him to Caleb.
Wild in the Streets The Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets Tyler blasts it in his room while his mom asks him about him and then Cyrus.
Club Chubby Extreme Music Played in the porn chat room when Alex sees if he can get turned on and masturbate.
Hardly Getting Over It Hüsker Dü Candy Apple Grey Alex is upset with himself; Clay tries to convince Justin to stay; scenes flash between Ryan at his desk, Jessica in bed and Mr. Porter fighting until credits roll.

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
Polaroids Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 2 - Original Series Score) Clay spots the Chalk Machine from the Polaroids he was given.


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