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The Clubhouse is a shed on Liberty High School's property where the athletes and invited friends party and hook up. It is also the site of multiple sexual assaults. Current varsity baseball coach, Coach Rick, founded the Clubhouse when he was a student at Liberty High. The male athlete's sexual assaults normally involved taking advantage of the victim's naivety through alcohol and/or drugs and assaulting them while they are unconscious or unable to give full consent. This practice has been allegedly going on for twenty years with two generations of athletes participating.

The first time the Clubhouse was seen was in the episode, the first Polaroid, in the second season of 13 Reasons Why. The mysterious interior is seen in the background through Polaroids anonymously given to Clay Jensen in that episode. The first polaroid showed two drunken Liberty High athletes in the Clubhouse holding drinks in their hands. The second Polaroid Clay anonymously received showed Bryce Walker in the Clubhouse raping an unknown girl with the label reading 'Hannah wasn't the only one', this was later confirmed to be Chlöe Rice, his ex-girlfriend. The Clubhouse was only widely seen through a video taken, showing Marcus Cole receiving a lap dance from a scantily clad female (not a student)

The anonymous person giving Clay the Polaroids of the activities inside the Clubhouse was later revealed to be Zach Dempsey.


Rick Wlodimierz founded the Clubhouse as a Liberty High student around the turn of the century. When Coach Rick returned to become an educator and baseball coach at his alma mater, he told Bryce Walker about its existence, which lead to the football/baseball athletes learning about it soon after.

The baseball team invited girls over and hired strippers. They would get the girls drunk and high in the Clubhouse, and often have sex with them. There has also been a lot of non-consensual sex in the Clubhouse, two of the victims were Nina Jones and Chlöe Rice. There have been Polaroids taken of every girl who has been to the Clubhouse, some showing nudity and/or sexual interactions.






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