The Crestmont is a movie theater in the Crestmont town. This is where Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen used to work at. Hannah started working there three weeks before Clay did, so it was her job to train him. Hannah quit the job right before her death.


During Clay's first day working at the Crestmont, Hannah was teaching Clay how to serve popcorn to customers. She told him that she'd been working 3 weeks prior to Clay, even though she moved to the town two months ago. She then asked him how the town was, to which he answered that he wouldn't know what to compare it to since he'd been living there all his life. He continued saying that it would be like asking Han Solo "How is space?", to which she replied "Wow! You're an actual nerd, aren't you?" But she admired that about him because there was an actual courage with being a nerd.[1]


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