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Don't you dare make me feel like I failed my daughter!
Olivia Baker to Andrew Baker after court.

The Little Girl is the eighth episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the twenty-first episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Andrew and Olivia Baker's testimony. They serve as the narrators of this story.


When Hannah's parents come under scrutiny, Jessica reaches out to Mrs. Baker. Justin struggles to stay clean. Clay reconnects with Skye.



Mr. and Mrs. Baker prepare their testimonies. Clay wakes up to a bunch of text messages concerning the tapes. Justin goes back to school with Clay. The group is freaking out about the tapes but are unaware that Clay is the one who leaked them. Skye calls Clay and he leaves to go see her. Bryce goes to his locker and finds that someone has spray painted "Rapist" across his locker. Bryce overhears someone playing the tapes and decides to call his Dad for advice. Because of the tapes, Tyler gets locked in a classroom.

Chlöe is in the bathroom when Jessica walks in. Jessica gets into the same stall and sees that Chlöe has crossed out all the bad things people had been writing about her. Mackenzie sets Tyler free from the classroom. Justin confronts Bryce in the hallway and tells him that he'll do whatever he has to do to make Bryce pay. Bryce tells him that nobody is going to listen to his truth because nobody gives a shit about him. Zach accuses Tyler of taking pictures of his sister but Tyler says that he hasn't. Justin goes to class and buys drugs from one of the students.

In court, Mr. Baker reveals that he cheated on his wife before Hannah's death and that Hannah knew about it. Hannah told her Dad to tell her Mom or else she'd do it for him. At the baseball event, Bryce's Mom isn't so sure that Bryce didn't do the things Hannah says he did on the tapes. However his Dad is certain that he'd never do anything like that because he knows the boy he raised. Zach finds his Mom and sister and tells them that they aren't staying for the game. His Mom disagrees and believes Bryce is innocent, but Zach takes his sister and leaves anyway. Marcus must choose between him and Bryce or else Tyler will release the video. So during his speech, he calls Bryce a rapist.

Tyler and Cyrus go shooting again but this time Tyler ends up killing a bird. Bryce finds Marcus after his speech and tells him that he made a big mistake. Jessica's Dad wants to take the tapes to the police but Jessica says that she needs to be alone. Olivia reveals that anxiety runs in her family and that she received treatment from a mental health care professional but Hannah never did. Clay goes to visit Skye at the mental health facility. He learns that she's going to be moving schools so that she can have a clean slate. Alex goes to Clay's house and finds Justin on the bed, passed out. He tries to turn him over but doesn't have the strength, when he starts to choke on his own vomit Alex becomes more worries and uses enough strength to turn him over.

Jessica goes to visit Olivia since she called and wanted to see if there was anything she could do. Tony is at the gym boxing when the guy he beat up walks in. He quickly makes his escape. Alex asks his Dad if he can play a shooting video game because it helps him remember. He tells his Dad that there is something he has to remember but his Dad is unsure. Jessica, Jackie, and Olivia go over Hannah's poems. Olivia realizes that one of the poems is about Mr. Baker's affair. Jessica starts to cry once Olivia helps her to face the pain and tells her it's okay to let it out. Clay and his parents argue about the trial and Justin. Justin listens on the staircase. Clay goes to his room where he yells at Hannah for making the tapes and messing with peoples' lives. He tells Hannah to get out. Justin takes his stuff and heads home to his Mom.



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Since 1913, Liberty High has been committed to helping students achieve academic excellence in a safe, supportive environment. But in recent years, our values have...gone to shit. I'm part of the problem. I lead a group called EnGUYtened, which is supposed to be for enlightened guys. But today, I'm officially resigning from that group. Because I'm a hypocrite. How can I say that I care about protecting girls when I've been protecting...a rapist like Bryce Walker?
— Marcus Cole giving a coerced speech in front of the entire school

Bryce Walker should pay for what he's done! Hannah Baker was a victim of Bryce Walker. Liberty needs to change the culture of their school.It does not protect a child. Bryce Walker, (to Marcus) you did the right thing...We must protect children like Hannah Baker! (protest fades out)
Jackie protesting

Yeah, okay, okay. All right...Uh..Well, our students are playing some sort of prank. Uh, one that's in very poor taste, obviously. But let's move ahead with our program.
— Gary Bolan expressing his shock for Marcus's speech.

Skye: "I need to hit the reset button"
Clay: "The reset button. To delete everything that came before?"
Skye: "No, not what I mean. Not delete, not you, not our friendship, but I need to move on."
―  Skye telling Clay about moving to another state.
Olivia: "There are limits to what we can do to help another person, no matter how much we wish there weren't. So there's a limit to what we can do to protect them. And there are some things you just can't protect them from. I couldn't be there every time someone judged her or shamed her. I didn't always have the answers. I didn't always know the right things to say. After everything that happened at Liberty High, Well, I think it was just too much for Hannah. After all that, it was just too much."
Dennis: "And did anyone at Liberty inform you of the issues happening on campus? The Hot or Not List being circulated, the suicidal poem being read aloud, the anonymous question, specifically about suicide? "
Oliva: "No. No, they never...I mean, had they sent out some kind of notification to all the parents, we could've talked to Hannah, we could've started a conversation, but they never informed out about any of it. "
Dennis: "So the administration was either ignorant of the problems under their own roof, or, they were aware and they did nothing?"
Olivia: "Exactly."
Dennis: "Thank you, Mrs. Baker."
―  Olivia Baker testifying in court about her daughter's situation.



*within more than half of the episode there are only scores' being played, there is only one song played at the very end.

Song Artist Album Scene
Watch Me Bleed Tears for Fears The Hurting Justin arrives home to see his Mom, for the first time since he left.


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