Hallucination Hannah: ""Hannah wasn't the only one"? What do you suppose that means? Who gave it to you? And why now, the day my trial started?"
Clay: "You think they're connected?"
Hallucination Hannah: "You think they're not?"
―  Clay and Hallucination Hannah on the first Polaroid he is given[src]

The Polaroids are pictures with notes on the back of them that Clay is given throughout the second season.

Information Edit

The three Polaroids all come from a box that Bryce Walker used to own, after he took the photos he would put them in a box and save them. We learn that Zach is the one giving it to him in "Smile, Bitches". When confronted why he didn't just talk to Clay about them, Zach replied because he was a coward. Stating the reason he gave them to Clay, he says that Clay is in a position to do something about it, whereas Zach didn't feel like he was and didn't feel like he could even if he was. The box of Polaroids gets taken by Zach Dempsey to give to Clay Jensen and Justin Foley in the Clubhouse. The Polaroids then get stolen from Clay and Justin, and no one knows where it is. Later in "Bye" it is revealed that Nina Jones has them as she is sat by a campfire burning the evidence because she doesn't want the photos to get out, but for a different reason to Bryce.

The First Polaroid Edit

The first Polaroid that Clay is anonymously given, depicts two student who are implied to both be drunk, as they are holding cups, this is the first time that it is revealed that Hannah isn't the only to be hurt by Bryce or another male student. The two students in the first Polaroid don't gave a back story, nor is it revealed what actually happened before, during or after the situation. This is the only Polaroid that doesn't depict any kind of sex. The note on the back says "Hannah wasn't the only one".

The Second Polaroid Edit

The second polaroid depicts a graphic visual description of rape and therefore has been censored. This is the only polaroid that depicts a graphic visual of rape.

Bryce Walker is conscious and half naked on top of his an unknown girl, who is completely unconscious, it is implied that she is unconscious because she is drunk and looks to be completely passed out. The girl is also half naked and but her face is not visible. Later on there is another Polaroid that reveals it to be Chlöe Rice, his current girlfriend. This is the Polaroid that sets genuine warning signs off for both the viewers and Clay Jensen as he realizes that Bryce raped his girlfriend, although she is unaware that he has done this, being unconscious while the act was happening. When Chlöe is revealed to be the unconscious girl, Sheri is the one to point out "He did this to his own girlfriend?!". The note on the back says "He won't stop".

The Third Polaroid Edit

The third polaroid depicts a graphic visual description of consensual sex and therefore has been censored. This is the only polaroid that depicts a graphic visual of consensual sex.

The third Polaroid given to Clay depicts a graphic image of two unknown students having sex, which they both seem to consent to, as both of them are having fun. This is the last Polaroid given to Clay before he finds the Clubhouse, with Sheri's help. The note on the back says "The Clubhouse".

The box of Polaroids Edit

When Clay and Justin break into the Clubhouse, Zach gives them a box full of Polaroids. The Polaroids are from girls who've been to the Clubhouse. Most of the Polaroids seem to show students having fun or having sex. Later, Nina Jones stole the box from Clay's car.

The box of Polaroids contained some Polaroids of the following characters:

  • Chloe Rice: This Polaroid reveals that the unconscious girl Bryce is on top of in the second Polaroid is Bryce's girlfriend Chlöe Rice. This Polaroid proves that Bryce is a rapist and this could be used against him, if Chlöe hadn't lied it in court.
  • Sheri Holland: Bryce had taken a Polaroid of Sheri, Scott and another jock in the Clubhouse when Sheri went there to find out the code to get into the Clubhouse.
  • Nina Jones: This Polaroid shows Nina having fun, taken before she was raped by Mark Perry.
  • Hannah Baker: Among the Polaroids, Clay found a picture of Hannah wearing a varsity jacket in the Clubhouse. This picture was taken when Bryce took Hannah to the Clubhouse and tried to kiss her.

Episode Description Image
"The First Polaroid" Tommy Shuster and Erica Charles, two students who were seniors when Clay was a freshman. They are both conscious, but most likely drunk.
"The Second Polaroid" Bryce having sex with an unconscious girl, who we later learn is Chlöe Rice, his girlfriend. Bryce is conscious, Chlöe isn't.
"The Third Polaroid" An unknown male student having sex with another unknown female student. Both students are conscious, it isn't indicated that they are drunk.
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