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I'll be ashamed for the rest of my life.
Zach Dempsey

The Smile at the End of the Dock is the sixth episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the nineteenth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Zach Dempsey's testimony. He serves as the narrator of this story.


Clay tries to figure out where the Polaroids were taken. Justin shows up at school. Zach's revelation about Hannah takes everyone by surprise.



Sheri and Clay are at Monet's when Clay shows Sheri the Polaroids. Mr. Baker attends court with Mrs. Baker. Clay tries to help Alex get medically cleared for court but Alex is struggling to remember. Tyler tells Cyrus that they got caught by the neighbor shooting and that his parents are going to take them shooting instead. Mr. Porter heads to his office when Coach Rick stops him and tells him that he got his friend at the police to cover up the fight he had with Justin's Mom's boyfriend. Alex tells Clay that he isn't able to testify. Jessica sits with Nina in the cafeteria when Justin walks in. He tries to talk to her but she tells him that she wishes he were dead.

He leaves but as he does he runs into Bryce and passes out having to have Clay and Tony carry him out of the cafeteria. Zach tells the court that, during the summer his dad died, he spent a lot of time at the movies trying to hang out with Hannah to make up for what he did to her during the school year. She became someone he could talk to and the person he lost his virginity with. They spent the majority of the summer hanging out and having sex. Andy tries to get Olivia to forgive him for leaving her and not fighting for justice for Hannah. When Olivia can't forgive him, he reveals that he is living with his mistress and her daughter.

Justin goes back to the Jensen's house and is there when someone breaks in. He hides in the closet and is unable to see who it is. Once he comes out of hiding, Mr. Jensen finds him and Justin swears it wasn't him. Zach returns to school and finds a mockery of blood stained underwear with "Hannah" written on it in his locker, implying someone teasing him Hannah losing her virginity to him. This pushes him over the edge and he gets into a fight with Bryce before Coach Rick breaks it up. Olivia talks with Dennis and Andy about adding Clay as a witness to redeem Hannah's image. Clay confronts Zach on his way to his car because he's upset that Hannah lost her virginity to Zach and not him. Clay learns from Sheri that the Clubhouse is where the Polaroids were taken. Mr. Down takes Tyler and Cyrus shooting so that they can learn how to properly handle a gun from Mr. Standall.

Alex begins to give up on physical therapy so he starts a fight with Zach. He stops suddenly when he surprisingly is able to get a hard-on, which he hasn't managed to get since the accident. Clay is called to testify so he heads over to Olivia's house to prepare. Jessica recounts her story to her support group. Tony goes to see Caleb but notices that one of his students is a guy that he beat up in the past so he leaves. Tyler and Cyrus come across a video of Marcus getting a lap dance and decide to use it to mess with him. Jessica talks to Nina after the support group and Nina tells her that she should be so proud that she told her story tonight.

Clay goes home and is confronted by his parents about hiding Justin in his room. His mom agrees to let him stay with them but that they have to let the court know that he's here as well. Clay talks to a hallucination of Hannah and asks her if it would have been him she lost her virginity to instead of Zach, if he'd been there that summer. Justin walks in before he gets an answer. He calls him a dumbass for thinking that Hannah losing her virginity to Zach changes who she is. Justin tells Clay about the break-in and Clay thinks that they may have taken something. They look through the room and Justin realizes that someone took the gun that he was hiding in his duffle bag but doesn't say anything to Clay about it. Zach is in the school locker room when he gets very angry and starts to beat up the lockers out of frustration.



Guest Starring[]


I keep to myself, mostly. I don't always tell people things, I'm not good with... like, drama. I learned pretty early on not to rock the boat, to stay in my lane. I try not to be a bully, I try not to be a victim. It's a tough line to walk.
— Zach Dempsey during his testimony

Dennis Vasquez: "So, this bullying that you just mentioned, do you feel pressure to join in when you see it happening?"
Zach: "Yes, sir."
Dennis: "And what type of bullying do you see?"
Zach: "Well, sometimes it's obvious and sometimes, it's not. Sometimes a kid gets roughed up. A lot of the times, though, it's just stuff that people say. Especially athletes."
Dennis: "So, what type of stuff do you say?"
Zach: "We brag about things, that we do with girls, like, sexually. Even when they're not true and sometimes that can get around."
Dennis: "And who's saying those things?"
Zach: "Lots of kids, it's a tough school."
―  Zach Dempsey answering Dennis Vasquez's questions during his testimony
Zach: "It is especially tough on girls. It was for Hannah"
Dennis: "To your knowledge, neither Mrs. Bradley, nor any Liberty faculty took any action once this anonymous note was read aloud?"
Zach: "Not to my knowledge, no."
Dennis: "So, a note expressing interest in suicide was read aloud to the class, and faculty members ignored it?"
Sonya Struhl: "Objection. Asked and answered."
Judge Campbell: "Sustained."
Dennis: "No further questions, Your Honor."
―  Dennis interrogating Zach during his testimony to prove the school ignored Hannah's cries for help.
Justin: "Hey, Jess. I missed you. Can we go somewhere else to talk, alone?"
Jessica: "No. "
Justin: "I came back for you. It's the only reason why I'm here. If you want me to stay, I promise you I'm here for good. Look, if you want me to go, I'll go. Forever this time."
Jessica: "You said that before."
Justin: "I-I tried to go away. I tried to forget about you, I tried so fucking hard. But I can't stop thinking about you."
Jessica: "Yeah, I think about you too. And I wish you were dead."
Justin: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you more."
―  Justin talks to Jessica after he comes back to Liberty High for the first time since he cut ties with Bryce.
Sonya: "Zach, isn't it true that Hannah also reached out to you to talk about her feelings?"
Zach: "Um, yes."
Sonya: "And did she write a note to you? A note that was not anonymous?"
Zach: "Yes. Yeah, she wrote me a letter explaining, how sad she felt about everything. How she felt really alone a lot of the time. "
Sonya: "So you told no one at Liberty High that Hannah wrote you a note, telling you how alone she felt? "
Zach: "I didn't know how to."
Sonya: "But isn't it true that you did reach out to her off campus?"
Zach: "Um?"
Sonya: "The summer after sophomore year. The summer after the note. Did you have contact with her?"
Zach: "Yes."
―  Sonya interrogating Zach to prove that Liberty High didn't know Hannah needed help.
Sonya: "And isn't it true that you saw her more than once that summer?"
Zach: "Um, yeah. Last summer was slow. Most people were out of town. So I went to a lot of movie [at The Crestmont]. I mean, I guess I even saw movies that I didn't wanna see. [Zach then tells a story of him and Hannah watching films at her house during the summer]."
Zach: "[After being questioned by Sonya] No, to my knowledge, her parents never found out."
Sonya: "So you told no one else about the time you spent with Hannah, isn't that correct?"
Zach: "Yes"
Sonya: "Then isn't it true that you were ashamed of telling anyone? "
Zach: "No, no I just—[sighs] That was the summer that my Dad died. And I was out of my mind and I needed someone that I could talk to."
Sonya: "Yes, but, Zach, didn't you send each other hundreds of text messages?"
Zach: "Hundreds? I mean, yeah, we texted, I don't know how many times. We just, we had things in common to talk about, and things we didn't have to talk about, things we just knew about each other."
Sonya: "That must have been exhausting, keeping that a secret."
―  Sonya interrogating Zach to prove to the jury that he had a relationship with Hannah.
Zach : "Yeah, I guess I just wanted to keep the friendship ours."
Sonya: "And in all that time you spent together, all those texts, you and Hannah never became more than friends? You never told your fellow teammates about her as you've said they do? Bragged a bit?"
Zach: "No, I would never do that."
Sonya: "Because there was nothing to brag about? Or because you're not one to do so?"
Zach: "Because it wasn't like that."
Sonya: "What was it like then? [Zach doesn't answer] Mr. Dempsey, did something happen between you and Hannah Baker the summer before she took her life?"
Zach: "Yes. We—We had sex."
Sonya: "Just once?"
Zach: "No. We—It was all summer. But it wasn't just the sex. We really cared for each other. It was amazing, I think. I don't know how Hannah felt about it."
―  Sonya interrogating Zach to prove to the jury that he had a relationship with Hannah. [continued]
Olivia Baker: "We need you to talk about your friendship. About what you two meant to each other. Her kindness"
Clay Jensen: "Will they ask me, about kissing her?"
Olivia: "They probably will. But it was just one kiss. It's important that the jury understands who Hannah really was. Dennis will ask you what you two talked about, the hopes and dreams that Hannah shared with you, her good qualities."
Clay: "This trial, I mean, I've learned things about Hannah I guess I didn't know before."
Olivia: "I understand, me too."
Clay: "I feel like I didn't really know who she was."
Olivia: "Can you put all of that, out of your mind though? And, focus on who Hannah really was, to you? [Clay nods]"
―  Olivia Baker prepping Clay Jensen for his testimony
Karen Dempsey: "Why would you keep this from me? [His relationship with Hannah]"
Zach: "'Cause that's how we do things, isn't it?"
Karen: "What does that mean?"
Zach: "I don't even know how you feel about Dad dying! I don't know how you feel about anything. What if I felt like Hannah did? Because I have, Mom. I actually have. What would you do?"
Karen: "Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey! That is enough! Don't say such things."
Zach: "Why not?"
Karen: "This trial, that girl has put thoughts in your head. You do not feel that way, you're fine!"
Zach: "Yeah, exactly. I'm fine."
―  Karen confronts Zach about his relationship with Hannah and Zach confronts his Mother about not talking about their feelings
Clay: "Well, what about Jessica's party? I mean, you (Hannah) didn't talk to him there?"
Hallucination Hannah: "He was drunk and stupid by the time I showed up."
Clay: "So why didn't you put it on his tape?"
Hallucination Hannah: "Maybe I was keeping it private for me and him"
Clay: "Or maybe you were protecting yourself"
Hallucination Hannah: "Yes. I mean, maybe I was. Maybe it hurt that it meant something to me and not to him."
Clay: "If I had been in town that summer, would it have been me instead?"
―  Clay confronts his hallucination after finding out about Zach and Hannah's relationship
Justin Foley: "You thinking about Zach?"
Clay: "What? No."
Justin: "I read that stupid blog."
Clay: "I have to tell hundreds of people tomorrow what I loved about Hannah, and all I can think about is how she lost her virginity to Zach. I mean Zach. Then, like, a month later, she hooked up with me and then she freaked out. But she didn't freak out when she hooked up with Zach? I mean..."
Justin: "What the fuck are you saying Jensen? I mean, do you know how many girls I've slept with? Like, a lot, classifies me as like a player or something and my best friends used to think I was the fucking best."
Clay: "Okay?"
Justin: "Hannah, she sleeps with one guy. She has a crush on another guy, being me, she kisses a third, being you. And it's whatever, it's all fine, right? All of sudden she's a slut? All of sudden you don't know who she is? You're a dumbass."
Clay: "I'm not a dumbass."
Justin: "You're dumb, you're an ass. Dumbass."
―  Clay and Justin talk about Clay's perception of Hannah after Zach's revelation in court.
Hannah had nothing to be ashamed of, I made her feel like she did. Because I don't tell people things, like I said. Hannah didn't tell me how she felt either. But now... I guess I know. And I'll be ashamed for the rest of my life.
— Zach during his testimony (not shown, just a voice over)



Song Artist Album Scene
Had To Hear Real Estate Atlas Flashback: Hannah writing her letter to Zach; cuts to present day as Zach reads the letter before the trial. Repeats; End credits.
How You Do It (Deluxe Version) Good Looking Animals Evolve (Deluxe Version) Clay and Sheri talking about the Polaroids at Monet's.
Also Spruce Zarathustra Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Zach watches 2001: A Space Odyssey
A Dream of You and Me Future Islands Singles Zach and Hannah are talking at the Crestmont when Zach invites Hannah to hang out.
Oh Yeah Yello Stella (Remastered 2005) Flashback: Zach and Hannah watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Souvenir Ochestral Manoeuvres In The Dark The Best of OMD Flashback: Zach and Hannah have sex.
Your Love Haerts 13 Reasons Why: Season 2 (Music from the Original TV Series) Flashback: Zach frequently visits the Crestmont just to see Hannah but disguises it as just seeing films.
It Can't Wait Downtown Boys Cost of Living Tyler and Cyrus find dirt on Zach online.

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
Dining Out APM Music Flashback: Zach talks to Hannah at the movie theatre.
Back To School Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 2 - Original Series Score) Justin comes back to school.
More Than Friends Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 2 - Original Series Score) Zach tells Hannah he's a virgin.


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