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This article is about the episode involving Clay Jensen's testimony. You may be looking for the third Polaroid that Clay received in the second season.

They don't know the whole story.
Clay Jensen to his hallucination of Hannah, while reading the comments after publishing the tapes.

The Third Polaroid is the seventh episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the twentieth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Clay Jensen's testimony. This story has no narrator.


Alex blows up at Bryce. Someone blackmails Marcus. Clay testifies about a night he and Hannah spent together. Jessica experiences a flashback.



Clay wakes up from a weird dream and goes downstairs to get the newspaper. Written on it is "Hannah lied."

Alex is woken up by his Mom who wished him a happy birthday.

Tony hangs out with Caleb who confesses that he likes Tony. Tony asks him about the guy with no eye that he beat up and Caleb tells him that the guy is haunted by the assault.

Alex goes to school and sees that Zach, Jessica, and Clay have made him a birthday banner that they hung in the hall. Bryce makes fun of him about it and Alex calls him a rapist. This upsets Jessica, who becomes uncomfortable and leaves him in the hallway with Zach.

Tyler is in the developing room when Mackenzie walks in and asks him to hang out some time like on a date.

Marcus goes to Bryce and shows him the video that Tyler and Cyrus are blackmailing him with. They are telling him to wear a dress at the pep rally or that they're going to show the video to everyone. He asks Bryce for help but he refuses to get involved.

Clay tries to tell the court good things about Hannah but Sonya makes him admit that they did spend one night together doing drugs.

Marcus wears a cheerleading uniform to the pep rally but this doesn't appease Tyler who tells Cyrus that they have to think of something bigger. Having returned from court, Clay watches as the baseball team hangs Jeff's jersey in honor of him. He thinks about the time Jeff invited him over to his house to hang out with him and Hannah. Sheri asks Clay how his testimony went and he tells her that they brought up the party. Alex and his dad are at the Baker's store when they run into Tyler. Alex invites Tyler to his birthday party later that night. Mr. and Mrs. Baker head to Hannah's grave where Mrs. Baker wonders if she passed down her depression gene to Hannah. Mr. Baker tries to comfort her and they kiss spontaneously. Nina takes Jessica shopping. While in the dressing room getting undressed, Jessica remembers the assault and freaks out. She runs out of the store with the dress and starts crying. Nina returns the dress to one of the employees and comforts Jessica. Jessica learns that Nina hasn't told her boyfriend about her rape because she doesn't let what happened to her define her.

Mr. and Mrs. Baker have lunch and Mr. Baker brings up finalizing their divorce. Jessica shows up at Alex's birthday party. Alex tries to apologize, but Jessica says that they don't need to talk about it. Tyler shows up at the party, but Zach and Jessica tell him to leave because of what he did to Hannah. The group breaks down into an argument over Hannah and the trial. Zach gets a call from his Mom and lies about who he's with. Alex kicks him out of the party because he won't admit to being his friend. Alex goes to play one of the shooting video games but his Dad stops him by yanking the controller out of his hands. Alex falls and begins to yell at his friends and family. He says that he should've succeeded in killing himself but Jessica gets mad at him because he wants to leave her behind.

Tyler FaceTimes Cyrus and tells him that he wants to blackmail Zach next because he's an asshole. After the party, Clay goes to his car and finds another Polaroid with "The Clubhouse" written on the back of it. Justin overhears Clay's parents arguing. Clay has a flashback to the morning when Hannah said that she wanted to die. Clay goes home to find his parents watching T.V. with Justin which upsets him. Chlöe and Bryce are watching a movie on the sofa but Bryce wants to do more than that. He forces her into having sex and Chlöe doesn't seem to be enjoying herself. Jessica sits outside Clay's house watching Justin. Clay is upset because he's reading the comments on the blog. So he decides to upload the tapes to the website anonymously so that everyone can know the whole story.




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Tyler: "Alex told me to come"
Jessica: "Tyler, he was just being nice. He doesn't want you here."
Tyler: "I wanna talk to Alex. Okay, look, I brought him something."
Zach: "What? "Oh happy birthday Alex, here's a photo book of you in a coma?" "
Tyler: "He told you about that?"
Zach: "Get out. Now."
―  Jessica and Zach confront Tyler as he arrives to the arcade
Alex: "Wait, where's Tyler going?"
Zach: "Don't worry, we got rid of him"
Alex: "No, I told him to come"
Jessica: "Alex, look, I know he visited you a lot in the hospital but he's a fucking pervert"
Zach: "After what he did to Hannah-"
Clay: "What he did? Seriously? At least Tyler tried to help Hannah in court. That's more than you can say Zach, you helped turn her into Hannah the Slut."
Zach: "At least we didn't do drugs."
Jessica: "You guys, come on"
Clay: "What do you mean "come on", you didn't help either."
Jessica: "I tried!"
―  Clay arguing about who helped Hannah
Zach: "From what you said today in court, you hurt her more than any of us did."
Clay: "They took all of that out of context"
Alex: "So you didn't let her down? How are you any different than us?"
―  Clay arguing about who helped Hannah [continued]
Zach (on the phone): "Hey, Mom. Yeah, no, I'm just out with the guys, I'll be home soon, yeah, no, I know, I know. Okay, yeah, I'm on my way, bye."
Alex: ""The guys"? You're "just out with the guys"?"
Zach: "I just told her that I'd go home and watch May"
Alex: "Home from what? Why'd you lie about where you are?"
Zach: "I wasn't sure exact-"
Alex: "Of course you should lie to her and everybody 'cause that's better than admitting that you're my friend?"
Zach: "She knows you're my friend"
Alex: "Does Bryce know where you are?"
Zach: "C'mon, man"
Alex: "Fuck you, Zach!"
―  Alex confronts Zach about lying to his Mom about being with him
Carloyn: "Okay."
Alex: "Go home."
Zach: "Yeah I should. Um, thank you guys so much for having me."
Deputy Standall: "You don't have to go, Zach [Zach leaves]"
Alex: "I'm gonna go play some games"
―  Alex confronts Zach about lying to his Mom about being with him [continued]
Peter: "Alright, you guys, truth now. What the hell is going on? He's not all right. "
Clay: "I think he does pretty well most days."
Peter: "Bullshit, you said he made progress. He hasn't made any progress since the day I saw him last. That was a month ago."
Carolyn: "He's trying."
Deputy Standall: "Oh, he's really trying. "
―  Peter confronts the party about Alex's health.



Song Artist Album Scene
Internal World Cloud Nothings Life Without Sound Jeff and Clay play pool at Jeff's house / Jeff encourages Clay to try Ecstasy.
Into Me Strange Names Data Clay and Hannah talk on the couch in Jeff's basement and they take Ecstasy in Jeffs' basement along with Alex, Sheri, Leah and Jeff himself.
Being No One, Going Nowhere Internal World Being No One, Going Nowhere Hannah, Clay, Alex, Sheri Jeff and Leah talk while being high in Jeffs' basement.
My Kingdom Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean Rain Clay and Hannah discuss infinity and love in Jeffs' basement while being high.
Million Dollar Life Extreme Music Marcus introduces the track team at the pep rally.
Floating Upside Down Extreme Music Jessica goes shopping with Nina at the mall.
Dare Me Crucial Music Jessica tries on a dress and talks to Nina.
Arcane Sorceress Firstcom Cyrus FaceTimes with Tyler as he and his father watch Harry Potter.
Rise Public Image Ltd. Alum Credits

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
Infinite Universe Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 2 - Original Series Score) At the start, Clay & Hannah travel through the universe.
Final Embrace APM Music Flashback: Hannah and Clay talk about the summer.
Giant Heart APM Music Flashback: Hannah and the group have breakfast at Monet's.


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