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The rules here are pretty simple: There are only two. Rule Number One: You listen. Number two: You pass it on. Hopefully, neither one will be easy. It's not supposed to be easy or I would've emailed you an MP3.
Hannah Baker, in "Tape 1, Side A"

The Walkman is a portable cassette player that Clay Jensen "borrows" from Tony Padilla to listen to Hannah Baker's Tapes. The Walkman serves as Clay's "guide" with Hannah's voice heard throughout the first season. He takes it all around town, uses it in his bedroom, the school, and the marked locations on the map.


The Walkman is a Vintage Sony WM-41 Stero Cassette Player made in the late 1980s. Tony uses it to listen to his mixtapes as he relies on the old media. Such as the cassette player in his Mustang or when he Deejays at high school dances. He plays mixtapes so that people could dance to the music he plays. 


Clay had attempted to listen to the tapes as soon as they arrived as a package on his doorstep. The tapes explained everybody's role in Hannah Baker's suicide. Clay tried to use his father's radio but it broke. So Clay went over to Tony's house to ask for a cassette player so that he can use it to listen to the tapes. He found the walkman in Tony's Mustang when he was helping Tony and his father repair the car. Clay took it without asking Tony. Eventually Tony found out that Clay was using it to listen to Hannah's tapes. 

Clay uses the headphones that came with the walkman at first, then attaches his Beats by Dre headphones while traveling around town. The tapes in the Walkman serve as Clay's "guide" with Hannah's voice heard throughout the first season as Hannah is the narrator. While listening, he travels through town while riding his bike to locations that are pinpointed by Hannah on the tapes.  Clay never reveals Hannah's tapes to anybody else as he is afraid that he was responsible for Hannah's death somehow. When questioned, Clay often lies by saying it's a school project or using it to listen to old music. Throughout the first season Clay feels reluctant to listen to the tapes with the fear that his name would be brought up on the tapes, but Tony insists that Clay listens to the tapes to learn the truth about Hannah's suicide. Hannah's tapes are kept a secret throughout the first season until further action was taken.

Clay first uses the walkman sitting on a bench in a park near the Golden Gate bridge. Then rides through the street where he is knocked over by a car. He scrapes his head and drops the walkman on the ground. The walkman still works, and Clay continues to listen to Hannah's tapes. Clay rides his bike to reach Hannah's first house shown on the map. This tape introduces Justin Foley as the main subject. 

Clay reaches the next location on Hannah's Tape, which is Eisenhower Park. Clay imagines Hannah's description of what happened in the park according to her tape. Then he sits on a bench near the playground. Tony arrives on the playground, asks Clay if he is using his walkman. Clays says he was gonna ask if he could borrow it. Tony says "no sweat" and to be careful while riding to make sure he doesn't get hurt, again. 

Tony then acknowledges that Clay is listening to Hannah's Tapes. Then leaves him alone, leaving Clay in shock. Clay comes home and goes to sleep. At this point, Hannah is overheard narrating the story without Clay using the walkman. In some episodes, Clay does use the walkman while Hannah narrates. Clay talks to Tony about the tapes. Tony tells him that Hannah wanted people to listen to them this way, and did not know that she planned on commiting suicide. 

When Clay nearly finishes listening to the first side of the tape, he notices Justin and some people on Hannah's tapes looking at him suspiciously. He sees hallucinations of Hannah Baker along with flashbacks of her while listening. Clay wonders who else could be on Hannah's tapes. 

Clay turns the tape over to listen to the next tape subject, revealed to be Jessica Davis. After placing the tape in the slot, the takes the walkman to school. As soon as Jessica's name is brought up, she is first seen in the series walking in Clay's class asking Marcus and Zach where Justin could be. Jessica then looks at Clay and asks him what he's listening to, as she starts to grow suspicious of whether Clay is actually listening to Hannah's Tapes by seeing his headphones. 

Zach and Marcus push Clay down with Mr. Porter grabbing his walkman that fell. After Clay gets up, he sees Marcus and Justin then sees Mr. Porter holding his walkman. Mr. Porter is amazed at seeing a walkman, remarking "I haven't seen these in a long time." Clay lies to Mr. Porter about listening to old music when he sees Jessica looking at him then walking away. Mr. Porter asks Clay to talk to him about Hannah Baker. He doesn't tell him about the tapes. 

While Hannah narrates the story of her friendship with Jessica, Clay isn't seen using the walkman. Tony come to Monet's and confronts Clay and also asks him what is taking so long to listen to all of them. Clay says it's hard. Tony says Of course, they're tapes from a dead girl. Tony reminds him of offering to help him when he was bullied in middle school. Clay refused and wanted to handle it on his own. Tony says this is one of those moments. Clay tells Tony that he can't listen without seeing her, and Tony says maybe that was the idea. Tony says that It effects him more than Clay knows. 

Jessica finds Justin eventually and tells him, Marcus and Zach that Clay has the tapes, but doesn't know about what happened at her party. Clay stops by Hannah's house saying how upset she is about the ordeal and then imagines seeing her upset through her through her bedroom window of her house, then sees her mother looking at him before he rides off. 

When Hannah introduces Alex Standall on her tapes, Clay is not seen using the walkman while Hannah narrates this tape. When Clay starts talking Alex about the tapes, he takes out the walkman and asks if Hannah was telling the truth. Alex leaves soonafter. 

Clay puts his headphones back on when Hannah starts talking about the Blue Spot Liquor Store, or A-3 on the map, where Clay rides to. Hannah describes her inappropriate encounter with Bryce Walker there. At the end of the day, Clay comes home and turns it over to the next side. 

Hannah instructs the listener to be very quiet because "you're about to do something wrong." Clay puts the walkman in his pocket, and takes the map that came with the box of tapes.  He sneaks out through his bedroom window. Hannah remarks, "Be careful, and don't get caught."

Hannah instructs the listener to go to "A-4" which happens to be Tyler Down's home. Hannah mentions how it would feel to stalk and follow somebody. Clay goes to "A-4" but crashes into a car and sets off the alarm. The headphones stay on this time. Clay visualises Hannah recording this tape while watching Tyler Down's bedroom window. The stalker is Tyler Down and Hannah instructs the listener to "stay tuned for any skeletons he may have dug up. For now, let's see if he's got any of his own. Hannah holds the microphone near her heart to have the listener hear it pounding to describe how it's a thrill to look into someone's life. At which point, Marcus Cole sneaks up on Clay. 

Marcus approaches Clay in a costume and tells Clay that he called him three times and then asks him to take his headphones off. The car alarm that Clay sets off draws attention to Marcus. Marcus tells Clay that the tapes are not worth it and recommends Clay to throw a rock at Tyler's window. 

As Hannah tells the story, Clay is seen with his headphones off at Hannah's bedroom window talking about how she was stalked. Clay overhears her parents arguing. 

Clay does not use the walkman at school when he confront Tyler. But tells him he hears Tyler's tape. Marcus also approaches Clay at the costume contest during assembly and tells him to bring the tapes. 

Clay rides over and meets Hannah's mom while removing the toilet paper from the house. Clay keeps the walkman in the bag while talking to Olivia Baker wondering what to do with the tapes. Clay plays one of Hannah's tapes to Olivia but strangles him with the cord after finding out who's responsible, it turns out to be an hallucination. Clay doesn't tell Olivia about the tapes. 

Clay gets a text message from Marcus asking if he is coming, Clay puts the tapes in his backpack and tells his parents he'll head out, but before he can, Tony arrives for dinner. Matt asks Clay about the tapes for the school project, which Tony also asks. Clay says he's done and will pass it on to someone else. Tony warns Clay what will happen if he dosen't finish. Clay and Tony cover up the tapes by saying it's a school project throughout the entire dinner conversation. Clay retaliates this by saying the tapes are from a dead person. As Tony is leaving, he tells Clay not to listen to Marcus. He says Marcus is a liar and Clay denies that there is a second set of tapes, Tony playes the tapes in his car to prove that there is.

When Clay is standing outside of Tyler's house to decide the next move, he sees an hallucincation of Hannah recording this tape outside of Tyler's house again. Clay decides to throw a rock at Tyler's window, before he does, he takes naked pictures of Tyler and sends it around to make him feel what Hannah felt. Hannah finishes the tape at this poinr. 

Clay sees Courtney at Monet's when he uses the walkman to listen to Courtney's tape. He is not seen using it throughout. 


  • A refurbished Sony WM-41 Walkman Cassettle player is on sale on eBay for $129.95.[1] The preowned version is $49.99.


Tony: "Clay, I think you got something that belongs to me."
Clay: "(looking hesitant) I do?"
Tony: "My keys."
Clay: "Oh, yeah, right. Here. (gives keys back) "
―  Clay stealing Tony's Walkman[src]
Tony: "Is that my walkman? "
Clay: " Uh... Yeah, I was gonna ask--"
Tony: "It's no sweat. Just be careful listening while you ride, though. You don't want to hurt yourself. Again."
Clay: " You're right. Thanks."
―  Tony sees Clay using his walkman[src]
Mr. Porter: "(picks up the Walkman) Haven't seen one of these in a long time. What you listening to?"
Clay: "Um...My dad had some tapes. Um...Old music. Ultravox? Duran...Duran?"
Mr. Porter: "(chuckles) Yeah, sure. Good stuff, man. I do more jazz myself but music is all good. It gets you through the day. (gives it back)"
―  Clay lying to Mr. Porter about the usage of the walkman.[src]
The rules here are pretty simple: There are only two. Rule Number One: You listen. Number two: You pass it on. Hopefully, neither one will be easy. It's not supposed to be easy or I would've emailed you an MP3.
— Hannah[src]


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