Clay didn't tell Justin that it wasn't the first time he'd heard from Mrs. Baker. He knew exactly why she was in town. He just didn't know everything that she'd done. And Clay wasn't the only one feeling the attention. Feeling the pressure build. Feeling the weight of suspicion, and the world closing in.
— Ani narrating

The World Closing In is the tenth episode of the third season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the thirty-sixth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Olivia Baker as the main suspect in Bryce Walker's murder.

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Hannah's mother returns to town. Urging Clay to protect himself, she reveals that there was more to Tony and Bryce's relationship than Clay knew.

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Olivia is questioned by the police about Bryce’s murder. Later on, she meets up with Clay where she tells him some shocking information about Bryce's family. They were the people who called ICE on Tony's family to deport them.

Clay and Jessica meet up and talk about how Olivia texted Jessica and what she talked with her about. A flashback shows Jessica and Oliva catching up with another. Olivia reveals she's back in town because her house is being sold. She also talks about how she's still not over Hannah.

Clay asks Tony about it, getting suspicious because this would give Tony more motive, but Tony tells him that he didn't hurt Bryce. However, he admitted that he did confront Bryce about it and wanted to let Bryce feel the pain that he causes everyone else. Tony makes him listen to Hannah's tapes. Bryce is really appalled when he hears them. He wants to talk to Hannah's mom to tell her sorry for hurting Hannah. Tony asks Olivia if she'd be open to hearing the apology but she shuts it down immediately.

Bryce doesn't listen and goes to find Olivia in her hotel lobby. She doesn't forgive him and instead tells him “I wish you a lifetime of learning what sorry means." Later on, Olivia leaves Clay a drunken voicemail, saying that it wasn't fair that Bryce got to go to “homecoming” when Hannah never did. She says she wants him dead and would shoot him if he could. Clay never turned the voicemail into the police.

After Clay tells Jessica the real reason Justin broke up with her, namely his drug addiction, Jessica goes to Monet's during Justin's shift to tell him she rejects his break-up request, and tells him that she wants to help him even though he thinks she's better off without him.

In a flashback, Clay goes to ask Ani to the homecoming dance, with flowers and all. Bryce is in the driveway and sees Clay going to ask her. He makes fun of Clay. Clay threatens Bryce and says that if he ever touches Ani, he will kill him. Bryce says he can have sex with Ani if he wants to. Clay freaks out at Bryce. The next day, Bryce asks Ani if she is seeing Clay. Ani says no. Bryce tells her he misses and needs her, but Ani also pushes him away.

Olivia and Nora Walker meet up and talk about how it felt like to lose Hannah. Olivia tells Nora that Bryce apologized to her, but she couldn't forgive him. However, she does believe he wanted to change, which gives her hope. Nora apologizes for everything. Olivia tells her that if she finds out who killed Bryce, it won't hurt less or bring back her son.

Justin tells Clay that he knows it was Clay who told Jessica about his drug problem. Clay says sorry but Justin says that it's okay because he wasn't able to tell her himself. The episode ends with the police coming to the Jensens' house with a warrant to search the mansion.

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  • Opening piece of evidence: Tony's car key

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I never knew Hannah Baker. I wasn't around. I didn't know the story. But it seems to me like if anyone had a reason to want Bryce Walker dead, it would be her mother. And you might have looked more closely at her, if you hadn't had all your eyes on Clay Jensen.
— Ani narrating

Sheriff Diaz: "Thank you very much for coming back to town. That's very kind of you."
Olivia: "I don't think kindness had anything to do with it. I believe I was instructed."
―  Sheriff Diaz interrogating Olivia Baker
Olivia: "And I have some questions for you, actually. Did you know that this department has put more investigative efforts into solving the murder of a convicted rapist than it ever did for any of his former victims?"
Sheriff Diaz: "I'm sure that is not correct."
Olivia: "And did you also know one of those victims had to come down here twice before anyone in this building would even believe her? "
Sheriff Diaz: " I did know that, yes. "
Olivia: "So maybe you can understand why I might have difficulty trusting your operation, or any police in general these days, Sheriff, because I can't help but wonder if all this added muscle all of a sudden might have something to do with that family that rapist was born into."
Sheriff Diaz: "Ma'am, I can assure you, that we are only interested in one thing here, and that's the truth. A boy is dead. "
Olivia: "And I imagine only his mother is mourning for him."
―  Olivia explaining her distrust for the police department
Clay: "Of course, that's the picture they use?"
Justin: "Yeah, dude, that is not your best look."
―  Justin and Clay looking at Clay's school picture in the newspaper
Bryce: "I think about Hannah everyday"
Tony: "Yeah? What exactly do you think about?"
Bryce: "Regret, for hurting her"
Tony: "Have you even listened to her tapes?"
Bryce: "I never got the tapes"
Tony: "They were on the fucking internet"
Bryce: "Yeah, but they took 'em down"
Tony: "After two months!"
Bryce: "[answering Tony's question] No"
Tony: "Then you don't have any fucking idea, how you hurt her."
―  Bryce and Tony after Bryce gives Tony his car.
Bryce: "It was Justin's tape. It should have been mine."
Tony: "Two things: One, your tape is coming up. Two, they're all your tapes."
―  Tony Padilla to Bryce after they listen to Justin's second tape.
Olivia: "You wanted something and you took it, because you felt entitled. You felt it was your right to rape my daughter. And you have blood on your hands and you always will."
Bryce: "I'm sorry."
Olivia: "I wish you a lifetime of learning what "sorry" means."
―  Olivia to Bryce about Hannah
Do you remember when Hannah used to wear that green army jacket everywhere? I used to tease her. I'd ask her, "What war are you fighting?" Then I found out.
— Oliva to Jessica about Hannah
You know after Hannah died, I didn't know what to do with my pain. I wanted to find someone to blame. The school, her classmates, your son. I thought it would make me feel better to punish someone else. To make them hurt like I hurt.
— Oliva to Nora

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Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"The Killing Moon (Transformed)" Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean Rain Bryce listens to Hannah's tapes.
"Swim Home" Cautious Clay 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Jessica tells Justin she'll help him and they get back together.
"Young Forever" JR JR 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
Invocations / Conversations
Clay and Ani watch Charlie ask a girl to Homecoming and talk about high school dances.

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"What Do We Do Now?" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) End credits.

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