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Look, here's the problem with Clay Jensen. Wait, strike that. There are a number of problems with Clay Jensen. Behind that nice guy surface, there's a whole bloody mess. And if you're a friend of his, you sometimes find yourself getting dragged into that mess with him.
— Ani narrating

There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen is the seventh episode of the third season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the thirty-third episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Clay Jensen as the main suspect in Bryce Walker's murder.


The police interrogate Justin and Clay about the night that Clay pulled a gun on Bryce. Clay discovers that Ani and Bryce had a deeper bond than he initially realized.


The police bring Clay and Justin in for an interview, after viewing the footage outside of Bryce's house. Clay denies hurting Bryce, and Justin insists Clay wasn't going to do anything. Ani also gets suspicious of Clay after seeing the footage and asks all his friends about Clay possibly being Bryce's murderer.

In a flashback, Clay and Ani’s friendship starts to bloom as they bond over a love of a sci-fi comic book. Ani makes Clay go with her to a cosplay convention. In Clay’s room one afternoon, Ani has Clay take his clothes off so that she can take his measurements. She then takes off her clothes and asks Clay to do the same for her. In another flashback, Clay drops Ani off at her house, and Ani kisses him, before retreating and saying she shouldn’t have.

The cops discover a pair of underwear with Ani’s blood and Bryce’s semen in Bryce’s room (the same underwear Ani wore with Clay). While Ani was getting close to Clay, she was seeing Bryce and having sex with him. Around Ani, Bryce was a different guy. Not only was Bryce sweet and caring towards Ani, but he seemed to understand and respect her. She seemed to be the only girl he had a sexual relationship with that he treated with genuine respect.

The cops start to think that Clay discovered Ani’s relationship with Bryce, which then led Clay to kill him after homecoming. Clay says that he had no idea about the relationship and therefore couldn’t have been jealous.

Meanwhile, Alex started fighting with Jessica. Alex is angry with her about protecting Justin telling Ani that he was with her after homecoming, which Alex knows is a lie. Alex reaches intense anger and screams at Jessica around other students at school. Jessica lashes out and tells him she’s now afraid of him and knows he’s been using steroids for months. Alex hits back at her about her hookups with Justin, which then becomes gossip around school.

Casey Ford, a friend in Jessica's activist group, scolds Jess for returning to Justin after Justin allowed her rape to take place. Jessica says that she doesn’t have to defend her personal life, but Casey says that the personal is still political. Meanwhile, Justin gets praised by the other jocks for hooking up with Jessica.

Ani and Clay argue about Ani's relationship with Bryce. Ani lies to the police about her relationship with Bryce. Clay hallucinates Bryce, who tells him he will be everywhere for the rest of his life. Clay comes home to find Ani in his room, and notices she's afraid of him as she believes that Clay killed Bryce.


Both the cops and Ani suspected Clay.

Clay Jensen[]

The Cops

  • Object: Ani's Underwear (and footage from the Walker household's cameras displaying Clay holding a gun up to Bryce)
  • Explanation (the cops):

    Opening intro shows underwear in an evidence bag as the seventh piece of evidence

    The cops found Ani's underwear with traces of Bryce's semen on them in Bryce's room and suspected that Clay found out about Bryce's sexual relationship with Ani and became angry enough to kill him. However Clay actually found out about Ani and Bryce's relationship due to the cops interrogating him. The reason why the suspicion became so strong was because Barry Walker turned in his security camera footage, the cops searched through it and found evidence of Clay holding a gun up to Bryce with the intention of killing him after Bryce gave his testimony in "Bryce and Chloe". After they interrogated all of their leads, they closed in on Clay as their suspect and tried to find proof that Clay killed Bryce.


  • Object: Footage of Clay threatening Bryce with a gun at his house.
  • Explanation (Ani):

    Nora Walker shows Ani footage of Clay holding a gun up to Bryce

    Ani was shown the footage of Clay holding a gun up to Bryce by Nora Walker. Nora told Ani that Bryce and Clay fought, brutally, when he came over to the Walker household to buy drugs (after he heard Bryce's tape).[1] She saw a side of Clay that she had never seen before, and began asking his friends if anyone could verify where he was the night Bryce was killed.
    • Jessica: She talked to Jessica about the footage that the cops had, who informed her about everything (the tapes, the trial and everything in between) as Jessica realised that Clay had not told her anything about Hannah. Ani asked Jessica if she knew where Clay went after Homecoming, but Jessica lied to Ani and told Ani that she was with Justin that night, but Tony might have known where Clay went.
    • Tony: She confronted Tony who told her that Clay was taking care of Tyler that night and that Tyler and Clay left in a Prius after the Homecoming game, he told her that he didn't believe Clay would hurt Bryce now considering that anything to do with Hannah is over. He then told her to ask Tyler.
    • Tyler: She asked Tyler about his whereabouts, Tyler told her that Clay dropped him off at Tyler's house at 11pm. He told her that Clay didn't say where he was going but Tyler just figured he was going home. Tyler defended Clay when Ani brought up the photo that Clay sent around of Tyler as revenge for Tyler hurting Hannah. He also defended Clay when Ani brought up the fact that Clay has tried to hurt Bryce more than once. He told Ani that Clay was the only one who actually ever reached out to him when he needed help.
    • Justin: She asked Justin, who told her that Clay came home at 1:30am, which was after Bryce was killed. She asked him where Clay was before that but Justin had no answer, Ani consistently questioned Justin, Justin became mad at her for thinking that Clay could kill Bryce, he consistently defended Clay and turned on her and asked if she really believed that Clay could have killed Bryce or if she was trying to deflect that fact that she was having sex with Bryce before he died. Ani became confused not realising that Justin knew about it, she tried to deflect it by asking him if Clay wasn't with him, where Justin himself was. Justin became more mad at her and told her to fuck off. Considering that people seemed to be defending Clay and not telling her where he could have been, she decided to confront Clay.
    • Clay: She ultimately confronted Clay himself, but he wasn't home, he later came home and found her in his bedroom. He was confused and asked what she was doing, however she didn't answer and asked him what happened to him as he was soaked from the rain. He told her that he walked home from school, he walked closer to her and he asked her what she was doing in his room, however she took steps back became scared and looked him up and down. For the first time Clay realised that she was afraid of him, she asked him questions and he realised that she had started trying to build a case against him. He told her that he was driving around at 1am for hours because his heart was broken (later found out to be because he saw her kiss Bryce and confronted her about it) He became mad at her and told her to get out, she didn't move until he scared her by shouting at her to leave his bedroom. By the end she believed that Clay killed Bryce because she still couldn't account for his whereabouts during the time that Bryce was killed.



Guest Starring[]


  • The episode takes its title from Ani's narration.


Clay: "You think I could kill someone?"
Lainie Jensen: "It doesn't matter what I think."
Clay: "Yes, it does!"
―  Clay and Lainie
There's something wrong with me. There's something seriously wrong. You shouldn't be here. I'm fucked up.
— Bryce to Ani after sex

Bryce: "Why do you even want to?"
Ani: "I like you, I guess."
―  Ani telling Bryce why she wants to keep having sex with him
He was never gonna get better, Ani. No matter what you did. He was always going to be who he was. This whole fucking world is better without him in it.
— Clay to Ani about Bryce after discovering their sexual relationship

I mean, I'm glad I ended up testifying. After everything. It made me feel stronger. But after that night, after Bryce, I was constantly afraid. I had to go to school everyday and see him. I was just starting to get over that and Clay. God, he made me feel...hunted.
— Jessica to Ani

Lainie: "Justin, we know that you care about Clay and you want to keep his secrets, but the time for secrets has passed."
Justin: "I know, I just- I was one of his secrets once."
―  Lainie and Justin about Clay
Casey: "This is a fight, Jess, and you started it! And you can't finish it, and that's fine. That's fine! But you are not going to stand in the way of those of us who actually want to make things change!"
Jessica: "But you're not making any change, you're just making noise! I am making them uncomfortable! I am reminding them that their actions have consequences. When I shout, they look in my direction and they see the pain that I feel every minute! I will make them understand that I will never yield from this and I am not okay! And you going back to the guy who let you get raped is not okay!"
Jessica: "Things are always way more complicated than you think."
Casey: "Not this one, this one seems fucking simple."
―  Casey and Jessica
Clay Jensen is a dangerous kid. He's self-righteous, entitled, and obsessive. But could he kill someone? Could he take a life?
— Ani narrating



Song Artist Album Scene
Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"Lost Boy" The Midnight Kids (The Instrumentals) Ani and Clay talk about Alien Killer Robots when Mrs. Jensen enters the room
"Another Summer Night Without You" Alexander 23 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Ani and Clay measure each other.
"Slaves of Fear" Health 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear
End credits.

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