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Tony's Mustang is a 1968 red Ford Mustang that is driven by Tony Padilla throughout the majority of the series. It was owned by Bryce Walker for some time during Season 3


Tony's car is a red iconic Ford Mustang built in the 1960s. It has a cassette player, a radio, and crank-operated windows. Tony keeps tapes and his Walkman in the center console. 



Appearances []

Tony's Mustang appears all throughout the series. It does not play a super important role in the series. Perhaps the most important scene in which the Mustang is featured is when Tony and Caleb find it destroyed in an alley where they had left it. It was revealed later on that Monty was responsible for the damage, as he did it as a way of warning the friends of Hannah to not speak about those responsible for her death.

In Season 3, Tony puts his Mustang up for sale, in efforts to gain money to keep his shop afloat. Bryce notices, and buys it from Tony. Later in the series he gives it back to Tony.


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Arturo: "That should do it. Start her up."
Tony: " Hand me the rag."
Clay: "I'll do it. (sits in driver's seat)"
Arturo: " If we got the timing right, we'll hear it. Okay, flip the ignition."
Clay (starts the car): ""
Arturo: "You hear that? That's how it should sound."
Tony: "That sounds different?"
Arturo: "Yeah, it's different. Are you deaf?"
Tony: "Sounds the same as before."
Arturo: "Then you are deaf."
―  Tony, Clay, and Arturo fixing the car[src]
Arturo: " That's so much smoother. It's like night and day. "
Tony (responds indistinctly): ""
Arturo: " I don't think so. I know, and you should too. That's why I'm showing you this. Okay, shut her off."
―  Tony, Clay, and Arturo fixing the car (continued)[src]


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