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Tony is an acquaintance of Clay and the one who receives the second set of tapes. He has to make sure each person on the list follows Hannah's instructions. If they don't, he is tasked with releasing the second set of tapes to the whole town, thereby exposing the secrets they hold to everyone. Tony spends his afterschool time following the twelve people on the list, making sure they carry out her wishes. Tony tells Clay that he's able to track who currently has the set of tapes by playing them a song on a tape, and based on the person's reaction to it, he would know.

We did not see a lot of relationship between Hannah and Tony. The first time we see them together is in "Cassette 6: Side A" when Hannah already made her decision. She gave him a bike because she wanted him to have it. Tony was confused and asked her for a reason she gave it to him but Hannah just shrugged. She thought that he is the only one she could think of who might need it. Tony accepted the gift but he wanted to give her something in return. Hannah asked Tony how he made those tapes. Tony didn't ask why instead he just gave her a recorder. A few days later when Tony got home from school there was a package sitting on his porch. He immediately started listening to the tapes and none of this made sense to him. He was going through them so fast to find out if he was on these tapes but he wasn't. That is when he realized that this is the second set of tapes. He called Hannah's house and no one answered. After that, he called her parent's store and they answered. He asked if Hannah was there and her parents were confused. They asked if everything was all right but he said that something was wrong and that they needed to find her. The next day at school, she wasn't there.

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