Tracy Porter is Kevin Porter's wife. She is portrayed by Brittany Perry-Russell.

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Tracy Porter had been calling and her husband, Mr. Porter all day, as she had parent conferences all day and Kevin was in charge of reliving the babysitter, who left the house in a messy state. Only after two hours of trying to stop her their baby from crying, had her succeeded in calming him down. Kevin took the baby from her hands and carried him, making her sigh in relief. Kevin then apologized for his lateness that night but tried to explain that he was preoccupied with school. Tracy suggested that he find a balance to take the pressure off of himself, but Kevin was worried about losing his job. Nonetheless, Tracy reassured him that he wouldn't. Tracy reasoned that he had no idea that the girl who committed suicide was suffering, so he couldn't blame himself for what she did. "But what if I could?", he asked, to which she replied that she knows he couldn't.[1]

Season 2 Edit

Tracy bailed her husband out of jail after he got arrested for his fight with Seth Massey. She told she's proud that he's helping students, but it's going to far as there's even glass in their son's car seat.[2]

Tracy supported Kevin when he testified in the Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District trail. After Kevin broke down in court and said things that aren't in favour of the school, Tracy told him that he did the right thing and is a good man.[3]

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"The Missing Page"

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