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I thought I'd never be able to get away from who I was. Who I've been. From what hurt. So, I climbed the bridge, and I looked down, and I saw this, like, flash of purple, like a jacket. And somehow, I just knew. So, I went down below the bridge. And I saw it was him. Bryce. Dead. Cold, like, gray. Like, not a person. And I thought 'That's it. He doesn't get to be anyone anymore. It's over for him.' And I knew right then that I didn't want to be dead. I want to live, and keep getting better and be stronger, and that's that's why I want to give the gun away. Because I didn't need it anymore.
— Tyler, in "Angry, Young and Man"

Tyler Down is a main character in 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Devin Druid.

Tyler was Liberty High's Student Photographer. He is the subject of "Tape 2, Side B", where he was responsible for photographically stalking Hannah and spreading her and Courtney's kiss photo over the school, which ultimately ended Courtney and Hannah's friendship. He is constantly bullied by Monty and his friends, but finds friends of his own and goes on a date with his crush, Mackenzie, who eventually leaves him and starts dating someone else. His friends leave him which makes him feel lonely and depressed. He works the trauma of being raped by Monty, which lead him to an attempt at a school shooting during Spring Fling, with Clay, who talked him out of it.

Tyler goes through ups and downs in the second season, he seems to have become stronger and healthier, but still gets pushed aside by the group who don't see him as a friend he makes friends with Cyrus, and dates Mackenzie, his sister. Cyrus and Tyler have tight but troublesome friendship and they take their hatred for the school bullies out on the school, vandalising the football field, this is met with Cyrus being suspended and Tyler entering a programme to control his anger. He comes back incredibly happy and seemingly healthier, however, his happiness and healthiness, takes a turn for the worst when he is raped by Monty in the boys bathroom, which pushes him over the edge as he attempts a school shooting in "Bye", however Clay, who Tyler stopped considering a friend, convinces Tyler that it isn't the way.

Tyler works through his trauma in the third season, Clay gathers the group together to help take care of Tyler while he recovers, which Zach Dempsey wants no part in as he believed Tyler had become a psychopath. During the time that Clay takes care of Tyler and helps him become happier and healthy again, Tyler joins Jessica's group that is determined to dismantle the rape culture at Liberty High, as an ally. Tyler works up the courage to tell Clay that Monty raped him and they share an emotional hug, Tyler considers Clay to be his best friend. Clay and Tyler talk after their hug and Tyler reveals to Clay that the only other person who knew abut it was Bryce Walker. Tyler shares his trauma with Jessica Davis, after Clay says that she would understand considering she was also raped and working through her trauma, he shows her a video he made before he planned to go through with the shooting, in which he confesses what Monty did to him and says goodbye to his parents, whom the video was meant for. Tyler also reveals to Jessica that he told Bryce.

Early Life

Very little is known about Tyler's past. What we do know comes from his own words in his goodbye video where he talks about hurting, feeling cut and bleeding everyday since he was 12 which has caused him to feel rejected, alone, and that his life is meaningless. This shows Tyler's been bullied and hurt by others for years which may have caused him to isolate himself in photography and yearbook which ended in him becoming anti social and others at Liberty to view him as a loner and a creep and was bullied often by other students, mostly jocks, only increasing his feelings of rejected.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In the flashback, Tyler would always stand outside Hannah's window, taking pictures of her. Hannah didn't know that it was Tyler, and so Courtney offered to help her catch the stalker. Tyler snapped a picture of Hannah and Courtney drunk and making out. Hannah figured out that Tyler was the photographer then. The next day, he was confronted by Hannah and he supposedly gave her the pictures to dispose. Tyler then asks if Hannah would want to hang out with him, but she declines, and so an angry Tyler group-texts the picture of the two making out to the whole school. At present, everyone still had a copy of the picture on their computers.

Tyler was inside his house. His windows had some visible damage to it, and his dad asked him what was going on. He proceeded to tell him that he didn't know anything. After a while of prying, his father decided to leave him be. At school, he was confronted by Clay about the pictures and Tyler revealed that Tyler was in love with Hannah, and the fact that she didn't try to hide who she was. After Clay said that he wanted the pictures destroyed, Tyler gave him a picture of Clay and Hannah together, for his keeping. Later, a naked picture of Tyler was sent to the whole school by Clay, as a payback for what he did to Hannah.[1]

Season 2

Tyler is the first of the individuals called upon from Hannah's tapes to court. He relays the whole truth of his stalking of her. He states that he was attracted to her and met her when attempting to gather yearbook photos and being rebuffed she offered herself as a subject. Tyler helped Hannah access her locker and then asked her to model for a photo collage in the park to which she agreed.

Tyler eventually upset Hannah during the Justin Foley playground incident by offering to console her with a photoshoot. He then that night made his way to her house knowing it from the earlier pre-school party. He caught her sexting and captured his first illicit, unauthorized photo of her.[2]

Tyler befriended outcast punk student Cyrus in class through complimenting his drawings and drew a crush from his sister Mackenzie. Tyler and Cyrus proceeded to revenge prank those tied to the Hannah Baker suicide depending upon their honesty in court. School Captain Marcus was set up with an incriminating video and paint explosion whilst he and Cyrus vandalized his car, blackmailing him to turn against Bryce Walker.

Tyler went on a date at the Crestmont with Mackenzie, and they began kissing before he abruptly excused himself. In the hallway, it is revealed he had prematurely ejaculated and ran out as he was embarrassed. Tyler's friendship with Cyrus falls apart at an underground metal gig after he insults a persistent Mackenzie.[3]

After posting photos of him and Cyrus vandalizing the school, he and Cyrus were in trouble. Cyrus got suspended and Tyler was sent to a program to help him control his anger. In "Bye", Tyler came back to school, seeming quite happy and he seemed to have, somewhat, let go, only to be cornered in the boys bathroom at Liberty High by Montgomery and two other boys, bashed in the face multiple times, drowned in a toilet bowl and brutally sodomized with the handle of a broomstick. The boys walked out leaving him half-naked and bleeding on the floor. This scene was likely implemented to show that men and boys can be sexually assaulted too.

This was the final straw for Tyler and he decided to go through with his plan to commit a school shooting. Tyler gathered four guns (three handguns and an Assault Rifle) and headed to the school, where the Spring Fling dance was being held. At the dance, Mackenzie showed Cyrus a concerning text Tyler had sent her, Cyrus told Clay and the other students. Clay advised everyone to lock the doors, stay inside, and not call the police, as he knew Tyler would get killed. Clay went outside and talked Tyler down, while they heard sirens in the distance, he told him he won't get out of it alive, but he doesn't want him to die. Tyler finally relented, Tony pulled up and shouted for him to get into the car. Clay took the assault rifle, Tyler got into Tony's car and they sped away before the police arrived. The season ended with Clay, Justin, and Jessica waiting outside the school.

Season 3

After his attempted school shooting, Tyler is still traumatized by the cruel act of Montgomery, but he never talks about it to anyone. The whole group of friends (except Zach Dempsey) decides to help each other to keep an eye on Tyler and make him better.

During the season, the people closest to Tyler are Alex Standall, Tony Padilla, Clay Jensen along with Jessica Davis. To help Tyler channel his anger, Tony invites him to train in boxing with Alex and Caleb. Thereafter, Tyler decides to get rid of all his weapons, knowing that he no longer needs them and that he feel better with himself. However, he is still threatened and mocked by Montgomery, which alarms Alex in particular. Tyler decides to join Jessica's club as an "ally," but does not reveal that he has been the victim of rape too.

When Mr. Porter returns, he informs Clay that Tyler is acting weird, which is true : during the season, Tyler refuses to be touched, he doesn't use the bathroom and has even try to commit suicide twice. Clay decides to confront Tyler and Tyler finally tells him the truth and Clay hugs him to reassure him.[4]

We later learn that Tyler also told Bryce the truth. Indeed, Tyler had saved a video of him on a USB key, explaining why he wanted to cause his attempted school shooting, and the fact that he has felt alone and martyred for a very long time. Bryce, seeking redemption, decides to threaten Montgomery, prohibiting him from approaching Tyler.

Later, Tyler also tells Jessica the truth using the video. She reassures him by telling him that he should tell his story only when he feels ready.

During the school assembly, Tyler, supported by Clay and Jessica, decides to stand up, announcing aloud: "My name is Tyler Down, and I'm a survivor". Charlie St. George, a sophomore, knowing the truth about Montgomery, encourages Tyler to file a complaint. Consequently, Montgomery is imprisoned for the rape of Tyler.[5]

Tyler decides to protect Alex and keep the secret of Bryce's murder. At Monet's, Tyler is doing a photo exhibit of all the people that supported and helping him in the past few months, claiming that having friends is an amazing thing. He reconciled with Zach at the same time.[6]

Season 4

Approximately one month has passed since the events of season 3. Tyler calls Clay to ask for a ride to the Sheriff’s station, as he's been called in for a meeting with Sheriff Diaz and Deputy Standall. After his meeting, Tyler then returns to Clay with concerning news ; the police have found the bag of guns in the river. He tells them that he ahead bought the guns but they were stolen from him and both of them believe him. Clay believes Tyler but the young man does not tell the group anything about his interrogation.

At Justin’s welcome home party, Clay, Jessica, Ani, Zach, Alex, Tyler, Tony, and Charlie gather for the first time since Bryce's murder case. Tyler leaves the party early. Clay informs everyone about what happened with Tyler. Some, like Jessica, think Tyler is going to report them, others like Alex or Charlie think they should trust Tyler.

At Future Fair, Liberty students gather to check out the club and institution representatives. Tyler is approached by newcomer Winston Williams at the Yearbook Club stand. Winston shows interest in joining the Yearbook Club. The two later get together again as Tyler shows him around the Yearbook club room.[7]

While visiting Sanderson University, Tyler enjoys photographing the buildings.[8]

Tyler accompanies Tony as the DJ of the Valentine's Day Dance. Later, he is called by phone and must leave the premises. Tony follows him and sees Tyler get into Deputy Standall's car, and therefore suspects Tyler.[9]

Tony questions Tyler and the boy is offended that Tony doesn't trust him. During the same day, Tyler learns from Alex that Winston knew Monty.[10]

Tony and Justin follow Tyler and sees him giving money to a gun dealer. Tony and Clay therefore think that Tyler could again prepare for a school shooting and they watching over him.[11]

A red level alert is triggered, and students must stay in the classrooms and lock themselves. But Tony notices that Tyler has disappeared and warns Clay by message. It turns out that Tyler is actually in the bathroom with Montgomery's sister Estela de la Cruz, and the two young teenagers are having an intense conversation. All of the students later learn that this was just an "exercise" to prepare them for a possible attack.[12]

Whiile Tyler goes on a dangerous date, Tony and Clay try to save him and fail to be killed by an arms dealer. The truth about Tyler is revealed at the beginning of episode 8. It turns out that Tyler was worked for the police and was used as bait to arrest the traffickers of firearms. After this case settled, Tyler takes part in the rally orchestrated by Clay and Jessica ; when he is about to be arrested by a police officer, Tyler is saved by Tony.[13]

Tyler offers Estela to come to the ball with him, she accepts with enthusiasm. During the ball, we see them dancing, together and happy.[14]

After Justin's illness was announced, Tyler was seen several times in the hospital waiting room. He attends Justin's funeral next to Estela. During Jessica and Clay's graduation speech, Tyler listens to them with a big smile. Later, he offers Alex to carpool to visit Estela and Alex’s boyfriend, Charlie. That's when we can see that Alex and Tyler will go to the same university and that Tyler and Estela are now a couple. After that, the group leaves buried Hannah Baker tapes, showing that they have made peace with their past and that they are ready to move on. Tyler says the following sentence: "If anyone ever needs any help, anytime, anyplace, just send a group text, say,"Gordon Lightfoot" ", which shows that they can always count on each other and that they will stay friends forever.[15]

Tyler's Mistake (Reason #4)

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Tyler is Hannah's fourth reason of why she committed suicide.


Hannah and Courtney kissing in "Tape 2, Side B".

Tyler developed a crush on Hannah, however, he was too shy to tell her his feelings in person and he then decided to begin stalking her and taking photos of her without her consent, which completely frightened her. Eventually, Courtney volunteered to help Hannah catch her stalker and they were eventually able to catch Tyler in the act of taking pictures, causing him to flee the scene. However before this occurred he was able to get a photo of Hannah and Courtney kissing, evidence of Courtney being a lesbian.

Hannah personally confronted Tyler at school and demanded the photos he took and all the negatives, which he gave to her. Tyler attempted to ask Hannah out but she just laughed and left. Out of spite, Tyler spread the photograph of Hannah and Courtney to the entire school, causing Courtney to turn her back on Hannah for a time. Despite this, nobody at school figured out that it was Hannah and Courtney in the photo. Tyler's actions ultimately led to Courtney betraying Hannah and destroying her reputation in order to hide the fact that she was in the photo alongside Hannah after Montgomery confronted her about the photo.


Tyler is shown to a socially awkward, uncaring, spiteful and selfish person. Being a dedicated photographer, he appears to not care at all about people's privacy and constantly stalks people and takes pictures behind their backs and as such is despised by a majority of the people at Liberty High. He was shown to have a crush on Hannah Baker though was too shy to tell her this in person, when he first saw her, he asked to do a photoshoot with her, after she asked him to take a picture of her, seeing that he asked a group of girls and they harshly rejected him, she gave him a chance because no one else seemed to, after the picture of her got sent around the school, Tyler unknowingly and accidentally said the wrong thing, she rejected him and he resorted to stalking her for days just to get photographs of her which completely frightened her.

After being caught by Hannah and Courtney and giving up the photos he took of them at her request, he finally told Hannah of his feelings though due to his actions was coldly rejected by her and out of spite he cruelly spread the photo of Hannah and Courtney kissing to the whole school which not only further ruined Hannah's already damaged reputation, but also destroyed her friendship with Courtney and led Courtney to betray Hannah and destroy her reputation even further just to save herself.

Tyler appears to show little remorse for what he did to Hannah and no doubt wants the tapes to be kept a secret to protect himself from punishment. He is shown to be willing to resort to extreme measures to protect himself as it is he who suggests that he and the others on Hannah's list use Bryce as a scapegoat to minimize the damage on themselves as he views Bryce as being dangerous and that his actions are the worst, completely ignoring that he is guilty of crimes as well such as trespassing and invasion of a minor's privacy.

Due to his actions towards Hannah and Courtney, Tyler, like Hannah has become a victim of intense bullying and ridicule and as a result of Clay, humiliation on the same level as that suffered by Hannah. The others on Hannah's list even grant her request to throw rocks at his window for revenge on what he did, showing how much they hate him. By the end of the first season, Tyler is shown to have finally had enough of his torment and appears to be embarking on a violent, murderous path as he purchases an entire arsenal of weapons and also makes a hit list of all those on Hannah's tapes and those who have bullied him, possibly showing he wants to murder them all as revenge.

In the second season, Tyler appears to be regretful of his actions and appears to be trying to turn his life around. He tells the truth in court and helps Alex in his recovery. He even makes friends with other outcasts, most notably Cyrus. However, the majority of the school still ostracize him, as the jocks still dislike him and Chloe refuses to let him photograph cheerleading practice, which the principal tells him he is no longer allowed to do. He also appears to have developed violent tendencies, as he keeps the guns he had in the trunk to shoot cans and bottles, and later a bird invites Cyrus to do it with him and even admits that it is easier to do if one imagines the target as someone they hate. His change is shown when he starts listening to heavy metal music, courtesy of Cyrus. It also appears that he is fearful of consequences from his authority figures, as when his parents confront him overshooting guns, he claims it was Cyrus' BB gun, and when they find out he bullied Marcus, he claims it was Cyrus' idea. He also abandons Clay after taking him to shoot guns when the cops start to show up. When Cyrus confronts him over abandoning Mackenzie on their date, he claims it felt weird because it was Cyrus' sister.

Throughout the season, Tyler revenge pranks the people on Hannah's tapes with Cyrus' help depending on whether or not they tell the truth in court, but it is unclear whether he is doing this for Hannah or is simply releasing his frustrations on those he believes deserve to be bullied. This attitude of prioritizing himself eventually costs him his friendship with Cyrus, as he insults Mackenzie when she tries to console him over his premature ejaculation on their date, doing so to prevent Cyrus from finding out about it. After this, and others finding out about his date, he snaps and admits that he and Cyrus torched the field, by posting pictures of it on Facebook.

After coming back from a program to help him control his anger, Tyler appears to be fine. However, once Montgomery sodomizes him with a mop handle, he snaps and attempts to commit a school shooting, regardless of the consequences. However, Clay manages to talk him down, showing that Tyler is not completely gone yet.

In Season 3, we see Tyler to be completely traumatized by his rape by Monty as well as having almost committed a school shooting. He tries to recover with help from Clay and his friends and begins to take boxing lessons, which slowly begins to improve his confidence and mental health. He also begins taking steps to fully redeem himself for past wrongs. Though he eventually attempts to commit suicide, he decides not to once he sees Bryce's battered corpse, which results in him reporting Bryce's body to the police anonymously. He finds new purpose when he joins Jessica's support group and ally and eventually tells Clay and Jessica about his rape, as well as revealing his status as a victim.

Tyler has made mistakes and has gone through the most evolution of the Baker's dozen, asides from Justin and Zach. But he's a much different character than he used to be, and he seems to be recovering from the traumatic events of his past and moving on to live a better life.

In season 4, despite the pressure the boy has on his shoulders, Tyler seems to be getting better since the assault. He becomes friends with Winston, without knowing that he was Montgomery's ex-boyfriend. Winston asks Tyler what Monty did to him. Tyler is still uncomfortable but admits that he is no longer angry, and that he even felt pity for Monty.

Physical Appearance

Tyler is tall, lanky, and pale. He has curly brown hair and dresses very simply, normally wearing jeans, a shirt, and a jacket. He carries a camera with him everywhere because of his duties with the yearbook.


Hannah Baker

Hannah is Tyler's former friend and crush.


Tyler and Hannah in "The First Polaroid"

Tyler and Hannah first met when Hannah offered Tyler to take a yearbook photo of her. Tyler liked her because she was beautiful and nice to him. He asked her if she wanted do a photoshoot with him, which she agreed to. After the picture Justin took of Hannah spread around, Tyler tried to talk with her about it. He told her that she was the most beautiful girl of Liberty High, and offered to do another photoshoot with her. This upset Hannah, and she told him to get away from her. To cheer her up, he went to her house to give her the pictures from the photoshoot, but instead captured unauthorized photo's of her. He started doing this more often, stalking her. Hannah and Courtney caught Tyler after he took a picture of them kissing. Hannah asked Tyler to get rid of the pictures, which he told her he did, but after getting rejected by Hannah, he sent the picture of Courtney and Hannah to half the school.

Clay Jensen

Clay is Tyler's friend.


Clay and Tyler at a basketball game in "Tape 4, Side A"

Tyler and Clay's relationship has been rocky. Tyler is friendly towards Clay, and Clay doesn't really seem to care about him. After listening to Tyler's tape, Clay takes a picture of a naked Tyler from outside his house and sends it around to make him feel the way he made Hannah feel. In the second season they are seemingly friends. When Tyler is about to shoot up the school, Clay tries to stop him but Tyler tells him to go home, not wanting to shoot Clay. Clay keeps standing in front of him and Tyler points his gun at him. Clay apologizes for not realizing how bad everything was for Tyler and tells him that he doesn't want him to die, and helps him to get away from the school before the police arrives.

The become much closer in the third season, as Clay works hard on getting Tyler better. He makes schedules so there's always someone looking after Tyler and is constantly checking up on him. Clay is the first person Tyler tells about his rape. He breaks down crying in Clay's arms. When Clay ran away, Tyler asked Clay to come to school for him as it was an important day for him. Clay came to support Tyler at the assembly, besides risking getting arrested. Tyler was too nervous to stand up until he saw Clay was there, who later told him he's proud.

Alex Standall


Tyler and Alex in "The First Polaroid"

Alex is Tyler's friend.

Alex has always been nice to Tyler, mostly by defending him from bullies. This caused Tyler to take Alex off his hit list, therefore, making Alex the only person Tyler decided to spare from death. After Alex shot himself in the head, Tyler often visited him at the hospital and became close with his Dad. Tyler showed Alex pictures he took of him at the hospital and was invited to Alex's birthday party.

In Season 3, Alex often watches Tyler when Jessica doesn't want to. They also work out at the same gym. Tyler also knows about Alex killing Bryce, and is part of the group that defends him.

Montgomery de la Cruz

Monty was Tyler's bully and rapist.


Monty slamming Tyler against a wall in "Tape 7, Side A"

Monty has been bullying Tyler for a long time. He would usually slam Tyler against walls and lockers. After the school cancels the school's sports season and Bryce ends his friendship with Monty, Monty decides to bring out his anger on Tyler. In the bathroom, Monty slams Tyler's head into the mirror, drowned him in a toilet and brutally sodomized Tyler with a mop. This pushed Tyler to trying to shoot up the school.

In Season 3, Montgomery mocks Tyler for having been raped, even saying that it has happened to other people. Tyler is shown to freeze every time Montgomery passes in the hallway, and when he threatens him. Tyler eventually finds the strength to tell Bryce, Clay and Jessica, on different occasions, which result in all three of them confronting Montgomery. In "And Then the Hurricane Hit", Tyler finally tells the police the truth, causing Montgomery's arrest.


Cyrus is Tyler's friend.


Tyler and Cyrus in "The Missing Page"

Tyler and Cyrus met in special skills class. They disliked the same kind of people, starting their friendship. Cyrus introduced Tyler to his friend group, and they would usually hang out. Together they get revenge on the people who lied or made Hannah look bad in court. After Tyler insults Cyrus's sister Mackenzie, Cyrus gets mad at Tyler and doesn't want to hang out with him anymore. When Tyler comes back from the program, he and Cyrus have a talk and confirm they're cool with each other. However, Cyrus doesn't seem to be willing to rekindle their friendship. In the third season, he does help cover up Tyler's attempt at mass shooting by claiming it was a joke. Cyrus helps Tyler along with the others by watching him. After Tyler confessed that he's a sexual assault survivor, Cyrus is shown to be protective of Tyler as he didn't want to let a jock talk to him.


Mackenzie is Tyler's friend and crush.


Tyler and Mackenzie in "The Smile at the End of the Dock"

Tyler and Mackenzie start showing interest in each other soon after meeting. After a while, Mackenzie asks Tyler on a date to the movies. At the movies, they start kissing and Tyler ejaculates. He leaves Mackenzie in the theater, and Mackenzie tells a friend about it. The outcasts start making fun of Tyler for what happened, and when Mackenzie tries to talk about it with Tyler in public, he yells at her. When returning from the program, Mackenzie welcomes Tyler back and Tyler's very happy to see her. Tyler asks her out, but Mackenzie reveals that she's dating someone. Tyler sends her a text before trying to shoot up the school so she can get away. After the attempted shooting, Mackenzie helps Tyler get better and they remain friends.

Estela de la Cruz

Estela is Tyler's girlfriend.


Tyler, Estela and Alex in the last episode "Graduation"

Tyler's most significant relationship of season 4 doesn't actually begin until episode six. Tyler and Estela never interacted until the school shooting drill. Estela was hiding in a bathroom and suddenly heard someone breathing heavily, on the verge of crying, and opened one of the toilet doors to see Tyler panicking. The trauma of the moment is doubled for Tyler because he's stuck in the bathroom, the place where he was assaulted. They started talking to comfort each other and Tyler opens his heart to her, not only about the assault, but about how he came close to committing a school shooting himself in the aftermath of it. He admits that he came very close to doing the same, but that his friends helped him to get better. Estela understands him. "I'm sorry for what my brother did to you" Estela says tearfully, before wondering out loud if Monty would ever have had a chance of getting better, had he lived. "He was lucky to have you for a sister" Tyler replies, "That means he had something good in his life.".

Estela and Tyler's relationship gets even better from there. After the drill, the two are seen standing together and watching Clay as he fights the police in anger and shock. Some time after, Tyler asks her to go to prom with him, to which she excitedly agrees. At prom, they are often seen dancing together, happily. After the date, they officially become a couple as Tyler refers to her as his "boo" in the last episode.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Why don't we turn him in? Bryce is dangerous! I don't get why we're still protecting him.
— Tyler to the group about Bryce[src]
What if we confirm Hannah's stories about Bryce? What if we give the school their scapegoat? They have someone to blame, the Bakers have someone to charge with a crime, then whatever we did doesn't matter as much....
— Tyler suggesting to the group to use Bryce as a scapegoat to minimize punishment on themselves.[src]
You should be blaming the kids that make this school a terrible place. You should be blaming the kids that make other kids want to kill themselves.
— Tyler when accusing Mr. Porter of victim blaming[src]

The truth is everyone's still hurting, some more than others.
— Tyler on Hannah's death[src]
Tyler: "People tell lies about you and other people believe them. And it gets to the point where...the lies might as well be the truth."
Dennis: "And did people tell lies about Hannah Baker?"
Tyler: "...Yes, they did. All the time... And, another girl I know [Jess]. She had something happen to her. She had to leave school for a while. While she was gone, the story got twisted."
―  Tyler on the bullying of Students at Liberty High[src]
You hurt, worse, you feel, powerless. And I know some people don't want us to talk about what happened. But if we don't talk about it, it's never going to change. So it's important for everyone to understand how it all happened, the whole story; you know. Cause things at Liberty are as bad as they've ever been. And I don't wanna be afraid anymore. I don't wanna be afraid.
— Tyler about Hannah's story and Liberty High at his testimony[src]
This trial going forward, it affects the whole town. We all have to think about it all over again, how Hannah lived, and how she died. And how it changed all our lives.
— Tyler on Hannah's trial, while testifying[src]
Tyler: "Did you just come here to look at the destruction that is my life, or...?"
Clay: "No. I was wondering, do you ever, work with Polaroids?"
Tyler: "Amateur hipster tripe."
Clay: "I'll take that as a no."
Tyler: "It's retro analog bullshit. There are no negatives, what's the point?"
Hannah (hallucination): "Unless that is the point."
Clay: "So no one can make a copy?"
Tyler: "No, you can make a copy of anything, you just take a digital picture of it. But, yeah, you want one print to hold on to, take a Polaroid."
―  Tyler and Clay (with Hallucination Hannah) on the Polaroids.[src]
Clay: "Do you know these people?"
Tyler: "Tommy Schuster. Erica, Charles, I think. I shot Tommy a few times for baseball."
Clay: "So, they go here?"
Tyler: "They did. They were Seniors when we were Freshmen."
Clay: "Do you think he knew Scott Reed?"
Tyler: "Don't all those troglodytes know each other? Why do you care?"
Clay: "I'm not sure I do."
―  Clay asking Tyler about the subjects of the first polaroid to see if there is a connection.[src]
Alex: "Why did I do this to myself?"
Tyler Down: "You didn't do this. Everyone else at this school did."
―  Tyler showing Alex pictures of him in the hospital[src]

When people stare at you and talk or they don’t stare but you can tell that they want to, just remember that you know who you are, and they don’t.
— Tyler to Clay[src]
I have a chance to be someone else... because of you. Because of all of you.
— Tyler to Clay[src]
Jessica: "Why'd you do it? Or... almost do it."
Tyler: "I don't... I don't know."
Jessica: "But you must have had a reason. Or if you didn't, is that, like, worse?"
Tyler: "No, I did. I mean, I had reasons. I guess I just felt like the only way to make the hurting stop was to make the people who hurt me hurt too, you know?"
―  Tyler and Jessica about why wanted to shoot up the school[src]
I thought I'd never be able to get away from who I was. Who I've been. From what hurt. So, I climbed the bridge, and I looked down, and I saw this, like, flash of purple, like a jacket. And somehow, I just knew. So, I went down below the bridge. And I saw it... him... Bryce. Dead. Cold, like, gray. Like, not a person. And I thought "That's it. He doesn't get to be anyone anymore. It's over for him." And I knew right then that I didn't want to be dead. I want to live, and keep getting better and be stronger, and that's why I want to give the gun away. Because I didn't need it anymore.
— Tyler about finding Bryce's body[src]
And then they dropped me on the floor, and left me there in the toilet water in my own blood. And that was that. That was the worst of it. But it feels like I've been hurting, like, cut and bleeding every day since I was 12. I feel rejected. Not just alone, but rejected. Like I am nothing. No one. And my life is meaningless. I don't think it's ever going to be any different. That school is never going to change. I'm sorry I have so much rage. I wasn't born with it. To everyone I love... I'm really sorry about all of this. Mom and Dad... you've been great parents. You really have. You did your best. I'm sorry. Alex... thank you for being the only one who was ever nice to me. To everyone hearing this... I did what I had to do. That's it. I'm sorry. Goodbye.
— Tyler's recorded message before the attempted shooting[src]
So, there's a picture of everyone that's helped me this year. And I wanted to say thank you. Uh... Having friends is an amazing thing.
— Tyler presenting his exhibition at Monet's[src]

Tyler: "Hey."
Clay: "Hey. Hey, are you okay?"
Tyler: "Yeah, fine."
Clay: "What happened?"
Tyler: "They found the guns... in the river."
Clay: "Fuck."
Tyler: "And they couldn't trace it to anyone at first, you know there's no serial number, no prints. But the bag, they traced the bag back to the store I bought it from. But-but I told them that I bought it, but that someone else stole it from me."
Clay: "And-and they believed you?"
Tyler: "Well Alex's Dad was there, he helped me out, I think we're okay."
Clay: "Let's keep this between you and me, for now."
―  Tyler tells Clay what happened after leaving the Sherrif's Department after being asked to come down.
I think guns can be beautiful. The way they look, along with what they can do. I mean, you can be attracted to them. The fact that I put it in a picture doesn’t mean I think it’s a good thing. It’s… it’s a picture that I needed to take. That I needed people to see. I’m actually… I’m scared of guns. And… and I think they’re beautiful. You know ? And I think a lot of people talk about… kids are angry, kids are sick, kids are violent. But we don’t talk about the more complicated things like the fact that we are attracted to guns. I mean, some people are disgusted by them, for sure. But some of use are attracted, like, drawn to them. And these pictures are meant to get people thinking, you know, about why.
— Tyler during his interview[src]
If anyone ever needs any help, anytime, anyplace, just send a group text, say, "Gordon Lightfoot".
— Tyler to everyone[src]


  • Tyler has said on multiple occasions that he has some extremely sensitive photos of many popular people at school.
  • Tyler was preparing to commit a school shooting in "Tape 7, Side A", the last episode of the first season, evidence being his massive trunk containing several guns and large amounts of ammunition. In "Bye", the last episode of the second season he is pushed to the edge by a brutal sexual assault and attempts to commit a school shooting.
  • Tyler was the only person to admit in his deposition video that there are tapes that Hannah recorded.
  • Tyler is shown to be the most despised person on Hannah's list, more so than Bryce to a degree as they refuse to allow him to join in plans to silence Clay about the tapes and throw rocks at his window as Hannah told them to.
  • There is a strong argument regarding his presence in the tapes in the original novel of 13 Reasons Why as Hannah had speculated Tyler was stalking her instead of confronting him as opposed to the television series where he is Hannah‘s stalker.
  • In "Bye", Tyler is brutally sodomized by Montgomery. This makes both Bryce and Montgomery rapists.
  • The name of his Instagram is 'tylerdownphotography'.
  • Tyler have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Cyrus stated "Tyler's kind of OCD. I mispelled 'Hypocrite' on Marcus's window and he freaked out".[16]. In "Prom", Estela ask Tyler if he has OCD, Tyler responds yes with humor.


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