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So, yeah, it's Valentine's Day. They're calling the dance "Love is Love," which , like...here's the thing about love in high school. Love does not thrive in an atmosphere of complete paranoia. So anyone who thinks Valentine's Day in high school is a geniune show of love probably also thinks that airport security actually has anything to do with security.
— Clay narrating

Valentine's Day is the third episode of the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why and the forty-second episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 5, 2020.


As the school gears up for the Love Is Love dance on Valentine's Day, disturbing phone calls keep Clay from getting in the spirit.


In an opening narration, Clay talks about Valentine's Day and the school preparing for the "Love is Love" dance. He believes love in high school isn't real. When Clay arrives in school, he sees that cameras have been installed all over the building and he becomes paranoid. To make matters worse, he begins receiving disturbing calls Clay from Monty's number, tormenting him in a distorted voice. Still distracted by this, Clay completely misses the hints Ani throws his way about asking her out to the dance.

In the darkroom, Clay has another panic attack when he receives another call. Later in the cafeteria, the caller tells him to pick a fight, so he does. He approaches Zach and asks him to hit him. After calling him names, Zach finally kicks him in the groin and tells Clay to sort his shit out.

At H.O. meeting, Jessica proposes the group going to the dance together but they all awkwardly reject the offer, seeing as they all have dates. That leaves Jessica and Ani dateless.

Meanwhile, Winston wants to hang out with Alex. When they go bowling, Alex asks Winston to go to the dance with him, which he claims is for "social commentary purposes". Then they end up kissing.

Justin approaches Zach telling him Chlöe has been worrying about him. He also invites Zach to join the football team's workshop, despite his knee injury.

Jessica asks Alex to the Love is Love Dance. Alex laughs sarcastically and rejects her offer. Jessica tries to convince him to go as friends, but Alex isn't having it and he calls her out for only coming to him when she needs something. Jessica points out that he's the one who stopped talking to her after Thanksgiving. Alex reveals that she reminds him of Bryce's murder and that's why he wanted to catch a break. They talk it out, but Alex still doesn't agree to go with her and suggests that she should go alone. Jessica tells him that having their lives back is no good if they can't live. Alex agrees with her.

In class, Tony asks Tyler why he's been avoiding the group but he replies that he's been busy with work and school. When he gets called to the office, Tony follows suit and tails him to see if he's telling the truth. However, he gets stopped by SRO Ted Wynn. Since he found out Tony is a boxer, he invites him to join his independent boxing league, East County Pro-Am. After their conversation ends, Tony s told that Tyler's actually meeting Principal Bolan instead of Dr. Singh, as he claimed.

Clay realizes in hindsight he completely blew off his girlfriend when she asked about the dance. He rectifies this by asking Ani through a letter with a comic he drew. However, this moment is soon ruined when he receives a photo of himself by the anonymous caller. He's being watched. He dials the number and tracks the ringtone to a girl in the library, thinking she's the anonymous caller. However, he's mistaken as she was just talking to her mother on the phone. Ani apologizes to the girl and takes Clay to the side to ask him what's going on. He reveals the truth about the calls he's been receiving; someone has Monty's phone and he's threatening to reveal proof of Monty's innocence. Ani reassures him that they can't have proof and that he shouldn't let them play him.

In the football team locker room, Jessica gives a speech on the importance of the team setting an example for the school because everyone looks up to them. When Luke starts getting smart with her, Diego shuts him down and tells everyone to "listen to the lady". Nevertheless, Jessica sees through that and schools Diego on how that's also disrespectful. Later, she wants Charlie to go to the Dance with her to get Justin jealous. Charlie clearly is uncomfortable but agrees because he's afraid of her.

Afterwards, Justin speaks to Coach Kerba about Zach. Then the coach advises him to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at his neighborhood church East County Baptist. It's a more welcoming group for younger people like himself. Later, when he goes to the meeting he sees the coach is also there.

Clay meets with Tony at the mall where he is informed about Tyler's rendezvous as of lately; he's been lying about his shifts at work and meeting with Principal Bolan. Tony thinks Deputy Standall might know something about this. When Tyler arrives for work, he sees them and asks why the urgency to see him. Tyler gets fed up with them keeping tabs on his whereabouts and saunters off to work.

At school the next day, Clay receives another call. The voice says they can prove that his alibi with Ani is false and they can prove the two weren't together the night Bryce died. He then gives Clay a clue on where to find Monty's phone if he wants it. That leads him to the H.O. club. But the phone he finds isn't Monty's, it's just a burner phone. The voice then tells him he'll get the phone if he shows up to the dance.

At therapy session, Clay admits he doesn't believe in love. And what about Hannah? Dr. Ellman asks. Clay thinks love is a lie; he thought he loved her, but didn't actually know her. It's all just a fantasy. When you see people for who they really are the fantasy goes away and then so does the love. Dr. Ellman wonders if he does believe in love and that he loves so fiercely that it hurts; and he's afraid of that hurt. Clay just believes we're all alone.

At the dance, Jess arrives with Charlie, but when Diego approaches her she ditches him for Diego, who thinks hanging out will make Justin more jealous. The two go off to the dance floor. Clay is dancing with Ani. The two kiss before Clay receives another call. The voice tells him to kiss her one more time before it's too late, then he instructs Clay to leave the dance immediately and head to the locker room. Clay complies, despite Ani's warning. Ani tries to follow him but gets distracted by Alex and Winston kissing.

Meanwhile, Tyler ends up showing up to the dance to help Tony. However, he leaves soon thereafter after receiving a phone call. Tony follows him outside to see him get in Deputy Standall's car and they drive off.

Clay arrives in the locker room, he sees the showers stained with what appears to be "blood" and a knife on the ground. The voice tells him it won't look good to stay in the scene of a crime. Panicking, Clay hastily turns on the showers in an attempt to remove the red stain on the tiles. Instead of water, blood comes running out. Clay panics even more and slides to the ground. He eventually regains the willpower to move. He grabs the knife and runs to the football field and the voice tells him "you found me". When he gets there, he sees Monty alive, but bleeding out. He tries to save him by stopping the bleeding but it doesn't work and Monty dies. Clay is so distraught and cries out "I'm sorry". When he turns around he finds Bryce who calls him a monster. The hallucination dissipates and he's back to reality. Standing in front of him is the football team, the leader reveals himself to be Diego. They tell him that his reaction was way overboard seeing as it's just a dummy they placed on the field. Clearly there's something more to it and that's a reaction of a guilty person. They tell him "we own you" before leaving him there covered in fake blood and tears.

Back in the dance, Justin arrives to see Jessica dancing with Diego. He tries to get her to stop but she brushes him off and tells him she's lonely. Clay walks back to the dance groggily with the knife in hand. Everyone stops and stare in shock.



Guest Starring[]


  • Austin Aaron as Luke Holliday
  • Katie Baker as Elle
  • Jackie Dallas as Ms. Oakley
  • Keyara Milliner as Nerd With Phone
  • Briana Price as Moderator


Clay: "If you lose someone, you're going to lose them. Sometime, somehow."
Dr. Ellman: "Yeah possibly, but we love anyway, don't we?"
―  Clay and Dr. Ellman in a therapy session
Love has only fucked up my life, has made me question my relationships, my closest friends. And God knows, love has made my closest friends question me, so you know what? Fuck love.
— Clay narrating

That's messed up. This whole thing is messed up. I'm the fucking president of the school. I'm a female powerhouse, and I can't even get a fucking date. Boys suck!
— Jessica to Ani

Zach, I wouldn't even be on this team if it weren't for you taking the time to give a shit about me when I needed it.
— Justin to Zach

Alex: "Nope, sorry. Hard pass."
Jessica: "Like... even as friends?"
Alex: "Who literally never speak until you need something."
Jessica: "You're really calling me out today."
―  Alex rejecting Jessica's offer to go to Dance and calling her out
Alex: "So go alone!"
Jessica: "And I shouldn't have to go alone! What good is it to have our lives back if we can't, you know, live?"
Alex: "Yeah. I hear you."
―  Alex and Jessica about life
What I can tell you is this. Courage on the field doesn't mean shit unless you have the courage to stand up to each other when you're being fucking dicks. Or when you're bragging about that hot chick you were banging last night. Or calling us "lady" like you're being a gentleman, but really, you're just trying to diminish us. Standing up to that kind of bullshit, that's what it means to be a man.
— Jessica to the football team



Song Artist Album Scene
Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"Princess Diamond" Kero Uno Feat. Kelsey Bulkin Reflection Eternal Jessica asks H.O. to go to the dance as a group.
"Too Much" Huxley Ware, SHIPS Future Soul 2 Winston and Alex start kissing at the bowling alley.
"Batgirl" Kahikko, Kantola Batgirl Clay, Ani, Charlie and Jessica arrive at the Valentine's dance; Diego tries to convince Jessica to dance with him.
"Can't Stop Your Lovin'" Poolside, Panama Can't Stop Your Loving' Remixes Tyler and Tony talk at the dance; Zach and Alex talk; Alex notices Winston.
"I'll Come Too" James Blake Assume Form Clay and Ani dance and kiss; Clay receives a phone call.
"All Da Way" Allday All Da Way Clay and Ani talk about the mysterious talks he's been receiving.
"Maybe in the Summer" SASSY 009 Maybe in the Summer Justin arrives at the dance and argues with Zach; he confronts Jessica about being with Diego.
"Losing It" Fisher NTA Tyler receives a call and leaves the dance; Tony follows him.
"Maze" Juice WRLD Death Race for Love Clay returns to the dance covered in blood and holding a knife; everyone stops dancing and stares.


  • This episode reveals that Alex had stopped talking to Jessica after Thanksgiving because she reminded him of Bryce Walker's murder. They talk it out in this episode.


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