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Winston: "What did you tell the cops?"
Ani: "Look, Winston--"
Winston: "He didn't kill Bryce. He was with me. What'd you tell 'em?"
Ani: "Winston... He was already gone."
Winston: "He was a human being. Okay? He was a human being. He didn't deserve to die like that."
Ani: " I know."
―  Winston justifying Monty's innocence and humanity while confronting Ani about Monty's arrest and murder[src]

Winston Williams is a main character in the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why after appearing as a recurring character in the third season. He serves as the main antagonist of Season 4, along with Diego Torres.

In the fourth season, Winston transfers to Liberty High School in an effort to learn more about Bryce Walker's death, and the implications of the cover-up on Montgomery de la Cruz. He enjoys a relationship with Alex Standall for a brief period of time, however, the two grow apart as Alex discovered his reason for coming to Liberty. Eventually, Alex reveals the truth to Winston, but Winston chooses not to pursue the matter any further due to his love for Alex.

Early Life

Not much is stated about his early life, although we can assume he was born into a well off, old money family. Before the series, he was enrolled in Hillcrest. He has mentioned being a fourth-generation Princeton legacy. However, he is not as academically strong as his older relatives.

Throughout the Series

Season 3

He can be first seen at a “rich kid” party that Bryce and Monty attend when Monty arrives Winston takes notice of his arrival.

While in a bedroom Monty arrives looking for a bathroom, Winston shuts the door and the pair look at each other before Winston moves into kissing him, Monty initially grabs Winston by the collar but proceeds to aggressively make out with him, and Winston gives Monty a blowjob.

After this encounter, Monty leaves the party. On his way out Winston encounters Monty and asks him to hang out sometime, but due to his fear of people finding out that him and Winston hooked up Monty calls him a faggot and proceeds to beat him up before Bryce and another partygoer pull him off, Winston. He then takes $2,000 off Bryce for his silence and demands another $5,000 the next day. Bryce and Monty leave and he tells Alex he doesn’t know why Monty attacked him.[1]

He is later spotted at the Liberty vs. Hillcrest game photographing the match. He and Monty exchange a look.

After the game he is taking photos of the team bus leaving when he is approached by Monty, Winston begins to leave but Monty apologizes to him for his actions at the party and tells him ”he seems like a good guy”. Winston invites Monty back to his place and the two have sex before Monty tells him that he can’t be publicly gay.

He attends the event organized at Liberty where Jessica publicly apologizes for causing the Homecoming fight and starts a wave of solidarity towards sexual assault victims.[2]

He is last seen at the end of the season outside of Monet’s, Ani comes out and Winston states that Monty was with him the night of Bryce’s death, and he knows that Monty is innocent. He says that Monty was a human being and that he didn’t deserve to die the way he did before walking off in disgust at Ani for framing Monty for murdering Bryce.[3]

Season 4

Winston first appears in a room talking with his mother about wanting to transfer to Liberty. Despite his mother's concerns for Liberty being "-not the best." Winston denies the concerns and says he'll be fine and he'll want to get closer with a few people he knows there.

He befriends Tyler and Alex, neither of whom knowing that he had been with Monty the night Bryce had been murdered. He and Alex briefly form a romantic relationship, Winston unaware that it was in fact Alex who murdered Bryce.

At the end of the season, Alex reveals the truth to Winston. Winston later confronts Alex over Bryce's murder and Alex explains himself to Winston. Winston chooses not to do anything with the information, stating that while he'd loved Monty, he also loved and still loves Alex too much to ruin his life. At graduation, Ryan Shaver shamelessly flirts with Winston.


Not much is known about Winston. Winston is probably one of the only people to show acceptance to Montgomery, implying a kind and caring nature. Despite being violently attacked by Monty, he chooses to initially lie about their first sexual encounter when asked why he was beaten up. When asked by Ani and Clay why he kept Monty's secret, Winston replies, "That's a secret you keep," implying that he is sympathetic and understanding of Monty's struggle and difficulty in accepting his sexuality, putting his concern for Monty before his injuries. However, he did not have a problem revealing Monty's sexuality to Ani and Clay. Later, after Winston is confronted by Monty at the Homecoming game, he is quick to forgive and invite him for another hook-up. Even after Monty denies being gay, Winston does not show judgment - he kindly tells Monty that he does not have to be gay and that he can choose to be whatever he wants to be. At this point in the story, the night of homecoming and Monty and Winston's second encounter, which the audience sees as a flashback, Winston would probably not know much of Monty's reputation at Liberty and would certainly have no way of knowing about Monty's assault on Tyler during this time (it was only in the aftermath of the homecoming game and Bryce's death that Tyler first told Clay and Jessica). We do not know if Winston and Monty saw each other again between homecoming and the night of Monty's arrest. In the aftermath of Monty's death, Winston expresses disgust at Ani for letting Monty take the blame for Bryce's death. The fact that he knows of Monty's death in jail would seem to imply that at some point he eventually became aware of the reason why Monty was imprisoned in the first place. The audience does not know what Winston's reaction was to find out what Monty did to Tyler, nor how/if it changed his relationship with him. Winston walks away after this, leaving his future intentions/thoughts unclear, except that he doesn't think Monty deserved to die the way he did nor that he should have been framed for a crime he didn't commit, implying that his relationship with Monty still influences how he feels about him despite Monty's actions.

Physical Appearance

Winston has a slender frame and a thin pale white skin, with dark black wavy hair and green eyes.


  • Winston is openly gay.
  • Winston is rich: he was a Student in Hillcrest and also has an Audi R8.
  • Winston was the student photographer of Hillcrest High School.
  • Winston is a self proclaimed "Nikon Nazi" meaning that he prefers Nikon cameras over Canons
  • Winston has been expelled from Hillcrest High School because Brian Chu, who took his SAT, rat him out after getting caught hacking the school servers.


Season 3

Season 4


Not the bathroom friend. And don't piss on the bed, rumor has it Preceil isn't much into that.
— Winston's first conversation with Monty[src]

You can be whatever you want.
— Winston to Monty about their relationship[src]

We gotta figure this out, for Monty.
— Winston to Diego[src]

Alex Standall: "It was me. I killed Bryce Walker."
Winston Williams: "You're lying."
Alex Standall: "No. I found him on the pier. I was alone. I tried to help him up. He threatened to hurt Zach. I shoved him in the river. He drowned."
Winston Williams: "Alex."
Alex Standall: "Yeah, so... that information is yours now. Do what you want with it."
―  Alex reveals the truth to Winston[src]
Winston Williams: "Can I ask you, why'd you do it?"
Alex Standall: "Yeah. Ok. Zach had hurt him pretty bad, he'd broken his leg, his arm. He begged me to help him up, so I did. And then he started on about how he was gonna ruin Zach's life, which he already had done. And he was just spewing all this shit. And I saw this... anger. I didn't see any soul or anything. I just didn't. And then I realized that he had ruined everyone I ever loved. And I got this... this flash of rage. Ever since my TBI, I get these flares, like, I go red. And then I pushed him off the dock."
Winston Williams: "Are you sorry that you did it?"
Alex Standall: "More than I can ever say."
―  Alex finally gives Winston answers[src]
Winston Williams: "I'm not gonna do anything. I thought I was... because... because I loved Monty. I knew him somehow. I swear I did. But I loved you too. And I am trying not to... but I still fucking do."
Alex Standall: "Ok. Thank you."
―  Winston gives up his investigation out of love for Alex[src]



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