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The Winter Formal is a back-to-school dance held annually at Liberty High School.

Hannah mentioned the Winter Formal on one of her tapes. She talked about events that occurred that led to her suicide.


Season 1[]

Clay Jensen lost a bet with Jeff Atkins and was forced to attend the Winter Formal. When he arrived, Jeff encouraged him to ask Hannah Baker, who was sitting on the opposite bleachers, to dance with him. They shared their first dance.

Courtney Crimsen was confronted by Montgomery de la Cruz concerning the photo of two "unidentified" girls kissing. Realizing that her reputation was on the line, she spread sexual rumors about Hannah.[1]




Music Featured[]

These are all the songs played at the Winter Formal by Tony Padilla, who was the deejay for the dance.


Song Artist Album Scene
The Night We Met Strange Trials Lord Huron Hannah and Clay dance together - plays at the beginning of the episode and at 28:50, 32:17, and 52:56[2]
Living in Fiction Icky Blossoms Living In Fiction – Single Hannah and the other girls go into the dance.[2]
Amused Amused - EP Hunger Plays during the Winter Formal (dance)[2]
Hollow Visions Eagulls Eagulls Plays while Clay and Hannah first dance together and jump around.[2]
Cinnamon New Mistery Cullen Omori Hannah rescues a drunk Jessica at the dance from the jocks.[2]





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