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My name is Amorowat Anysia Achola. You can call me "Ani". I'm a senior at Liberty High School...I just started at Liberty. My Mum's a home health care worker. We just got to Evergreen last spring, April. I just started at Liberty in April. About eight months ago. Yeah, I'm the new girl. Do I like Liberty? Sure. It's an interesting place. Stuff happens at Liberty High School, you know? I'm guessing that's why I'm here. You think I know something about what happened? Well, I do. I'm sure you got pieces from other people. I can help you put them together.
Ani Achola to Deputy Standall

Yeah. I'm the New Girl is the premiere of the third season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Clay Jensen as the main suspect in Bryce Walker's disappearance.


The cops question Clay about Bryce's disappearance. Clay remembers the aftermath of Spring Fling, when he raced to cover Tyler's tracks and met Ani.


The episode unfolds with narration by Ani Achola — a new transfer student at Liberty High School. Her Mom – Amara – works for the Walker family as a nurse for Bryce's grandfather, so she spends a lot of time at the Walker household and gets to know Bryce. Ani claims she knows a lot of secrets about people at the school.

This episode switches between two time periods: the night of Tyler's attempted school shooting and eight months later - after Homecoming.

Eight Months Before[]

Eight months before, after Tyler came to the school with assault weapons in the episode Bye, Clay and Tony ran to dissuade Tyler from doing any harm. Jessica, Justin, and Alex all saw Tyler and helped Clay try to protect him. Zach called the police when he saw what happened, but the group convinced Zach not to say anything to the police because that would implicate Clay and Tony - and by default the rest of them, since they helped to cover up for Tyler. Zach agreed to not say anything but also didn't want to be a part of protecting Tyler.

The group agreed to help monitor Tyler and help him get back to his normal self, while avoiding the police. Clay and Tony help discard the weapons and bring Tyler back to his parents' house. Tyler seems grateful for the help but also seems very mentally disturbed. The group is anxious because they all have this big secret that they've been keeping from the police and their peers.

After that dance, Ani joins the school as a new student. Clay is assigned to give her a welcome tour, which he does a pretty crappy job at (Ani comments on this)- but Ani still likes things about Clay and can tell he's a good guy. Clay is a bit distant and awkward with Ani, but he introduces her to Justin and Tyler.

On her first day, Ani sees Jessica in a school council meeting fighting to do something about the athletes at the school, since according to her - this is where all the problems and drama of Liberty High start. Courtney, the class president at the time, tells her to run for School President if she wants to do something about it. Ani sees this and tells Jessica that she sees something in her and that she should actually run. Ani even offers to be her campaign manager, which Jessica accepts.

Eight Months Later[]

Eight months later, Ani has built friendships with people in Clay's group – Jessica, Justin, Alex, and so on. There are a lot of references to the Homecoming football game, where Jessica (who is now class president) helped start a riot, presumably against the athletes. There was a big fight between two teams and school property was damaged. Jessica is facing suspension.

In one scene, Ani is frantically washing something red out of her shirt, while her mom calls her name. She hides the shirt and goes out to greet her mom, pretending like everything is okay.

It was also announced that after the Homecoming, Bryce Walker went missing and hasn't been seen since. His mother and others are starting to get worried that something actually happened to Bryce, whereas some, like Monty, just think that Bryce is off drunk, partying somewhere.

Ani sees Clay being brought in by the police for questioning. She runs to tell Jessica and Justin. All of them are wondering why Clay in particular is being brought in. They think it has something to do with Tyler and the attempted school shooting. Clay eventually tells them that it has nothing to do with Tyler but rather that he is suspected as having to do something with Bryce. Clay was seen outside his house a few days before Homecoming, and has been seen threatening Bryce before. Clay did not get arrested, just questioned, but now he's on edge.

Clay and Justin look at photos of the Homecoming football game and find out Bryce was the one who attacked Zach on the field. They mention Zach lying about who did it to both of them. Zach goes to the pier and calling Bryce to ask where he is. Tyler listens to a voicemail Bryce left him. Monty gets taken by Deputy Standall to get questioned about Bryce. Clay looks at a text he sent to Bryce, threatening to kill him.



Opening intro to the episode shows the evidence being the bike lock

  • Object: Clay's bike lock
  • Explanation: Ani was given Clay's bike, she left the bike lock in Bryce's room. The police were unaware that Ani had left it, as it was believed to still be Clay's bike lock, and thought Clay had been in Bryce's room. Clay was unaware of her relationship with Bryce before Bryce died until it was revealed by Ani herself.



Guest Starring[]


  • Julian Longmire as Athlete
  • Renny Madlena as Deputy Estrada
  • Keon Motakhaveri as Chad Moore
  • Liberty Lynn Pierson as Monet's Manager
  • Caleb Pilkenton as ASB Secretary
  • Callan Taylor as Cheerleader
  • Ross Tuner as Mr. Wood



Dedication at the end of episode

  • This episode was dedicated to Steve Golin, an executive producer on 13 Reasons Why. He passed away on April 21, 2019 at the age of 64.
  • This marks the first apperance of the new chraracters, Ani Achola and Charlie St. George.
  • A Deadpool 2 poster can be seen in the Outhouse.


My name is Amorowat Anysia Achola. You can call me "Ani". I'm a senior at Liberty High School...I just started at Liberty. My Mum's a home health care worker. We just got to Evergreen last spring, April. I just started at Liberty in April. About eight months ago. Yeah, I'm the new girl. Do I like Liberty? Sure. It's an interesting place. Stuff happens at Liberty High School, you know? I'm guessing that's why I'm here. You think I know something about what happened? Well, I do. I'm sure you got pieces from other people. I can help you put them together.
Ani Achola to Deputy Standall

These kids were connected by their secrets, connected, and forever changed...Even the ones that don't like each other very much, there's a bond. They show up for each other.
— Ani to Deputy Standall on Clay, Zach, Tyler, Jessica, Justin, Chlöe, Alex and Tony

I don't know everything that's happened since that night[1], but I know it was Bryce Walker's last night at Liberty. And I'm the new kid, right? I watch, I listen. I know quite a bit, and I'll tell you everything.
— Ani to Deputy Standall

Though to tell the truth, I don't really know Clay Jensen all that well. He was a classmate. Do I think he's capable of being violent? I don't know, do any of us really know what we're capable of?
— Ani to Deputy Standall

Bryce is missing. He hasn't been seen since Homecoming, Friday night... They think something happened to him, that someone did something to him, and they think the someone is me.
— Clay to Ani after he comes out of the Police station

Look, Jessica, I am super sympathetic to your feelings. All right? Especially given the circumstances under which I ascended to president, e.g. the ouster of Marcus, the sexist pig who likes strippers. That being said, the student council has no actual power and student councils as a rule never do. And like most, I actually just did it for my college applications. So, if you really want to stir some shit up and make this student council more than just a joke, you should run for next year's president, okay?
— Courtney to Jessica about running for student president

Deputy Standall: "So, how are things at Liberty lately?"
Clay: "Fine, I guess."
Deputy Standall: "Pretty stressful, though, I imagine, with everything that's going on. Hannah's trial, then Bryce. Then the false alarm at the dance last spring, and and now all this at Homecoming. More than any one high school deserves."
Clay: "I think a lot of high schools go through a lot worse."
Deputy Standall: "You're right. But this thing with Homecoming... Were you there? At the game Friday night?"
Clay: "I was"
Deputy Standall: "Did you get caught up in it?"
Clay: "Not so much, a little."
Deputy Standall: "Did you run into Bryce Walker?"
Clay: "We said hello."
―  Clay Jensen and Deputy Standall talking in the suspect room
Deputy Standall: "Okay, was this before the game or after?"
Clay: "Before. Why?"
Deputy Standall: "Well [sighs] see, the things is, Clay, Bryce was playing for Hillcrest on Friday night. He walked off the field and hasn't been seen since. Do you have any idea where he could be or who he could be with?"
Clay: "[stammers] I don't."
Deputy Standall: "Hmm. [pulls out Clay's bike lock from an evidence bag] Except for, we found this inside Bryce's room. You recognise that?"
Clay: "[stammers] It used to be mine."
Deputy Standall: "You have any idea, how Bryce could come to have it or why it would be in his room?"
Clay: "I don't know."
Deputy Standall: "When's the last time you saw it or had it in your possession?"
Clay: "[stammers] I don't remember, I don't ride a bike anymore."
―  Clay and Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Deputy Standall: "Okay. Um. Clay you were seen outside of Bryce's house a few days before the Homecoming game. You apparently threatened him. [leans over to read a statement] Specifically you said "I'll fucking kill you." Can you explain that?"
Clay: "Who told you that?"
Deputy Standall: "It's not important. Do you remember saying that? "
Clay: "[stammers] I was--I was checking on a friend, their safety. I mean, Bryce has a history."
Deputy Standall: "Uh, is there anything else you think I should know?"
Clay: "No."
―  Clay and Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Nora Walker: "Clay, my name is Nora Walker"
Clay: "Yes I know--I know who you are."
Nora Walker: "[sighs] Clay, I know Bryce hurt you and friends of yours. He's done some monstrous things. But he's my Son, I don't excuse anything that he's done, but he's my child. And he might be lost, he might be hurt. Do you know anything that might help us find him?"
Clay: "I don't, Mrs. Walker. I'm sorry."
―  Clay and Nora Walker after she enters the suspect room, after Deputy Standall leaves, asking Clay about Bryce
Jessica: "Did something happen this weekend? What did you do after the homecoming game?"
Zach: "(pointing at his crutches) Not very damn much."
―  Jessica asking Zach about after Homecoming.
Alex: "Here I'll help you with that, in terms of ironic things happening."
Zach: " Not my first time on crutches, Alex. "
―  Alex offering to help Zach
Gary Bolan: "Alright look. Given how destructive and public the events at the Homecoming game were, we're looking at a multiple-day suspension. "
Jessica: "Okay."
Gary: "And I understand that there are some very strong feelings here and that you and your group have an important voice that needs to be heard, and I want to be sensitive to that. But I also want to find a solution that is positive, even.. [Jessica gets the text in the group chat that Bryce has been missing since the Homecoming game] progressive as well as remedial."
Jessica: "[looking at the text] Oh, shit!"
Gary: "I'm sorry?"
Jessica: "I mean, um, yeah! Yeah, yeah, whatever."
Gary: "If I suspend you, I have to suspend everybody in your group. Not to mention Clay Jensen and Tyler Down. As well as the majority of the football team: Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, Charlie St. George, Montgomery de la Cruz--"
Jessica: "Mmm, wouldn't that be a shame, if Monty got suspended.."
Gary: "We have damage to our stadium and to our field. We had to cancel the homecoming dance. I have football players walking around with black eyes and bloody faces, like they've been through the wars."
Jessica: "-Isn't that what football's all about? "
―  Jessica and Principal Bolan talking about the protest at the Homecoming game.
Gary: "I have the dean of students of Hillcrest calling threatening personal injury lawsuits."
Jessica: "Well, they started it."
Gary: "Our students threw all the first punches."
Jessica: "Yeah, but Hillcrest started it. You get that, right?"
Gary: "This was about Bryce Walker, was it not? The fact that he was on the field."
Jessica: "Bryce Walker had nothing to do with it."
Gary: "Yeah, well you and I both know that's not true. Now, you listen to me, Jessica, you incited a riot and there are consequences. You're the Student Body President for Christ's sake, you're supposed to be a role model!"
Jessica: "That's what I was being."
―  Jessica and Gary (conversation continued)



Song Artist Album Scene
Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"Regret" New Order Republic Ani kisses her Mum and rides to school.
Fades out as she watches Clay Jensen get taken out of school in handcuffs.
Fades back in when she tries to find Jess and fades out when she finds her.
"Incantation" Wolf Parade Cry Cry Cry Justin and Zach talk on the football field and find out from Clay in the group chat that Bryce Walker was reported missing.
"Straight to Hell" The Clash Hits Back / Combat Rock / 5 Studio Album Set / Sound System Flashback: Clay shows Ani Liberty High
"Severed" The Decemberists 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
I'll Be Your Girl
Zach tries to call Bryce; Monty is arrested for sexual assault; end credits.

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
"What Do We Do Now?" Eskmo Fades in and out
13 Reasons Why (Season 2 - Original Series Score)
Flashback: Clay drives away from the school in Tyler's car, terrified, and passes the cops.
Flashback: Justin, Zach and Cyrus talk to the police
Flashback: Tyler takes off his tatical belt at the request of Tony before Clay arrives
"Jess" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Ani talks with Jessica in the hallway.
"The Truth" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 2 - Original Series Score) End credits after "Severed" ends.


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